Game Theory: Fortnite is Stealing...AGAIN!?! (The Fortnite Dance Controversy)

Pubblicato il 30 dic 2018
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When you're on top, everyone is aiming to take you down. And no game this year has been MORE on top than Fortnite. Fortnite, with the success of its Battle Royale mode, is the number one target for everyone trying to get a piece of its crown and today, it once AGAIN finds itself knee deep in hot water. I'm talking lawsuits! First it was PUBG claiming that Fortnite had stolen its gameplay, then it was concerned parents worried over Battle Royale causing their children to become violent. And now, it's Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! That's right, Carlton, Backpack Kid, and others are suing Fortnite for stealing their iconic dance moves. Can they legally do that? Is Fortnite in trouble YET AGAIN? Or will they be able to skate by unscathed? Today Loyal Theorists, we are dancing our way to the TRUTH about the Fortnite Dance controversy!
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Editors: Dan Seibert, Daniel Keristoufi
Writer: Matthew Patrick
Legal Consult: Justin Petersen & friends


  • Guys, I know Orange Shirt kid submitted the dance as a contest entry -- it was just a dramatic device for framing the episode around whether arguing if Orange Shirt owns the dance. Technically, all contest submissions would be owned by Epic. I just liked the hypothetical. Also, in case you missed it, I already had a note about Roy Purdy in the episode (along the bottom of the screen). But since it's "Orange Justice," I figured it'd make sense to give credit to him.

    • Hey MatPat I have a question in the comments can answer it THX.

    • Fortnite stole from Napoleon Dynamite? THEY MUST PAY WITH THEIR BLOOD!

    • But I’m still angry

    • Ok but that one rlly trigered me

  • orange justice could not be copyright because he entered that dance to be in the game and they added it because it was in the competition.

  • idk why i watched this video

  • Wait it has fnaf vr sign me up

  • As soon as the video subject was clear. I instantly thought that the default dance has to be eligible for legal copyright. It's a 100% match for the dance. It is also very unique. The bigger problem fortnite would have is the music they attach to their dances. Some of them are pretty much the same music the original dance video had. That would be a much more clear copyright violation and the dance would just be evidence for the music not the other way around.

  • Russell Horning is not the creater of the Floss so well done matpat

  • logo change?

  • It’s weird bc fnaf vr is a real thing

  • My friends floss i mashpotato

  • i saw the thumbnail and thought that this was a lazarbeam video

  • Fort nite is dumb

  • Fortnite sucks

  • Fortnite >definition of stupid

  • Fortnight is bad for your life

  • And creative mode is probably from minecraft Edit: I'm one of the younger parts of the audience and I ABSOLUTELY HATE FORTNITE! Fortnite can go burn

    • Minecraft didn't invent the system of creative mode

  • You know mattpat's guess on fnaf vr was actually right even though it was a joke

  • Omg love the new logo is it for the fight against cancer for kids?

  • so fornite maybe will win the case ?????

  • That should just say screw the money and have fortnite SHUTDOWN

  • Can you do Call of Duty game theories

  • And what about the T-pose, it's for 100% from SMG4

  • I just love the deadpan expression on Russell Horning's face whilst doing the Floss. :)

  • Now fnaf ar is out xD.

  • one year later FNAF VR HELP WANTED mat pat: me: matpat:*cries me:-frolic intensifies

  • Fortnite is seriously trash. its an pay to win and by that i mean : bullying cuz u dont have an skin, battlepass and skins to look more “cool” , and worst off all, it takes 1 year to finnaly enjoy the game and not get killed insantly. Also it copies An Hella much. Atleast minecraft is an pay game but nothing else to pay for. Maps free and the game its self is kinda cheap. And roblox, you do get bullied for not having roux but theres no other minuses. Games free ( only other Real good games in roblox ) . And fortnite didnt even give creative for free! You had to wait an whole season. and creative wasnt even that good. i recomend now playing minecraft or roblox, other good / survival / multiplayer / RPG games on steam. So fortnite is seriously dead. also fortnite steals dances and now has got an bad Rep. aight ima head out now.

    • Gabriel Petkov we both dont understand each other lmao

    • @An Wolf That Can Be Tamed :P i never said "Minecraft has more Toxic community than Fortnite" or the other way around

    • Gabriel Petkov thats dark but you can easly leave the game as there are no things you really need to do. Its just for fun. but yeah there is toxic but skins are free on minecraft. but you are right. but still fortnite is more toxic

    • if you think that in Minecraft you don't get bullied then think again,in the PVP servers is full with toxicity, before few years in one Minecraft server where I played the Toxicity was so much that the admin made a video telling everybody to stop, I'm not talking about insults,i'm talking about wishing others to get Cancer

  • the "floss" was actually made by a youtuber in 2014 (i think the year might have been 2004 idk). the video was of a man doing the "floss" for a minute straight. It was titled "the Mashed Potato"

  • orange juctise was fromna fortnite dance contest

  • Hey MatPat did the law suits get bigger or smaller because they lost it? Also I can’t wait for the live stream for FNAF hope your day will be good. Good bye

  • Matpat who's predicted the future ones

  • Him

  • Somebody tell fortnite to at least name the creator of the dance

  • Hey what is bad about sonic boom?

  • He forgot Best Mates by Marlon Webb

  • Shut up yuo dnot know anithing about fortnite stupid season 11 roooccckkkssss

  • Wait was that Jack

  • So if thats true i need to force epic to donate 20 million trees to #teamtrees

  • What about marlon’s dance from his vines? His channel is the marlon web show

  • Am I the only one that get's those stupid ads ? Like if you get them too !!!

  • Im pretty sure Epic games does not donate the money for hungry people