Game Theory BETRAYED YouTube

Pubblicato il 26 nov 2019
Coppacalypse incoming, may as well laugh at MatPat anime memes 🤷
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Lawyer Ian Corzine:
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- Bonsi Pop:
- Lockstin:
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DISCLAIMER: This video and my entire channel is rated PG-13 and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 13 without direct parental consent.


  • So much New Game in this video and I love it

  • Never and I say never say that about mat

  • Welp Virtual War 1 is about to commence...

  • it’s here tho...

  • Dude why don’t you shut up !!! I love MatPat on Game Theory. Your just a freaking hater !!! I see absolutely nothing in this video telling me why MatPat Betrayed IT-tvs !!!

  • What if you just put your own you create your own pg/pg-13/R ratings and describe them yourself at the beginning. Or find a way to have a blanket statement at the beginning that says if you are 18 or younger you should have a parent with you or give you permission. All I know is that when I was a kid the internet and IT-tvs were the wild wild fucking west and kids got no filter. Honestly some crazier sites had that 18 year or older screen before you could enter and I just pressed that I’m 18. Sure I didn’t know if swat would come crashing into my house cuz I wanted to watch something crazy on snopes but I did it anyways. And those crazy websites are still up. There’s a bunch of kids who are viewers on these channels...but those who want to watch will watch anyways...even if you have a disclaimer. I say put some kind of 18 or older screen at the beginning. The smart kids will know what to do. And if there is a kid who doesn’t understand what it means and turns away, did you really want that kid commenting and being a part of your work? Sure any view counts but this way you can cultivate a stronger audience. Things to consider.

  • 2018/19: article 13/11 2020: COPPA and FTC America to World 2021: WhY iS eVeRyOnE dEpReSsEd???

  • Whoelse here il vento d’oro

  • Im 1 years old where am i on your so called ''data''

  • I like how there are 0.9 persent of people 55 to 64 that watch your vids 😂

  • you are a stalker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alright who’s ready to hop on #vimeo2020

  • I don't see why matpat BETRAYED youtube...😒

  • I dont care that your saying matpat is beatraying IT-tvs

  • Ha ha Ha ha ha I am a lot younger a lot of Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotta a lot younger than most of your fans even 13


  • "He doesn't talk about titties" buddy...

  • So you’re complaining That he didn’t do what you wanted in his video Which he didn’t know Great

  • why waste time on matpat watch this

  • I know the perfect solution. Transfer your channel to PH, the viewer count is bigger then YT, and there are no FCC shiznits, also, you can make a video about Hentoyi that you never made here :-)

  • he cracked ridels that you i now you cudint he is smart what if he is sitting down watching your videos making fun of yours you shuld be more respeckful

  • you are not right you are not at a older level i saw him and he is smart really smart

  • You SUCK! MatPat is awesome

  • so are they going to sue me for my gentai profile pic

  • Biggest flexes of Hazbin Hotel.

  • Matpat Become a bald man now

  • He might not know what he or anyone can really do right now. As anyone Sprung with this wouldnt know. Cant Blame him, and it Might Not work out. That's the Point, Coppa Is a Serious Threat.

  • ???

  • Um you know he says his channel is NOT for under 13 right? Should somebody tell him?

  • Gentai: I’m coming Coppa/FTC: were coming as well 😏

  • Something MatPat addressed was how channels (all channels) were going to be changing how they put out their content because of the new rules to be "family friendly". Know what? He was RIGHT. Don't believe me? Look at the Rooster Teeth family of channels. Most specifically Achievement Hunter and Let's Play. Almost every time they swear, especially the word fuck, they edit it out in some very intrusive way. Why? To avoid demonetization. It's annoying.

  • IT-tvs is saved!!

  • Yo... uh, you never really said how Mat betrayed IT-tvs, my dude... mind saying what Mat did? Sorry, but I’m missing certain tidbits.

  • Legal eagle also did a good video on this as he divulges into the laws and policies set up in COPPA’s origin

  • 0:45 Jotaro would like a word with you

  • I'm pretty sure COPPA is unconstitutional

  • Being honest, etc is just enforcing U.N anti anime law.

  • Logstin and Arlo? Does Nux have the same IT-tvs feed as I do???

  • the sad shit about this is the dumb old fuckers in office are too focused on trying to impeach or not impeach a fat fermented orange and won't even know that the FTC's servers are down

  • I feel bad for the roblox and Minecraft people and toy reviews and stuff

  • This is literally them releasing the kraken

  • Matpat did look in algorithm of youtube

  • Honestly, my guess is everyone is waiting. Because if this happens then IT-tvs will die out immediately. MatPat probably doesn’t have a solution or answer.

  • To give legal advice on something he's not 100% sure about would be irresponsible and he probably doesn't want to be held accountable for for it either.


  • I have come to the conclusion that Matpat really doesn't know what to do. It is not against him that I say this, it is that the situation is very complicated so putting out a half-baked plan could be even worse than not putting out a plan at all. As long as he comes up with one soon and shares it, I think all will be cool.

  • Once the machine learning takes one look at your channel, you’ll be neck deep in these $42,500 regardless of you acting like you haven’t made hentai. Despite what you show us, the Coppa will be able to see what age group actually watched your porn videos xD good luck

  • I remember he made a video on FMA that actually offended me. Just claiming that the boys should try again and that reviving the dead is possible got me to mad.

  • Dude perfect doesn’t have reviews on porn bruh, I wonder why they are making revenue. Really wish you didn’t make videos about hentai to spam kids and get subs, you’re going to be shit out of luck soon. You’re giving the game theorist a lot of credit.

  • LegalEgal talkin bout it

  • Instead of yes or no put the age like 13-17 of what the content is since this isn't as easy as yes or no

  • Isn't youtube kids a thing?

  • Where Matpat fails you LegalEagle can show you da way!

  • Great 👍🏻 video

  • *Thank you kanye very cool*

  • To be honest, i don't think there is anything we can do. A big, corrupted corporation won't listen

  • Anime channels: I'm making money off kids watching my videos Anime channels after Coppa: Uhhh well kids never actually watched my vids LMFAO Hypocrites

  • He can't fix the problem wtf he is just one dude

  • well you clearly didn't watch the lie-testing video all the way x)

  • 6:36 *Laughs in the year 2011*