Game Theory: Was Ninja Worth It? (The Ninja Mixer Deal)

Pubblicato il 25 ago 2019
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There was a BIG shake up in the streaming world with Ninja leaving Twitch for Mixer. Mixer has invested a lot in Ninja to really jumpstart their platform. What I want to figure out is whether or not this was a good investment. Now, I'm not shading Ninja. I want to figure out if investing in one big creator is a smart move or not. Today Theorists, we are breaking down the Ninja / Mixer / Twitch situation!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Koen Verhagen, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • I really do enjoy these kinds of videos 😊. As someone who has been trying to become a presence online these kinds of videos really help.

  • That was one of your best intros lmao

  • So I watched a whole video just for you to tell me to watch another video? Absolutely

  • Remember when game theory was about ludicrious head cannon and not contracts of Z-list celebrities in a niche audience that despite growing is still extremely niche.

  • As part of the context I would have asked for either a share of mixer or at least some of its profits

  • This intro... oh my gosh I love it

  • mixer only gets searched, because its a common word.

  • this is the first time ive ever heard of ninja when someone says youtuber people like markiplier, jacksepeticeye, pewdiepie, shane dawson , your channel and jeffrey star come to mind

  • They got shroud now his followers will follow him wherever he goes

  • That dab gave me aids

  • Funniest fortnite clips ever!

  • I love that Mario was in the audience 😇


  • As a small twitch and mixer streamer myself, I'd like to say that us smaller streamers appreciate the attention we get. I average about 3 viewers/stream and I'm still trying to grow. I raid/host others as small as myself to show support for streamers that I don't even know because I'm sure that like me they have been streaming for a few years. So please, support small streamers. We're personable, you can actually converse with us and we don't expect anything from our viewers other than for our content to be enjoyed. Thank you.

  • I was born in jan.29 2011

  • “Shifting safety regulations” That was a secret call out to IT-tvs lol

  • I literally saw a twitch ad during this video

  • What does the yellow mean in game theory logo

  • Did any one else see the arg and yess I'm just now doing this but it's fun lol

  • In the first time in forever"

  • Ninja? You mean Icecream?

  • Awkward comedy ends at 1:24 Edit: I didn’t even know who Ninja was before this

  • I technically listened to about 20 something books last summer, lol. Black Ocean, I recommend it.

  • no

  • Me: *laughs in DLive*

  • was he worth how much he's worth or how much money he makes I say no.

  • *HI*

  • Well drdisrespect is good

  • How many people work at game theory

  • Good God. I'm only just getting to this video and all I can say is... THE [redacted] DID YOU SAY TO ME YA LITTLE [redacted]!?! Honestly though. I can't look at that acne ridden, peacock head looking fruitcake. Not without bursting into laughter. ...That's not a good thing.

    • Seth Vazquez you don’t need to you’re like 5 who can’t type out curse words

  • Whoooomsted

  • Hes like kd

  • I used mixer before ninja started it

  • Video Unavalible? 🤔

  • I use mixer on my xbox alot i guess this is the first time hearing about it in a while dang i remember playing doki doki literature club and streaming to 5 people turns out i now have 60 people watching what i play and i havent even played on mixer in like a whole 4 years so i guess this is new to me wow

  • I find it funny that he's one of the most famous, because I had never heard of him until a few weeks ago. Probably because I hate Fortnite.

  • I miss th the old but that just a theory a game theory

  • It won't be for long until mixer becomes an anime character like IT-tvs Chan, chrome Chan and other chans.

  • One of these dislikes is the big wig that approved the deal for mixer

  • Ninja,who? Fortnite,what? Eat it fortniters

  • What’s the yellow in the intro logo for?

  • This video is so *[REDACTED]* but I really like the *[DATA EXPUNGED]*

  • Wait. There's yellow in the logo!! How long has that been there, and what does it mean?

  • Great Hulk Hogan impression

  • I got a twitch add tho

  • Uhh mat ninja I have a question why you so cringe Mat ninja: umm let me check first my hair is not real.... Me:WHAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • now that fortnites gone, now what?

  • I never knew this happened until I watched this video today

  • *dabs*

  • Never do the hulk hogan impersonation again pls I love wrestling and now u ruined

  • Watch all the adds...It pays them A LOT more.

  • Jj

  • Never heard of him til now. He plays Fortnite? That's probly why.

  • Help a bro out Please

    • Help a bro out Please

  • wasn't this called The game "theorists" at one time?

  • This seems like the right timing for Mixer considering all the controversy on Twitch lately with the uneven-handedness of how they run the platform. It'd be easy to jump ship with a big influencer moving over. You sound like a shill for Amazon in this video, and I guess the end explains why.

  • Sponsored by Amazon....not a conflict of interest at all.

  • Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Why is there now yellow in the intro ring huh? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

  • Blender , Mixer who cares we all know the best one is spoon