Game of Zones Special Episode - ‘A Game of Horse’

Pubblicato il 25 dic 2019
Special episode of #GameOfZones ⚔️and Ser King James invites everybody over to his Brentwood castle before the season starts, Kawhi shows some…emotions, Kyrie and his former teammates get reacquainted 👀

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  • The #GameOfZones saga comes to an epic conclusion this spring

  • Can anyone explain the raptors part? They got ambushed by Lavar Ball and he ran into a dead horse placed as the Jordan logo. What do those things have to do with the raptors?


  • a eunuch trying to use a lady's chamber pot underrated background line LMAO

  • BR: “Game of Zones will end this spring.” Me: “say sike right now...”

  • if it be last, include kobe.

  • BY THE GODS! I smell Raptors 2 time champs via the sacrifice of our horse by Lord Jordan as ordered by Lord Kobe. The man who drop 81 on us witnessed our greatness last year and this year we shall Honor him by dismembering the false gods who tarnish the L.A name. Kobe MVP may be on those Clippers but PHILLY lives with Lowry and Lord Kobe will Favor home over falsehoods. Rest In Peace

  • It’s good but the voice of LJ needs to change why is it so soft...and posh

  • Bruh, Kemba is with house Celtics now

  • DONT END THIS!!!!!!😡😭😭😳🙏🙏

  • Michael Jordan: "He said *WHAT?*"

  • 2/16/20 Wait for next episode becoming overwhelming

  • Its already time for the next goz season!

  • Dude they have to feature the nuggets at some point right???

  • Me: Doesnt cry in Titanic Friend: Do you even have a soul? Me: Game of Zones series finale 2020

  • What will it take to keep it going? Watched these vids over and over. Top 5 off head; Kobe gift day; raptors traded derozan; lebron ad tampering ; Zion drafts lottery; Melo at Houston before he was tossed

  • the dream team vs the actual houses, in a final battle, epic

  • WHere's SEASON 7???

  • Will sue you some how if you guys quit

  • Don’t quit making these

  • Sponge Robert Square Tunic 🤣🤣🤣


  • Where Kobe At

  • I love the Harden accent 😂😂

  • If this really is the last season do us all a favor BR and put out more videos 😥😥

  • Goddamnit.

  • What's everyone's favorite episode of game of zones? Mine are the jimmy butler practice and when lebron went to LA and kobe stans hated him lol

  • “Great young core for you to demoralize”😂

  • Can someone explain the part for the Raptors?

  • Sir Jayson and sir Jaylen are doing better now

  • I wonder if nba players watch this and giggle

  • I searched up "pie in the horse" because of Snoop Dogg but ended up being here. wtf?

  • Pls moreee dont freaking enddd

  • If B.R stops making game of zones I’m unsubscribing

  • This isn’t ending. We won’t allow it... we will raise hell


  • I will say that the raptors are doing pretty damn good

  • So when this series comes to an end which sport are you gonna do next Hockey?

  • I know it might be too soon But I got an Idea on how bleacher report's gonna honor kobe in this series Prolly during all the reckoning larry bird just said, Kobe's gonna swoop in and save the day by sacrificing himself. Hopefully, ❤

  • I literally just discovered this in 2019 and now its ending. I hope this doesnt ever end.

    • Dude what got me hooked was the lavar and lonzo ball episode but there's a website to watch all the old ones

  • You know, if y'all made a patreon for your animated media division I bet the money would roll in for this stuff.

  • Can anyone explain the ending to me, who were Siakam and VanVleet running from. Which team was that. And who killed the horse? And why was it in a Jordan stance?

    • I feel like it might’ve been John Stockton and Karl Malone. MJ and Larry Bird are awakening the dream team from the dead?

  • Next episode?

  • Raptors episodes r the best

  • It said "Series finally" at the end THIS SHOW CANNOT END!!

  • I would pay good money for a series of 30 minute episodes of these things

  • im sorry can someone explain the ending, with stock and the mailman, dead horse

  • Kobe Bryants tragedy WILL be in the next season 1st episode. Just wait on it... Still sad about that man:/

    • Nito there will be no next season there is only going to be one more episode.

  • Plz do a Kobe special

  • why does everyone sound gay asf in this show bruh

  • Meatpie Monday 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • for Gods sake bleacher Report, pls Dont End this Game of Zones...Do it for your fans... for us... pls

  • 3:19 LBJ pushing Caruso in the background

  • Dream Team is coming

  • Hey melo is actually on the blazers now

    • Jason Liao Melo made me so sad when he said well if you need anyone- 😭😭

  • Manage me load

  • "Toronto, summer" *snowing*

  • First time the Hornets get more than 2 seconds in an episode in 3 years, I’ll take it


  • Meat pie mondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay