George Carlin vs Richard Pryor. Epic Rap Battles of History

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
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Epic Rap Battles of History - Richard Pryor vs George Carlin!
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We've been rolling this one around for a hot minute now. Careful though, this video has a two drink minimum so grab a table and have a few laughs ;)
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George Carlin: Nice Peter
Richard Pryor: ZEALE
IG: @zeale
“Juice It Up” Music Video:
Joan Rivers: Jackie Tohn
IG: @jackietohn

Bill Cosby: Gary Anthony Williams
IG: @garyanthonywilliams
Twitter: @garyawilliams
Robin Williams: EpicLLOYD
IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd

Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist
Producer: Atul Singh
Written by Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Zach Sherwin and the many dope ass contributors of our Patreon Writers crew.
Beat Produced by Tone Jonez:
and Hollywood Legend Productions:
Music Mixed and Mastered by Nice Peter
Directed by: Nice Peter
Assistant Directed by EpicLLOYD
Director of Photography: Jon Na and Andy Chinn
Gaffer: Andy Chinn and Tyler Andrews
Sound Mixer: Tad Chambers
Department Make Up Head: Ashlyn McIntyre
Make Up and Hair: Brittany White
DIT / Playback: Josh Best
Costume Designer and Property Master: Morgan Christensen
Production Assistants: Chris Miller
Video Editors: Daniel Flesher, Josh Best, Nice Peter
VFX: Javi Sánchez Blanco
Produced by Atul Singh
Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini
KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!



  • Jackiethon definitely won

  • Stay till the end of the credits to feel a bit dumb if you were surprised about the Steve Irwin rap battle :)

  • Even in afterlife, Robin Williams won flawlessly in this ERB. #GenuinelySuperb

  • Nothing about Gallagher?

  • Bill got Cosbied How ironic

  • We are all winners and honestly where was don rickles man that would have been an addition to all this comedic greatness anyway its sad that all these fantastic comic legends have all since past on at least we know where is laughter behind the pearly gates

  • i truly hate to say it, but the only word i can use to describe this honestly is epic

  • Anyone else hungry for pudding?

  • Jose Rizal vs Nelson Mandela Les Paul vs Henry Ford or Robert Anderson

  • I think somethings in my puddin.... my pudding pops....pops... somethin in my puddin... 🤣🤣

  • R. i. p Robbin Williams you are missed by millions

  • Carlin: "Wipe your feet when you get there I just cleaned the place up!"

  • joan won


  • The moment Rob entered battle was over

  • Robin Williams won. Hands down.

  • Galileo vs Archimedes

  • George Carlin won everyone else was atrocious like their stand up

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, I think the hell not. Mid 90s style George Carlin with the 2005 Life is Worth Losing set? This ain't it.

  • *Joan Rivers Appears* Me: Holy shit! This battle couldn’t get any better! Robin Williams: Hold my lamp friend.

  • “Mork aged backwards and Joan you must too!” Kills me every time

  • Robin Williams 1st with George carlin close 2nd

  • Dave Chapelle should have been in this himself as a promotion for the new netflix special. No announcement, just dave chapelle with morgan freeman as hypeman comin in to shit on errybody.

  • i think robin destroyed the others tbh

  • ❤️Creo que mi comentario es nada ante todos,, pero quiero decirles que son los mejores y Estoi suscrito a todos sin canales 👍 solo quisiera pedir un favor, podrían poner subtitulos en español ? Por favor plis plis soy de Colombia 🇨🇴 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Joan Rivers has never been funny in her entire life.

  • Kermit vs elmo

  • Robin williams

  • y’all should do sitcom characters next leslie knope vs michael scott with special appearance from chandler bing

  • Neil Armstrong vs. Yuri Gagarin

  • I've seen 4 live and the others in full shows. The funniest was... Robin Williams. I mean "you can't breathe, side hurts constant laughing." Pryor is closer than the rest of them. I'm sure if I saw him in person, then I'd be calling it much closer between Williams and Pryor.

    • First time I ever listened to Robin was as a kid, when my dad let me listen to Live at the Met. As a kid, I had bad asthma, so when I say at one point I needed to take my inhaler 3 times in 5 minutes from insane laughing, I'm not kidding. I got to see him live twice, during his Weapons of Mass Distraction tour-which I enjoyed, but Live and the Met and Live on Broadway-omg. How fucking horrible is it btw that the only living comedian in this clip is the one who's a goddamn rapist?

  • Yo RL Stine vs Steven King

  • everyone won except for Cosby

  • That Cosby moment oh my god 😂😂 this whole thing was amazing. Who did Robin Williams did a great job!

  • Audio is way off.

  • Joan Rivers is a legend.

  • Who the fuck disliked this THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU

  • Lmao....brilliant

  • Robin Williams wins man

  • Cosby won definitely bill cosby

  • Is that Uncle Rukus playing Cosby? Awesome

  • You know, if Bill Cosby hadn’t been drugged unconscious in the middle of his verse, I wonder else he would’ve spat

  • Robin

  • You forgot the king of comedy bernie mac

  • George carlin won, but my heart won’t let me forgot the robin Williams scene that was too short.

  • Robin Williams wins no one can top a legend

  • “Gotta set myself free” sounds light hearted but that’s pretty fuckin dark

  • Carlin looks like doc brown That being said do doc brown from BTTF v.s Idk.. dr who? Uhh dr house ?? It doesn’t really matter because brown will win

    • They already did Doc Brown vs Dr Who. And the guy who played Carlin played The Doctor.

  • Nice shoulder pads cheif

  • Where's dave chapelle

  • Joan Rivers won. Anyone who disagrees is retarded

  • You should’ve asked Brock Baker to play Williams

  • The best ever

  • The actress playing Joan Rivers is honestly one of the best actresses (visually and in general manner) that has been on ERB, and the lines for Joan Rivers are some of the most ridiculously appropriately perfectly written out of every ERB character. Some real love went into this. Obviously Robin Williams is the highlight of this episode for many of us but every time I rewatch it, I'm more and more impressed by Jackie Tohn's piece.

    • @Jon Ericson Joan would have some kind of excellent self-deprecating line about how she never looked that young to begin with lol

    • Yeah, voice and look were on point, albeit a much younger face.

  • ...this entire entry was garbage

  • I just can't get over how well the guy did Cosby. The voice was perfect, and the roofies in the pudding was fucking gold. I was a little dissapointed in Joan, I feel she should have gotten her own battle and maybe played by someone different. Idk. Robin was great though.

  • Omg this was so great but I think Joan killed it. Robin was close tho. Side note I can appreciate still including Bill Cosby. He has an important part in comedy history like the rest. Despite being a monster.

  • Rivers

  • John Wick vs The Bride from Kill Bill.

  • Great job on this one guys!

  • Robbin Williams won hands down

  • No mention of Williams being a joke thief. Weak.

  • You guys honor Robin Williams in this. Thank you.

  • Robin.

  • Yo that Cosby verse was about to be heat low key 😂 fuck bill Cosby tho

  • What about fluffy!

  • I might be the only one but I think Joan Rivers won

  • Joan had the best verse but Pryor had mad flow

  • robin Will!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Bruce Lee vs Richard Pryor vs hulk hogan

  • George Carlin vs Freddy mecury?

  • You forgot the cos and you know it's mistake.

  • I believe that Robin Williams won

  • Who saw Cosby still on the floor at the end

  • Robocop vs Inspector Gadget.

  • The guy who played Robin Williams in this video was pretty good. Robin Williams for the win.


  • Portuguese (PT-BR) subtitles please!!!

  • 3:03 He says "helloooo" not "oh no" 😅