Game Theory: You ARE Your Character! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2018
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In our last Smash Bros video we asked all of you to take a survey about how YOU play the game. Today Theorists, it's time to see the results! What does your Super Smash Bros play style say about you? It turns out a LOT!
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  • Maybe people choose Greninja in Singapore is because the Pokémon franchise is popular in Singapore and they watch XY and think he’s OP cuz mega bond evolution thingy I know cuz I singaporean

  • Game theory: non binary has a more diverse selection Me: WTF is non binary ( if u know what is non binary type it in comments and like )

  • I suspected Kirby would be one of the most popular characters as my brother always chooses kirby

  • I'm from India and my theory(my GAME THEORY) is that greninja is overused because there is a lot of TV shows that we watch that include ninjas and it is looked at as a really cool stereotype in India BTW I'm a link main

  • Hasta lo que yo se no es así los hombres prefieren ocupar personajes y skins de mujeres por encontrarlo divertido como con robin y corrin

  • 16:18 makes sense

  • The Philippines is growing to the anime and shows so they like what they see on tv

  • tl;dr: indians like fr ö gs and boomers don't

  • Don’t act like you no mii

  • That theory is really random, like why this countrey pick more this characters is quite random. Personally i main MR Game anbd Watch because he is fun abd Ness because PK FIREEEE. A correlation does not mean a causality. If Kirby is the most chosen, its because he is the first characters that maybe people play with (Adventure mode) and because he's really easy to play with and to understand

  • Go Weegee

  • Idk man being an extremely fast anthropormofic “hedgehog” sounds cool to me Or Luigi. Being Luigi would be cool

  • Old intro the best intro.

  • Toon link young link or link any one

  • I now know my main. It's bowser jr. Laugh at me all you want.

  • The reason that Link and Kirby are the most popular characters are probably because they've been here since 64 and have been changing since, like Link's apperances and Kirby's arieal side b and stuff like that, also Kirby is the easiest character to master by popularity and you could spam projectiles with Link too.


  • “Socks are just hoods for your feet.” Me: I’ve been hoodwinked! Also Me: The wool has been pulled over my eyes! A wool hood.

  • What’s really funny is that I’m wearing my reversible game theory jacket while rewatching this video lmao

  • Game theory pj pants ... WITH A HOOD

  • 👍

  • haha, Matpat's keyboard doesn't have "Ñ"

  • That emoji was high five not preying 🙏🙏🏼

  • And I’m from the philippines

  • I use greninja

  • Its mats old intro yay going back in time you could say j guess

  • I'm a tomboy, can you give me an answer now?

  • I’m a Kirby main

  • Soooo im either a pro wrestler or a a giant mutant pink blob that can take any power Also i know my picture is pink blob

  • greninja is from pokemon pokemon is asian phillipines singapore and india are asian i think it is that I THINK

  • Bro thats crazy i love playing with Kerby

  • Wait wait wait I am a girl but I would choose the characters that most boys would choose.

  • Greninja is popular in the Philippines and singapor maybe because of ninjas ? Idk about india tho

  • “You are your character” A pink ball with red shoes and a hammer...I’m cool with that

  • If DK is almost always at the bottom 10 percent of smash fans opinions, that means he is the strongest. He is carrying the entire smash roster, he is the strongest.

  • How bout sans? How bout BANJO-KAZOOIE C'MON.............

  • If you are your caracter then they should fully add sans cuz I'm really lazy😪

  • Poyo

  • 13:40 *coughcough* top tier *coughcough*

  • Roy