Game Theory: We've Been Hiding Something From You...

Pubblicato il 20 ago 2019
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Loyal Theorists, I've been keeping secrets from you. Well, actually I've been creating riddles and codes leading to secret gates for you to find - and find you have! So many of you have participated in the Game Theory ARG we started oh so many months ago. Today I want to peel back the layers of this mystery and show you exactly what I've been working on. This is how it all came together and how you can still solve it before it ends. Get ready to open the gates.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • GT: We've been hiding something from you Me: SANS ISN'T NESS?!?!??!?! GT: What? No Me: SANS IS ACTUALLY MAT PAT!!! GT: What are you talki- Me: FOOLS!!! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!!!

  • By the way, I'm not appericiating the game because I really don't like it. MatPat wasted 70,000 dollars on a dumb game.

  • The last code DOSEN'T WORK!!! for gate 1 I hate this **** game


  • Im late for this but the eye look's like bill cipher's eye in gravity falls.. sorry i disturb your nof's

  • See... this is assuming that... We were playing the game... On a computer...

  • Awww i love your vids

  • No thank you

  • 17:27 No Yuri huh? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • MatPat could become a member of Cicada 3301

  • Matpat: "I've been hiding something" Me: So you are a human with an endoskeleton with ennard inside!

  • R.i.p.Ronnie

  • MatPat: 'Super easy, barely an inconvience!' me, has been watching for 4 years: i wish i had a big brain

  • Ngl, looking back at the ARG, the eyes of Mat on that rickroll were probably the scariest thing within gate 2.

  • I was entertained by your armtogography

  • #matpatforpresident


  • I loved the QR code puzzle.

  • "Super easy, barely an inconvenience" XD warpzone :3

  • Honestly I just recently started to get back into this channel. But this got me wondering... Matpat do you know an ARG called marble hornets? It's more on the creepypasta side of IT-tvs but it's really fun to watch and is where two of the most popular Creepypasta characters were made.

  • First : i didn't know that this game exist until now. Second : how df did people unlock those gates alone 😂 and how did they translate this alien language ? Third : the outro was weird did he put another code in it ? 😂 i'm too lazy to check

  • wow

  • Nah i dont need notepad audacity and whatever else the whole point of this is to wait for the few people to break it and release the answer and then you are set. this is a slow annoying waiting game i even put in the right answer for gate 2 key 4 and i didnt even get it correct for some unknow reason so now i cant copy paste the weird symbols in.

  • I hate that I only have a phone, I am unable to do this test

  • Yellow in the intro !!!!!

  • 🐥🐲🐲🐾

  • The discord link is broken...

  • yea so if you fail dis easterhunt well matpat stuffs you in a springlock suit

  • the Hiding Something part means, that You’re telling us that MatPat Doesn’t Exist!

  • I've been trying the oohhyayamp but theres one thing left out and i dont know what it is

    • well i just found it, if you pay close attention to the clip he shows and decode the message it reads: oohhyaya!

    • me too not sure what it is lol


  • Under realm of faith. The sky falls on death. We all die.

  • One of the links in the files redirected me and I ended up getting malware on my computer.

  • what's the yellow?

  • The discord link has expired can someone give me a new link?

  • I watch game theroys a lot

  • Dude this thing has potential. You guy should make games out of this thing. Or actually, someone is gonna make a game similar to this.

  • “ hello hell hello internet inter “

  • the truth is:we use fnaf theory videos to gain revenue

  • What is dhmis?