Pubblicato il 14 dic 2019
FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, FUTMas SBC, Malcuit SBC, Lukebakio SBC,
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  • I struggled for the sbc and I got... Roberto Firminho toty nominee

  • I done that futmas sbc and used the exact same team and didnt work

  • Was so frustrating you watching you do that SBC. Striker should just link with both RM and LM one with nationality the other with league

  • this was a fucking masterpiece to watch!!!

  • Nep I just did that SBC and I got son toty nomine that cost 500k

  • The pause and double-take when you see Lukebakio’s requirements is extraordinary 😂

  • The sbc challenge of that was amazing. I want more puzzling challenges like that. And unfortunately it’s gotta have not the best pack in return for it to hold its mystery. If the pack is too nice. People exploit and and post solutions, increasing prices. This was fun to watch him figure it out

  • Use me as a like button if you lost brain cells watching craig try to solve that sbc

  • As usual.... Fifa being tight cunts

  • anyone else get hiv from nepz sbc skills

  • The reaction to the squad rating required for malcuitt 😅😅 class lol! I checked his sbc out when was realeased and told myself was gonna do it as I have a hybrid team with seria a defenders. But 86 rated for an 84 card?Rb is a poor postion for seria A but your getting a free rb in danilo 86 rated and also just got an 85 rated caudrado for no more than 40k from and sbc the other week. Futmas is Ganton this year 😤

  • Aa9skillz spent 45 minutes doing the sbc you were struggling with 😂

  • why do all you mugs continue to pay 60-80 quid each year on this shit game, ea are laughing their fucking heads off at you. I quit buying it last year

  • To be fair, I understand why they've costed it like that... Werner IF might be an 85, but Lukebakio has higher TS, higher IGS, 4 star week foot, and he's 6 foot 2. And his SBC is 40k cheaper than Werner's IF card is.

  • spent 10 min trying to do the mega pack sbc then just gave up lol

  • EA have ruined this years futmas. It’s too expensive too complete like requirements for an untradeable card is just not right it needs to be sorted. The new fekir one is going to be nearly 200k. Something needs to be said

  • Fuming. Bought half these players then it didnt work for loyalty. Fucking joke !

  • Shit from ea once again

  • Got to the stage people have to seriously start to tell ea to go to hell....so much for Christmas lol

  • I’ve already given up on the mega pack, it’s way too frustrating. 90 chemistry is outrageous

  • Got pogba from the mega pack, nep such an amateur with sbcs

  • nobody cares about you doing 1 sbc for 15 minutes, just cut it?

  • Check my TikTok out @cooltiktokgamer 🤙🏼

  • Nep i finally did it and i got toty nominy ramos and i sold him for 180

  • I did babatunde or whatever his name is for 50k I hope it's not bad......

  • I did Witsel on the first day of Christmas, since I could use some defensive upgrade to my Bundesliga squad. On the second day of Christmas, I had a good laugh though...

  • Update Lukiebakio SBC has been updated it is 2 86 squads and an 87 rated squad with a RTTF card 😅😂

  • Impasible I have same players team bad Have 83 chemistry this is joke

  • And you know whats worse? People will do that Malcuit. 120k for a card that would be MAX 50k for a week and drop to 30k on the market is absolutely insane. I'm sick to death with game devs man. MW is shocking, Fifa is absolutely fucked....Im starting my own dev studio fuck everyone

  • All I'm doing is picking up loans for that futmas thing and the sbc junk can fuck right off

  • Ho ho ho merry Christmas and a big fuck you from EA

  • The only good thing about this promo is you can sell of nation players for 7-10k,lol,thats it, that's how moronic they are, well gbamin is OK for free, useless but free, even an sbc for a shitty mega pack is a headblag, lol, this fucking crew

  • When this guy is slating Ea and saying its shite you know futmas is scrapped and Ea are fucking imbeciles, fifa is fucked, this guy allways bogs them up even when the content is dog shit, surely they must see this and think wtf are we doing, this is what that checking it twice thing was about, you look at it think that can't be right, you check it again and it's fucking right, that futeconomist twat is the biggest joke in history, what a pure bellend that guy is

  • Nep's reactions to the SBCs loool

  • 2:26 omfg had me in tears 😂😂😂😂😂, what 😂😂😂😂

  • They mixed lukebaio up with Witsel

  • Built exactly the same team. Not enough chemistry 🤔

  • Does someone wanna tell he can use silvers

  • Is it just me that thinks that ea should make the rating of the squad the rating of the player? Keep up the good work nep 👍🏼

  • Poor from EA, been like this for years and seems to be getting worse... I said at the end of fifa 19 I wouldn’t get Fifa 20... I bought it and what a waste of money it has been. Will be selling it

  • That was painful to watch him do that sbc 😂😂

  • all you had to do was buy muftafi 😂

  • Nep is so bad at sbcs haha

  • Just do the cuadrado sbc.

  • All he had to do was use an English cdm🤣

  • Glad I'm not the only one that struggled with that sbc for chem lol

  • wtf happend to them?

  • when i opened fifa and see the requirments my reaction is just the same

  • Youre very right EA is full of it this year. Yeah you get some packs but with the packluck i got the last month its totally not worth it.. my club is down from 300 players to 200 and all because i got 82-75 players who are worth really zip. It is fubar🤮🤮

  • The man who makes this sbcs at ea whas drunk as fuck

  • TBH For malcuit You're buying the best rb for 1. A main league, series A 2.France He is better than IF TAA who is 100k so you no realise how much he is and you should have some high rated players in the club for this sbc

  • this was painful to watch lol. its like playign a futchamps game

  • Brought mbappe 2 days ago for 2.3m already down at 2.16m fuck you ea, we can never buy any cards without losing bank! May aswell play with bronze players and never spend my coins 👍

  • GIVE us a free pack EA please


  • I have exactly the same squad on this sbc get me to 82 Chem wtf?

  • Every time you try to say “Serie A” and say “Syria” I cringe.

  • Remember when they gave free packs during futmas back in fifa 15 or something

  • I don’t think the right back is 100% overpriced there’s literally no gold RB from the serie A plus a good nation

  • Half a video just watching you try to get a 35k pack.