Game Theory: Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)

Pubblicato il 25 mag 2019
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In the trailer for Fortnite Season 9, we see good ol' Jonesy and everyone's new favorite banana-man, Peely, get trapped in a bunker. Two characters go in, only one comes out. That is a SURPRISINGLY dark turn, given the humorous way the situation is presented. When I watched it I was left with one big question - no, not the morality of eating your banana friend. I want to know if Jonesy could survive however long he was trapped in that bunker with Peely as his only source of food. Loyal Theorists, get ready for things to go BANANAS!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • We can see based on future Halloween skins that peely is partially human and partially banana based on his half skeleton version... my idea is that peely was just human enough to be pregnant, enough so that within days of entering the bunker peely was in labor. An average baby is around 13 thousand calories of food, saying peely had triplets, this would be enough for Jonesy to survive 5 months for bananas to grow from the seeds harvested from peely.

  • U should make more fortnite vids

  • mat what if peely has more callories because he is both human sized shaped and sentient like a human

  • o men

  • Wait how does beard growth affect time passing?

  • Ok here something that he didn’t talk about Jonsey and peely ate most of the food that was in the fridge Let’s say 100 and then 50 50 but then they ran out of food so jonsey had to do a few things for survival peely most of his clothes And 3.turn peely into a smoothie Well actually he probably started chipping away at peely but he started get Unhydrated so that’s why he Made him into a smoothie but thinking about it he starting eating most of his clothes because if you look at His avatar you can see that most of his clothes ripped off But this wasn’t enough to keep him full until he’s able to come out And as I said he made peely into a smoothie to 1.feed him and 2.hydrate him But in season x there was p-1000 and there was a trailer for the bundle and in the trailer it was normal jonsey making a robotic body for peely But this may be another banana because in chapter 2 season 1 there is peely Bone who is half banana half skeleton So maybe Jonsey has his own species or this is breaking time I close my case

  • Does a banana have a banana?


  • Nope peely got bones if you seen the Halloween skin

  • Wait try to get the seeds befor thin save some pily thin you can keep eating pily in till the bananas are fully grown just a wild guess

  • Wait seeds is used to reproduce at you get them out of peely that would be peelys sperm

  • Petscop just uploaded more videos

  • What is you also ate the skin of the banana?

  • DID you see pelles skin on his back

  • What if jonesy takes one bite per 4 days

  • No ones gonna talk about water, also the only argument you can lose is that Fortnite characters don't need water but then they don't need food so then they need both so yeah, jonesy is dead in 3 days

  • What if he ate the peel?

  • First, I got to say one thing, I'm a banana. I'm a banana🍌🍌🍌

  • You didn’t take into consideration that peely could heal from the eating wounds

  • Hey MatPat who said Jonesy had to eat something every day?

  • I love his videos

  • What if you just take out the seeds at the beginning then slowly eat peely until the bananas grow

  • He can eat 900 calories every 3-4 weeks

  • So my question is what about the leaves on the banana plant? They're edible and they would grow before the plant started producing fruit.

  • Hey, what if Peely was a superfood with banana seeds inside him?

  • 769 MEDIUM BANANAS 7-8 INCHES :) what a cuincidence

  • Maybe he ate rats.

  • What about water

  • what if he had a year worth of food before it ran out .-.

  • How about if Jonesy ate every other day?

  • But how do the players inside the Fortnite trailers not die each season? They probably RESPAWN, he just respawns in the bunker!

  • Bruh jonsey is stilll dying of lack of oxygen Bruh

  • Me at 3:00-

  • not only is jonsey cold hearted killer because he eats his friend he is a nutfull cannible cause in the banana rift trailer a person is eating a banana then the get mixed then he becomes peely

  • 15:17 or it could mean that they actually ate all the food and forgot

  • What about the fridge

  • Mat pat predicted season 11

  • Rip out his seeds. Let it grow and eat peely

  • There's a skin of dead peely it's half peely half skeleton

  • Seeds from peely