Gabriel Iglesias Does Wrestling Trivia While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 22 mar 2018
Gabriel Iglesias is a stand-up veteran, entertainment powerhouse, and one of the best voice actors working today. But how is he with hot food? Find out as "Fluffy" battles the wings of death and discusses his outlandish food adventures, iconic wrestling catchphrases, and the keys to getting out of a speeding ticket. Don't be surprised when the scorching sauces bring some other "characters" out to play.
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Season 5
Episode 10
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  • Hot sauce should not just be hot.... it should also be tasty. Alvin's hot sauce is DEE best tasty hot sauce in the world.

  • 3:42 Pinworm Nathan Figueroa From The Delray Misfits!!

  • I use to hate fluffy...dont know why....I love this guy now..he's awesome

  • I broke out in sweat just watching this. My eyes too

  • Me and my dad have a hot sauce from new jersey that we use a lot and it is 530,000 scolville units, soooooo.....

  • Yeaaa Fluffy showing my home, North Carolina, love!

  • Man gotta love the ride the lightning shirt!!!!

  • My brother worked at CowFish, years ago, and I gotta tell you, the sushis are on point and the burgushis are amazingly good.

  • 11:29

  • I’m a simple girl. I see Gabriel Iglesias and I click.


  • Gabriel is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever seen

  • All these compared to African pepper will taste like fruit juices

  • My dad went on a business trip to Texas over 10 years ago. He and the other guys tried these stuffed peppers that he said was delicious. It was something like a Habanero pepper stuffed with cheese and sauce from Ghost Peppers or something like that. They then had a wet batter and deep-fried them or something. He ordered a plate, then a second, then a third. The other guys did the same as they all really liked it. It was then that my Dad got the first warning of his grave error in judgment. A little old Mexican lady went up to my dad and told him "No no no, you should not do that to yourself. You regret." My dad laughed it off and took a 4th order of the peppers to his room to enjoy before going to bed. Then, early in the morning, his intestines were on fire. He went to the bathroom and was in pain. He described it as "Shitting out burning napalm." He recalled how badly it burned and said: "I wanted to stick an icecream bar up my ass it burned so bad." He met up with the other guys from work and they all agreed they ended up in the same boat. Moral of this story? If a little old Mexican lady says you shouldn't eat another helping of something spicy, listen to her.

  • I tried a 357 hot sauce once. If memory serves, it was a 357 silver bullet special/edition or something. It came with a tiny spoon that could hold a single drop. The instructions were to use the tiny drop spoon for 1 gallon of chili. I...dipped a piece of shredded mozzarella cheese in it. The woman who brought the sauce said "Oh no, that's too much" as my tongue touched the sauce. Too late! The pain kicked in immediately. My mind imagined black roots shooting out across my tongue, burning all that they touched. The burn was manageable, but I needed to get back to work. So, I got a mouth full of whole milk and let it sit in my mouth. Never before have I ever felt milk change like that in my mouth. It's consistency changed as it hit my tongue. It was as if the milk curdled when it hit my tongue. I swished it around and drank it and my mouth still burned a little.

  • Is that a Ride the Lightning t shirt? Good choice, specially when u poop in 24

  • Your welcome

  • Too good bro fluffy u r great bro

  • 210 shout out!

  • Pink face starts at......... 10:33 Sniffing at ........ 13:33

  • 18:17 I'm subbed... But pay attention to the end.... basically he's saying "fuck all yall who aren't subbed but love you all who come to kiss my ass" ;) That is what I got from that statement, most likely a few others felt that too..... But I'm just pointing that out for information sake... Maybe reword what you say in order to gain new subs ... not cast a wall to those who haven't rushed to kiss your ass just yet... who knows.... they just might? just sayin love Hot Ones! but your ending comment is disgusting.

  • I like how the host drank milk as if to tell him it was ok to do it. That was really nice, especially because we know he doesn't need it. Like, at all.


  • Do you have The Mystery Machine?

  • Get a Indian in this show

  • A Mexican wearing a metallica shirt. Fluffy knows good music.

    • Tons of Mexican metal heads in central and southern California

  • 1st hot wing was made in San Antonio TX my hometown that's what's up but I thought it would be a much spicier one SMH

  • I bet I could eat them all. Good ol southern Louisiana boy who puts dried and powered habanero peppers on his steak. And has eaten a Carolina reaper. I’d love to try this show.

  • My husband started sweating right along with fluffy. But I’m still ghetto favorite line

  • Give him a bigger chair!

  • Cactus Jack. Not Mankind.

  • We had a Vfw bus 97ci engine no heater

  • People giving him respect for finishing the wing me know he doesn’t want to finish it but being Mexican his parents probably told him to finish his food and never leave a bite on the plate

  • I never seen anyone eat the whole wing besides bones

  • The spiciest thing I’ve ever had was 2 million skovill ribs. So what happen was I was in the Netherlands and by my Air B&B there was a restaurant with “really good ribs” so once I’m there I get the ribs and they ask if I wanted spicy, uh yeah! As soon as they came out, I could feel my nose hairs singeing. I eat all of them, sweating, shaking, panting, and finally the restaurant brings out a giant mason jar full of chopped peppers. Yeah turns out those were Carolina Reapers.

  • Like the Metallica shirt lol.

  • DAMN!

  • Please get the impractical jokers on here

  • I can give you a shortcut how to debone wings if you want the secret if no finger way to do it extra basically itsy bitsy eating the meat off the bone yellow pill with figures the words one bite that's on you if you want free shows going towards people or yourself but eating a tamale what out athlete the same damn thing one bite challenge that's what I look at is he give him time basically to let the Heats chicken I should

  • Im not a big fan of his stand up, but he is a cool person

    • @Gacha Brae Gacha Productions its not that i dont like him, his 1st couple standups i liked alot but then they all sound the same after. I think he is funny, just would need to change on his standup

    • Your not my friend

  • See, the problem with the upper range of sauces here is that they all taste like shit. They are just capiscum with nothing to add flavor or taste at all. Thats boring and stupid. Everything above Dawson's in this video is like that. Hot just to be hot is dumb, add some flavor

  • What’s the point of making really hot hot sauce if no ones going to on eat it

  • “Yeah I think I have to” 😂. That’s the best lol

  • Pain is not a flavor, except maybe to masochists. Then again, they like having their balls squeezed in a vice. But you know it may be a great way to lose weight if every time you ate anything good it hurt like hell.

  • Can somebody drink a shot of “da bomb”.

  • Ok but it's so wasteful to not finish the wing

  • VW bus? Do Americans have wrong names for everything?

  • 8:03 “Thank you papa John” that didn’t age well😂

  • What are you gonna do with a lawnmower oh idk maybe cut some grass 😂😂😂

  • I'm new to this channel, is this where the Shaquille O'Neal meme cam from?

  • Eat the wing fatty! Luv u fluffy

  • Just subscribed, and right back at you 🤟

  • Dammmm fluffy LMBOL

  • 6:07 “hey dere I done got this here for you” I’m fuckin dead lmaooooo

  • If you drink any soda it's gonna make the spicy food worst!!!🔥😱

  • I don't care how hit the wings are, would like to try those wings

  • Big man little dogs weird combo

  • 210.

  • Oh boy ... your butt is gonna hurt 🤣

  • I love how all the guests get so real at the bomb