Future F1 Car First Look | Formula 1's 2021 Car In The Wind Tunnel

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
Glimpse into the future with the first video of the current iteration of the 2021 Formula 1 car design - including bigger wheels, new rear wing and a remodelled floor - all developed with racing in mind!
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  • Please just make them sound better.. the cars just lack excitement now.

  • New cars should be shorter

  • gaaayyyyyyy

  • i think i'm going to actually watch f1 in 2021

  • Bring back the v12s

  • Now let’s put a v10 in

  • Cars getting more advance, drivers getting younger and shittier...

  • Imagine current V6 engines sounding like a VQ35, that would be glorious days

  • looks much much better already, can't wait

  • The cars will look good better then now

  • 1:03 rake in the wake

  • There won't be any changes in 2021. Mark my words

  • Looks badass👀

  • Well it looks awesome! A lot better than the ones they use now.

  • Max Verstapen:🤔🤔🤔

  • Are the 2021 Formula One Cars are Mandated to use the same 1.6 Liter V6 Or a 1.0 Liter V4

  • The Sound is terrible

  • I think these cars could be really good, they seem more compact, and I like the shorter wheelbase, I think it'll make it much more agile and maybe "pointy" when thrown into a corner. I think this aero package though would be better with Michelin tyres than the Pirelli ones, because they have better longevity and would let the drivers push harder for longer. So couple the closer racing with the additional ability to push harder and therefore faster I think could make the races a lot more exciting. I think this is a push in the right direction. Just my 2 bits.

  • Can you make the motors sound better?

  • Cutting edge Superb 5i★

  • Everyone demanding the v12s back, but i love f1 for innovation and seeing tech and ideas that could come down from racing to the public. If f1 can make v6s 15% more powerful a decade down the line for us, stay on the fucking v6s forever

  • It looks great, can t wait for the new season

  • 👌👌👌

  • Looks like shit

  • heavy

  • B o r I n g

  • 🙄

  • Please redesign the rear wing. It looks ugly for me

    • @rockzs74r i just feel this year rear wing looks better.

    • Who are you exactly then? Why you command such thing?

  • I can NOT wait for 2021..

  • It looks awful

  • F-Indy ?

  • But without wheels cover, please

  • Using Diesel? lmao

  • Trackmania com halo? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Please bring back v8

  • as Vettel said : " Bring back fu**** v12s "

  • superrb theory....than the reality..suck

  • the car gets safe but their shape gets weird

  • The drive to keep the sport in a continuous state of adaptation and improvement is exhilarating and is why it will be the only sport of any kind that I actually follow ardently (with race countdown phone widgets, race calendar apps, HD f1 showing channel subscriptions and the works)

  • I haven't watched F1 in 10 years. I thought slip streaming was supposed to help you over take, but now driving behind another F1 car makes you slower?

    • Being to close is a dirty air. Always been that way. You don't do slipstream 0.3 second behind another car. You got turbulent air

  • More overtaking would be nice, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • British people: "It looks like an Indycar." American people: "Is that even a bad thing? You people complain more about your sport than Americans do."

  • They're not trying to give people what they want but they're trying to improve their sales on road cars, all the fans are asking for is to get rid of the drs and bring back the v8. Two very simple demands I would say

    • Yes, let's jump DRS and not bother addressing the problem of why it exists in the first place.... And they don't sell road cars.

  • )

  • A silver car in front of a red car in the animation hhMMMMMmmMMM

  • Only thing I don't really like is the new low profile tires.

  • Aren't side skirts banned for decades by now?

  • They need turbos!

  • Song?

  • I think it look awesome and futuristic, very much like TM nations cars, if you know what i mean!

  • I personally think they look great, hopefully should "improve" the sport

  • Hope the 2021 engine regulations are equal

  • What's crucial is that... THOSE SHITTY CARS OF 2010-13 SEASONS WILL NEVER COME BACK!

  • I hope they are loud!

  • It's a shame that F1 is looking back to the past! F1 is the vanguard, to see what will happen in the future of transportation! Where are the new techs, new systems that will be used at road cars! What I can see? Defeatism! F1 people can't see beyond its own dated ideas. Old dogs don't learn new tricks! F1 worth billions, why on earth you guys don't finance radical innovative work on sport cars with few million each year? I have news, young people are less and less interest in cars and will not engage without innovative cars, people want to see pilots, cars, engineers at the edge of the innovation, regards of the type of powertrain. It's out of question that electric motors will dominate the transportation market. What F1 is waiting for? I and millions of fans can't understand. The lobby of the oil was already defeated by small gadgets like smartphones and their wonderful batteries. The F1 will be defeated together? Nobody cand stop the evolution of our little beautiful blue planet; I hope F1 will be wiser and change before F-E, Robot Race, Hyperdrive by Netflix, Rally pursuit by drones evolve even more. Somebody save F1 from the old dogs that don't drop the bone, please!

    • Oh please... F1 isn't supposed to be a vehicle for your leftist hippie environmental ideas. They are taking care with new and "greener" technologies, as you can see with the hybrid system and a relatively small engine, because you cannot stop progress but we very far from going full electrical.

  • Look from 2017 with the old V10😍...F1 have never ever Problems with Fans

  • What I dont understand is: Why do they pull down the nose and connect the frontwing directly to the crash structure when they try to go for an underbody aero concept??? A high nose like 2010 will massively improve downforce from the floor as well as front tire squirt management without additional wake...therefore the frontwing could be less agressive in design

    • @tiagom0909 l0909 well i have to disagree with your first statement. I thought the 2009 - 2013 cars looked amazing :/

    • Because it looks and always looked like shit. One of the concerns with the new regulations is also having the car look good and cool, deserving to be an F1 car.

  • i want to see a new halo device, not that im saying current one is bad as it saved atleast 3 drivers but id like to see a sleeker one.

  • Idk why you guys don’t just go to an enclosed cockpit

  • Looks good but sounds could be better