Game Theory: Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)

Pubblicato il 25 mag 2019
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In the trailer for Fortnite Season 9, we see good ol' Jonesy and everyone's new favorite banana-man, Peely, get trapped in a bunker. Two characters go in, only one comes out. That is a SURPRISINGLY dark turn, given the humorous way the situation is presented. When I watched it I was left with one big question - no, not the morality of eating your banana friend. I want to know if Jonesy could survive however long he was trapped in that bunker with Peely as his only source of food. Loyal Theorists, get ready for things to go BANANAS!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Peely has a skeleton inside of him, proof from the skin peely bone, so he is half man and he has no seeds inside him

  • Oh so he'll die enyway ok.

  • Why couldn't he just wait around 3to4 weak's to save more?

  • penut butter jelly time

  • You forgot about poo

  • The fact that we are not talking about the whole body! I am meaning his size sides and his measuring feet or seeing peely’s inside calculations or even seeing if Jonah would eat the peel of the bannana

  • Did you guys know even though banana don't look like but are berry oh you told that But Even though straw berry has berry at the end but is not classified as banana anymore

  • The joke was real

  • They really vaulted the whole game

  • Im 55 seconds in and already triggered

  • Peels actually has organs

  • Im getting hungry watching this

  • What if jonsey got the seeds first then waited 6 months by eating pilly in thpsr 6 months 6 months by eating pilly

  • The Halloween skin changes this video. So he isn’t a man

  • 5:50 why does it look like if he was so passionate of that to the point were he was going to cry?

  • 4:33 my dogs name is Guinness

  • BUT what if he ate the minimum at the maximum distance of days till food consumed, lets say he wouldnt starve for 4 weeks, he would have eaten 900 cal every 3 weeks 6 days, maximizing supply?

  • MatPat if Pelly is a super food in theory it would grow to be super simpler which means an infinite amount of Peelyes

  • I realized that you could still be right... The are all holograms.

  • Mat Pat should do what is happening in Chapter 2

  • I can't don't have money

  • Plant the seeds immediately after peeling peely

  • Day 100 of trying to get MattPat back to making the Petscop Theory

  • Who's here in chapter 2 season 1 almost to season 2 to complain that game theory hasn't made a theory about ALTER or EGO

  • What if peely was a human in a suit made of bananas

  • STUPID game theaory, peely is a default that rifted with a banana witch they mixed together making peely

  • *Cough Cough* Respawns *Cough Cough*

  • What if he ate the peel

  • There could be a lot of food in the fridge before the season

  • Or he would just die from, you know, dehydration

  • Game show I don't know how to do a IT-tvs channel name

  • What if he had 1 corn

  • All he'd need to survive is this theory and eating every 5 days

  • hmm lets suppose that peely is a superfood whitchs bananaplant produces every 3months a full grown peely. yay best senario theory soleved NOT

  • Wait until season 1 chapter 2 what you get health from small fries

  • Mat ummm you can go for a while without eating and if he doesn't move like at all and is only eating every like day or so he might be able to go a little longer.

  • Can you do another Fortnite theory

  • i got honey the other day

  • Don't you need some type of liquid like milk to make a smoothie? Just thinking

  • He could just cut him in the middle and plant seeds straight away easy

  • He could've just made peely into a smoothie and survive longer?

  • Chapter2 season1 any1?

  • What if you eat the skin of the banana.

  • Lol 2020, no one cares anymore

  • Just buy the pass agen my g

  • What if Jones hacked off parts of his body and ate them while waiting for the seeds to grow?

  • Yes matpat you are a joke to me XD

  • Wait but cant you eat the leaves on the bannana plant

  • Could Jonesy of Hibernated? That's the only logical solution I can think of..

  • 345152626”恶属心úu

  • MatPat and Stephanie’s child, Oliver is gonna look back on this video and I bet he’s gonna say. “Goo goo ga ga.” Which means “I’m disappointed in you mortal.”

  • 9:07 that got me XD

  • But here's another theory Where did he get water to also SURVIVE?!

  • He actually can survive, maybe. Peely’s model is actually taller than most skins. If Jonesy is 6’00” than Peely is 6’03”. If Jonesy can fast every other day, he can survive for 180 days which is 6 months. In 6 months the bananas are fully ripe. If Jonesy has a huge plantation and fasts every other day, he can survive the bunker.

  • Matpat you forgot to take into account that what if Jonsey only ate a little bit of peely every 3 weeks since you can survive without food for 3-4 weeks ......plz respond to my commet mat pat like/reply if you agree

  • I know another reason why it wouldnt work.In your optimistic estimate you refered to peely as a super food but when you said he could grow some you refered as the plant it grows from as the same plant that grows bananas.So the only way to complete the theory is to specify what superfruit it is to know what type of things it needs to grow and if they have those things needed to grow that superfruit.

  • Here’s how to survive 1.kill peely 2.get his banana seeds 3.plant them 4.whilst you are waiting eat peely 5.put him in the fridge for later 6. eat the grown bananas 7.reapet

  • What if peels had seeds too?

  • He hahahahbhehehe he hehe ha hahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahbahahahahahahahha 769 medium sized bananas

  • What if peely is a SUPER BANANA?!?!