George Taylor - Stay Warm

Pubblicato il 23 feb 2018
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  • Underrated... Such a melody💜💜

  • 스페인 하숙에서 듣고 오신분들?

  • Thanks man...

  • This song is so comforting. Beautiful.

  • This song 😍 I'm in love with its musicality and its lyrics It's simply amazing, I can't stop listening to it Every morning, when I have to go out and it's cold, I put it and I'm ready to start the day 💕❄️

  • i love this song.... very gooooooood!!!!

  • Beautifull words and music and how you sing whem sounds is strange why you not have millions of views :O

    • And on another channel. This song has more than 2 million views. :/

  • fall in love🔥❤️😍 너무 좋아요💘

  • I love this, thank you for making it

  • Poetry.

  • awesome voice. should be more known. from Australia.

  • Beautiful song ! Why you have only 445 subs ?! Hope the world will hear your songs ! - gretings from Poland :)

  • Why isn't your music more well-known?

  • beautiful !

  • beautiful q

  • B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L !

  • Could you please post songs a little bit more than twice a year? They’re amazing

  • Amazing song it really speaks to me

  • I'm in love with your songs man! You're so amazing!!