G2 vs. FPX | Finals | 2019 World Championship | G2 Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix

Pubblicato il 10 nov 2019
2019 World Championship Finals #Worlds2019
G2 Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix
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  • 巴黎图书馆 Paris Libiary bibliothèque de paris

  • G2 next year pls do your best

  • I almost forgot how fun it is to watch League. Glad to come back.

  • Asian people still rule

  • Each one of the 4 casters: G2 win. FPX: Did you forget last year?

  • pyke is really championship pick lol

  • Western reaching the finals? Tsm next

  • FPX牛逼!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why do the hosts all wear hobbit vests?? I make vlogs and vids straight from China by the way.

  • GGEZ? no, G2EZ in your face trashtalkers

  • Ocelot’s interview LULW fined

  • G2 were slayed.They should have called GG. They didn't call it because they were in Paris. If they called GG the whole Paris would surrender.

  • China are monsters bunch of rookies like fpx winning worlds in first international tournament. Hope we don’t get five years of China domination.

  • 7:54:33 opening ceremony

  • That's why we need communism

  • o unico br kkkk pq essa obra de arte nao tem anime!?

  • 7:55:13 [7:57:35] (7:58:50)

  • 欧美捞比见识见识我lpl式团战🤣

  • Why is there no computer at home so smooth?

  • *watches the King's Avatar live action once* I'm here

  • EU is the third world

  • It tilts me a little how the shoutcasters seem to be saying 提案 instead of 天. My middle name is 天佑, so it's like they're mispronouncing my own name... 😠😠

  • I would love to see a worlds where the world champions didn't need a translator.

  • Looks cool this game..

  • dais asco

  • The only reason why G2 made it to finals it's because SKT made so many mistakes. This year's finals looked like Challengers vs a bunch of golds. 🤣

  • The thing is it doesnt matter if you was on the world finals 2 or 3 times or you are new to worlds. You need to work hard to achieve this title. What G2 did instead? They spent more time on twitter than actually preparing for the finals. Trash talking their opponents. Even after the game instead of shaking hands like a men and deal with the lose , go home and play 20 hours a day to become better players so in 2020 to go to worlds again and prove that they deserve to be there and they worked hard. They choosed to blame some1 else... They blamed their own fans for losing. Because they yelled a lot and g2 couldnt hear each other. Thats their excuse for losing... man g2 is such a joke. I'm from EU but honestly after the disrespectful comments towards FPX i really wanted FPX to win. g2 doesnt deserve to be at finals or win worlds at all..

    • Omg! Same , i was hoping for FPX to win 🇨🇳🤗❤️

    • Healz 100% agree, same here, I am from Holland, G2 lose thats normal.

  • there's only 1/14000000 chance that g2 could win this game



  • Every year: "I think it's time for Europe"...

    • @Null Xdd well that's before season 8 who cares about that, China proved themselves so yeah pointless

    • @Null Xdd you sound too triggered lmao

    • before season 8 in China 每一年:今年是最有希望的一年。 Wish EU will be better next year in Shanghai, by the way I love G2. :-) XXXXXD

  • Namesis is really disgusting, just like a primary school student looking for a college student to fight, after being beaten by college students, go home and tell his parents: He is too weak, if I am as strong as him, I will definitely kill him.

  • What is the point to summarize all games that Asia have lost? Eu lost this year anyways.

  • Gimgoon finished the 3 games with 1 deaths,and he was slained in last ten seconds...

  • Imagine that when an adc gets 21/0/14, he says his opponent and he are not a level without any problems

  • Wow 👌

  • LoL mobile in coming bye bye ML

  • You must learn to respect your opponent before you win, g2 had been so toxic, trash talk all the time, it’s not good. I think these 3 games looks like FPX was playing against noobs, but the most precious is the lesson of respecting your enemy. G2 slap their own face so hard 👋

  • Useless Ryze in useless PL hands...noob jungle...they cant expect win with these plays lol..I say it always and forever...you cant win with PL noob in your team xD

  • 🖤