Game Theory: Spiderman is a CRIMINAL! (Spider Man PS4)

Pubblicato il 27 ott 2018
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Peter Park is the everyman, the good guy turned hero. Our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. Right? Over on Film Theory I told you how Superman had been perpetuating LIES as a reporter. Well, what if I told you Spider-Man is WORSE? Today Theorists, I'm tearing away the mask of innocent reporter to show you the TRUTH!
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  • J. Jonah Jameson is one of the best characters in comics and this theory is a good example why. In most every representation of him whether it is the comics (though with such a deep history JJJ has done more villainous things in that medium but he's also done very good things not only for peter parker but many other people), the Sam Raimi movies, or this game he's always depicted has hating spider-man and spreading wild theories about him, but there's always more to him than that and a certain grain of truth in his words. JJJ is always shown to have enough integrity to stand up for others, wether it's not selling out peter parker when the green goblin is literally threatening his life in spider-man 1, or the many examples you've shown in this game, what makes Jonah so endearing is that behind the rough exterior he really does a good heart behind him when greed or his vendetta against spider-man doesn't get in the way. One of the better examples of Jonah's good side was his role in the Silk comics, where he was constantly supportive and cared about Cindy Moon.

    • JJJ da best

    • Don't forget the fact that he literally says he insults Spiderman cause he respects him, cause he thinks Spidey is way more interesting, respectable and more of a man he'll ever be

    • TLDR

    • No unlike me Jonah is one of my most hated characters in this

    • It took me 5 minutes to read that

  • Dam r6s got a shout out

  • Me half way in: shut up your Ruining my favorite game!

  • Stop proving j jonah right spiderman is not a criminal we all love spiderman

  • J. Jonah Jameson is the best! Thank you Matpat for showing me that!


  • J jonna Jameson joint juice

  • Is it fair to blame Spider-man for the choices and actions of the villains? Yes, he put Kingpin behind bars, but that didn't have to lead someone to commit biological warfare. And Taskmaster and Screwball did those things of their own choice; not because of a direct action by Spider-man. Let's say I have a gun and I accidentally drop it someplace. Now somebody finds it and robs a store with it or shoots somebody. Yes, I should have been more careful, but I didn't make that guy choose to hurt someone; they could have turned it in to the cops or thrown it away. Now there are actions Spider-man took that directly made things worse, but why should he be held responsible for the decisions and actions others make?

  • JJJ is not a hero we deserve, but one that we need. 16:25 He has inspirational quotes

  • JJJ is one of the best characters

  • Ok so my video said i'm on 21:17 and the video say it has 18:18 just how :/

  • j Jonahs joint juice

  • do you know that there is 1 2 and 3 parts of bad ice cream on hudgames

  • If Spider-Man’s webs melt away after a few hours, how are his backpacks still there

  • I thought this was Game Theory! Not a spider man movie

  • Yes I can really get behind Jameson claiming spiderman is eating pidgeons

  • Okay JJJ

  • I need a deep fake of jj as alex Jones

  • I was on him,until he say’Ed if he wasn’t late ock wouldn’t have gone bad that was cause the neural interface messed his made and his hidden emotions showed

  • I forgot lol remember mat im nit a hater i just got hurt fron this theory also i dont care if you do that theory thats fine but you kinda forgot the time villains only appear when spidey appear well he's nit wrong but please dont do this cause that was insomniac choice and also its just a theory so ill still like

  • Lasts for an hour!! LAST FOR AN HOUR WHAT THE FLIP HOW?!?!?! Im not hating on you cause i know its just a theory but ALL THE BACKPACKS WERE. WEBBED AND LITERALLLY IT WAS THERE FIR 8 YEARS WHAT THR FLIP INSOMNIAC LOL still ik on the web head side

  • They say "where handling this", when they can't hit 10 men 5 ft away from them.

  • well the demons deserve it cuz they've been killing people like dr.d


  • Shame on you Stan Lee would be sad and offended to hear this!!!!!

  • JJJ is a good person just shown as a hater and nothing more. He is inspiring to the people who need it.

  • Yeah your right but the people in the Mcu and the mgu (marvel game universe) don’t give a dam

  • Wait a moment....did you all actually imply that it was Spiderman's fault that Screwball kidnapped a person? No, it's not? It's the kidnapper's fault? That's kinda like saying that it's the wearer's fault for having their watch stolen because their sweet succulent TAG Hauer wristwatch tempted the robber to steal it. Why should we blame Spiderman for something like that? Isn't that the equivalent of victim blaming? Spiderman's sole existence and popularity was the motive but it's not his fault, it's the criminal's fault. Dafuc

  • MatPat: do criminals really deserve such a fate- Me: YES. *If they're rapists or child predators or non-human animal abusers or murderers for no good reason*...*then yes.* They absolutely do. Accidental vehicular manslaughterers, those who stole a singular KitKat from the store or people who refused to pay their electricity bills because they have medical bills to take care of? No, they don't, but they wouldn't be attacking Spiderman in the first place. Just my take, personally I want every rapist to cease to exist.

  • Spider-Man is hero the end.

  • shut the f**k up! i used to like your videos,until now.

  • Is conspiracy theory the 3rd channel?

  • If you ever disrespect spider man again im going to un sub

  • He is not a hero,he is a silent guardian,a watchful protector

  • Did Matpat forget the hyphen(-) between Spider and Man? Okay Bud My Dispointment is

  • Can't you at least show numbers in kilos as well?

  • Ok but even without Spider-Man, Rhino, Electro, Vulture, and Scorpion still would’ve existed and destroyed the city

  • JJJ would be proud

  • JJJ fans are like

  • 17:07 I want this to be my new desktop background, so beautiful.