Game Theory: Could Tails Really Fly? (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Pubblicato il 29 gen 2019
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We've done TONS of research on Sonic's speed over the years. From how fast he REALLY is to if he can even survive his own speed - we've covered it all! Well, that's only partially true. Until now we've only turned our Theorist eyes towards the blue hedgehog. That ends today! Enter Tails, the lovable fox sidekick. He's famous for helicoptering his way around with his, you guessed it, tails. What I wanted to know was whether or not Tails SHOULD actually be able to fly. Today Theorists, we are going to find out if this fox is flying high or about to crash and burn!
Check our sources below to learn even more about helicopter physics!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Researcher: Louis Garza
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • What if tails’s tails spin in opposite directions

  • Tails so cool

  • Did you take into consideration the position of the tails?

  • That's your favorite video on knuckles in sonic punching in sonic the EXE

  • Tails has muscles unlike a helicopter to counteract the force pulling him that way, he might just have an EXTREMELY strong core lol

  • What if Tails used one tail as the main propeller, and the other as the secondary one?

  • 1:59 Second only to Foxy. Jk Sonic is definitely more popular than FNaF

  • what if the tails are spinning oposite from eachother

  • Creapy

  • Crept

  • How can tails fly?"Tails"_Prower


  • Liar

  • Maybe the Second tail of.. tails spin in different way so fast that we see they spin in same way

  • Fala em português ué inglês não dá para entender não

  • But he's got every tail could spin in a different direction one lower than the other

  • Why don't you just admit that the sonic universe is in a nother universe with different physics I mean in the trailer sonic even comes from another universe

  • What’s IQ I’m not smart as a Kerbal (I actually don’t know)

  • En español porfid

  • Now do Knuck's Strength-wait he would still have it in real life

  • What about Cloud things the cloud things that fly it only has two and that's at the bottom tell me what it is and the physics

  • Nim gibi xv ck

  • Talese has one tale You. Are soooooooooooooo. Sillllllllllllllllly

  • In the thumbnail it looks like sonic punched tails 1000 times

  • I just realized someone acknowledged the shadow games with that one clip of tails failing at flying

  • Lunar moon rip link

  • they live on a difrent planet :D

  • :( nuuuuuuuu my sis will be soooooooo sad bc I am right now just like the sonic vid

  • It's just a game it's not reality dude

  • I Love talls


  • 1×2=(2+2)÷2

  • Well, atleast the Sonic in the movie looks way better.

  • Why did ya have to add sonic.exe in here?like why?

  • “Tails, just like every other fox is grounded” shows picture of Fox mcCloud a fox that flies a ship

  • I’m figuring out how powerful Infinite is. Just finished Sonic Forces, and I’m asking this question. Within 6 months, he helped Eggman conquer 99.99% of the world. That’s equivalent to 5.10*10^14 m^2, in .5 years. The Roman Empire reached its peak size in 117 CE, at 5*10^12 m^2, and in 25 BCE, it owned 2.75*10^12 m^2. That means that the Roman Empire was gaining an average of 1.58*10^10 m^2 every year, for that 143-year period. Infinite could conquer 1.02*10^15 m^2 per year, assuming that he could easily travel between planets. That’s equivalent to 64373.3 Roman Empires. The average size of the army of Rome during that period was 350000 troops, which would mean that each troop could conquer 4.52*10^4 m^2 every year. Infinite performs as well as 22530666667 Roman legionnaires, which is as much as about 3 times the current population of Earth. “Ultimate Mercenary” indeed.

  • it is a she

  • Sonic the hedgehog and tails is makebelieve

  • Knuckles

  • What about knuckles’s punches.Does he break his bones.You did videos on Sonic why not Knuckles.And I am 9.