Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madman

Pubblicato il 12 gen 2019
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Petscop is the biggest mystery in gaming that you can't play. We've talked a lot about this non-game. Throughout our other theories we've uncovered who our cast of characters are, what this game actually is, and more. Yet there are still so many unanswered questions. Today, Theorists, we are going to tackle not one but TWO of these mysteries. Hold on to your screens, this is going to get DARK!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Researchers: Zach Stewart and Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Marc Schneider, BanditRants , and Dan Seibert
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Erwin Stein, "Strawinsky's Septet (1953) for Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Piano, Violin, Viola & Violoncello: An Analysis'", Tempo new series 31 (Spring 1954): 7-11. Citation on p. 7.


  • 7:18 look at the face of that thing doesn’t it look like Marvin lol

  • 3 main timelines. 3 movements. 3 kids. 3 different child emotion phases.

  • Wait pets - cop

  • I'am the only one that is scared of matpat telling all this "murder" scene so calm?!

  • i kinda get the feeling that the garage the game was created and the place the game is being played is the same, this comes from a point you made in earlier episodes alluding to some kind of connection between reiner and paul; it's mostly baseless but i feel like this might be something to think about, the 3 dimensional imput on the computer might not just be the way the game was programmed but also the way people are actually moved in and out of the game before and after rebirthing. Something I noticed is that its never explicitly stated that paul is playing petscop on a playstation. He could actually be playing the game on an emulator, or whatever program reiner used to create petscop to play it on his(reiner's) old computer, I also think that the way paul started to work out how rotating the disk in the frame affects the state of the game was a really important point to why paul could have been pulled into petscop, like beforehand he was staying in a state of the game that had already been asigned to someone else and was sort of replaying the memories of the person that the rebirth was attempted on, and subsequently failed, and now having moved to a different rotation with a blank slot for paul to be moved into petscop and a rebirth to be started on him. in the garage paul could have found in his family home after all those years, again assuming paul and reiner are related. If evidence is found either from previous petscop videos or in future ones proving this to be the case then i believe that paul was absorbed into petscop and is in the process of becoming someone else, and that the next time we hear from him, even if it sounds like him, won't be him. All of this is conjecture in the end and there's probably evidence disproving what i'm saying but its food for thought. This whole paragraph is kinda all over the place but yknow, thats the kinda game/video/mystery petscop is haha. Can't wait to see how all this plays out

  • To the riddle: Maybe the one door was never closed, there just was something keeping you from going through the doorway, something not physical which would make it the door in a way closed. If thinking about the theory maybe the door was closed to Michael and Care but not to Belle as she managed to escape. Maybe Michael and Care were too broken to see that the door was still open. And instead of that Belle could still see it, she could escape? Maybe the whole thing is metaphorical... I mean, wouldn't you think that if there was series of child kidnapping it would leak to the authorities, especially when the place is school's basement? What if "the school's basement" wasn't a place but something Marvin continuously did, the places and objects that are shown at time such as the staircase and the piano are just ways to describe maybe a feeling? I know this isn't exactly the most precise or believable theory but I don't think it's completely impossible one either.. for example when Michael's family was looking for him but he knew they wouldn't find the happy version [Michael A] maybe it meant that they started paying more attention to his acting and how he seemed to feel which lead to Michael's next way of actions. And what this would mean with the door Michael felt like it was already closed from him, there was no way for him to continue, this same going to Care. They just had different courses of actions as different people. With Belle she didn't give up and walked through the door. She still would not be the same which maybe caused her to think differently [the pink tool]

  • Hey.... Paul's Avatar upside down looks like a creature smiling....always see positivity in dark times✌️

  • petscop has updated even more,bout to watch it guy's

  • The second door picture was edited, obviously!

  • Maybe there was a dirty cop Petscop Switch the t and the s Pest cop

  • *mom come pick me up i'm scared*

  • petscop: 🌱 Pat: hmmm yes interesting this could solve the mystery

  • Isn’t Stravinsky the name of the main character in Stravinsky and the mysterious house. (The globglogabgalab)

  • Your perception of the door has changed?

  • I bet they installed a new door

  • Mat: What happened? (the door riddle) Me: Yes

  • What would have happened if he didn't input the code at the beginning?

  • Technically, breaking down the door isn't *OPENING* the door, so...

    • ok but the door is opened not broken

  • Another door closed?

  • The doors are paintings

  • Ok what if tiara loved the second movement or knew how to play it from memory and it happened to link to rebirth

  • Mat pls stop w/ the creepy eyes. Usually not this spooped but that just freaks me out

  • The door was never closed

  • How Can This Video Be A Real GAME THEORY if the game isn't Real 😂

  • What if that dialogue or note in the beginning of the video is of Marvin talking to one of the children he is “rebirthing” Edit:wait I just continued the video and saw that matpat said it

  • A ghost... or an AI?

  • To answer the riddle : we opened it


  • someone or something *_ew_*

  • Its a wall

  • Michael A could be Michael Afton

  • They're paintings

  • The door opened by the wind. No human did it, didn’t do it by itself. So this is the only answer. Unless someone threw a toaster at it

  • Crazy matpat :The eyebrows look like triangles ILLUMINATI COMFIRMED

  • Petscop 16 certainly seems like it will be the final one... Me: uhhhhhhh 24 tho

  • The door was Never closed

  • Its a pictur it has allways been open sence it was painted

  • Marvin is ain't nothing but a Shrek lasagna

  • The wall moved case closed

  • Riddle answer: door r o t a t e