Game Theory: The Frozen Level You Will NEVER Play! (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Pubblicato il 17 mar 2019
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Remember when Elsa was going to be the villain of the story? No, I'm not talking about Frozen, the movie. I'm talking about the Frozen level of Kingdom Hearts 3. That's right, for the SECOND TIME Elsa's evil storyline was cut out. Don't believe me? Well, bundle up, this will be a cold journey!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Geoff Thew
Editors: Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Considering the parallels between Elsa and Riku, Sora actually helping her overcome her inner darkness the way this theory describes would make a lot of sense considering the game's themes

  • micky: relist new game or move mat:i got a theory a game theory micky: ceurs yuuuuuuu

  • Love your vids! people help support my new channel!

  • I conect with that Pre-Intro-Skit on an emotional level

  • The Mouse is truly the villain of this channel.

  • Ok matPat, since you clearly recorded you explaining the lore at the beginning, can you please post an extra video just of the recording so we can hear you explain it as best you can?

  • blegh love this sucks

  • *ill never watch mickey mouse again*

  • Remake kh3

  • I really like how Matpat is slowly getting better at doing the Mickey Mouse voice.

  • That mouse will furtrate NO end!

  • What if both of them were bad guys well but we're both used to make that monster like if they were both put in the monster so she not necessarily the villian purposely the villian.

  • At this point mickey is becoming flowey

  • Elsa's magic is not Darkness. It's Ice, freakin' Ice, an element different from Darkness in the magic system in KH

  • That makes so much sense now!!!! Since organization 13 was basically planting the seed of doubt in everyone else too (like Buzz and Hiro). I feel cheated now...

  • Everyone gets war flashback from the little mermaid level

  • The people who disliked this video, what's your problem? It's a theory, if you came just to hate on matpat, maybe you should just leave, no one wants your opinion >:(

  • Instead of Skull (the ice wolf) just have a Elsa boss kh3 needs them (not counting dark baymax bc he wasnt in the cannon story)

  • this hurts, kh3 is a huge disappointment

  • the Theories is real is that Elsa trend in to darkness i was very scared this is very dangerous Madpatts vs Mickey death battle

  • Speaking as a girl, I would've found it way more empowering if they'd done this. If they'd had Elsa warring with light and darkness, initially choosing darkness and then realizing that she was meant to be a hero for the light, a discovery she makes herself with Sora and co.'s help. It shows that no one is perfect, that all of us will fall into despair and hard times, but that we can rise above it with a good support system and hard work. It would've made her character more human, more of a role model and less of an idol

  • I think Elsa coming back from the dark side would be a great lesson for young girls: it's never too late to change your path.

  • Alright. Genies lamp. Cure all diseases and illnesses permanently. Discover the recipe for true Damascus Steel. Make KHIII's Arendelle level how it was originally intended.

  • The only thread left to tie in the story is, what does Sora gain from this. The other levels gave him a lesson of sorts that made him stronger. In this supposed narrative, what does Sora learn by the end of it?

  • The intro was sooo funny cause I know exactly what he's talking about XD

  • So he’s saying that he’s a better dev than the makers of this game? All of this makes sense when you talk about it and I’m agreeing that the devs for this were very stupid

  • Also if you defeat Elsa as a heartless you could save her form that since Sora came back from being a heartless so it would work really well if she was defeated and Anna showed her love and brought her back

  • I could not stand to finish the frozen level, I never played the game after

  • Anyone who know the rore of Kingdomhearts please tell me

  • I dont know why but the 'evil mickey mouse intros' are my favorite and most hilarious

  • They made them change it because the story Square crafted was better...

  • I did play the Arendelle Level MatPat but only to complete it & to claim its treasures. plus i got all the lucky emblems & beat the challenge node. so shut up!

  • The more I watch this video, the sadder I get that they weren't allowed to use this theory. I love it so much.

  • dat intro tho

  • this sounds pretty solid.

  • The fact that Elsa is a role-model for young girls is really irritating. The song Let it Go in the context of the movie is--in a way--celebrating isolationism. Schaffrillas Productions has a better thought out explanation on this in the video "Why Elsa is a Terribly Written Character" 6:14 is why I have issues with Elsa's popularity.

  • Matpat, you..... do not have a good relationship with Disney, do you?

  • You didn't mention Danny Devito not playing his role ):

  • Such a missed oppurtunity

  • Sora for Smash...but all his moves are based off of the minigames. Sora cracks down on the competition! (Crack? Get it? Like an egg?)