Game Theory: How To WIN A War (Assassin's Creed Odyssey)

Pubblicato il 29 set 2018
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a game about choice. Are you going to fight for Athens or Sparta? Today Theorists, I am going to give you the information you NEED to help you make the RIGHT CHOICE. You want to WIN the war? Here's how!
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  • Assassin's Creed origins goes further back than Odyssey .

  • A millisecond before the kick in the intro I got hit in the head

  • Has anyone else had all their games disappear from their uplay library

  • midway through this video i forgot we were watching a theory about Assassins creed

  • Ok thx for the tip of which side to chose for when I get Asssians creed odyssey (Good job btw)

  • Women to with Sparta... we had rights there

  • Baklava is a turkish food

  • Why don't History classes make us play these games?

  • the isle is in the pangea

  • Super excited for ragnorak

  • Play and beat the game then watch this theory it's no longer a spoiler *Perfect cell tapping his crown*

  • Matpat: assasin creed odyssey is going back in time far more than all the other games in the franchise Assasin creed origins: Am I a joke to you

  • Knowledge is power... France is Bacon

  • I am half Greek

  • 10:26 can someone tell me the name of this song?

  • What mattpat doesn't make sense he literally explained every thing in the Greek history

  • Inspired.. 😂

  • 12:30 I literally have the sword on the left in my house. Sparta here I come

  • Sooooo nerds versus muscles?

  • Sparta all the way.

  • They stole baklava from the Turkish you idiot


  • Did anyone else think that Chuck Norris could probably lead Spartan armies. Also I could have died laughing/of coolness after seeing Spartan Chuck Norris... Also WaterBoy.

  • I think the last ac game will be like this but Adam or Eve from the first civilization

  • 0:21 I mean of course

  • You didn't say spoilers??? U idot

  • Yeah sure, Athenians may have been very intelligent and advanced but would Greece have been able to survive long enough to for Athens to do these things without Sparta? No.

  • Assassin's creed is not about making choice..


  • If you actually dig deep into it Spartans weren’t actually like that it was more propaganda and a method of keeping people from invading them. They were average.

  • I would do the same except that half your friends in the game are Athenians

  • How to Win a War With giant canons and walking ships Mehmed 2

  • Can I get some likes for chalk Knuckles?

  • Sparta, the sires of the most badass power move in history. “If”

  • Everyone: ask Ezio Me, an intellectual: ask Connor

  • Ok not to be rude but you got a lot of History I have been researching Ancient Greece since I was 7 Alexander the Great did conquer Sparta his father though didn't. Hate to tell you but its true its a historical fact along with some tiny details you got wrong is all I could find that ticked me off.

  • Aaahhh assassins creed, teaching us more about history that THE TEACHERS.

  • I love he uses Lena Headey for Athens when she played THE SPARTAN QUEEN in 300

  • “Want to front punt a lion? Then be my guest!” *Falcon kicks lion in face*

  • Baklava is from our country, Turkey