Fuslie's Room Haunted? | Poki & Chadgodx | Edison Testing | Daph Ignores Jake

Pubblicato il 13 ott 2019
Poki & Greek gives helpful advice. Fuslie has a ghost? Edison trolls Jodi. Daph in Japan.

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  • What was sliker playing 4:16

  • so she dont breathe, that makes things easyer if she su.k our .....

  • blad eactually doesnt look too bad if he brushed his hair

  • the ending lmao.. just quiet perfect.

  • Edison is like a retarded little kid. That's literally like he eight thousandth time he's done that failing trick and he still cracks up like a retard every single time

  • 8:58 killed me!!!😂

  • The part of this video killed me the most 4:14 Slicker should have said do a back flip XD

  • last clip confirmed it: Poki not a thot she don't breathe

  • What’s the song Leslie is singing at 4:32

  • Chadgodx omegalul. Loses 50 pounds out of 300 and suddenly thinks he's a big deal XD

  • vive le chocolat

  • Moe’s friend hair is fucked it shouldn’t be like that

  • 4:12 fucking sliker hahahahha “jump, jump jump jump, OMG I didn’t mean that”

  • 2:13 ahhhhh shit I didn’t realize what she hit the first time but the second time I watched it I felt the pain ahhh poor daph

  • Where did fuslie get her beige twitch hoodie?

  • Greek lost so much weight he's comfortable flaming other fat people now.

  • Why is Leslies house haunted.

  • Sliker’s always crying about not being partnered and then he does shit like 4:15 I really don’t know why he expects to be partnered

  • Too much GReek in the video dude, wtf is this.

  • Lmao poki’s face when greek said no

  • 5:45 BREAKING: Manchester United are now keen on signing wonderkid striker. A reported bid of €80 million has been placed.

  • 10:01 she doesnt need to breathe ey? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Daph is a bae

  • 6:22 who the fuck had those kickboxer feet?

  • Poki is a hivemind confirmed monkaW

    • normie streamer will give normie advice

  • 7:06 golden 😂

  • Gweeeeeeeeek

  • Peoples who get bullied tend to nuke the ego's of the peoples thay bully them because they are better than them in everysingle way And thats what we call insecurities

  • Of course Pokimane knows Greeks immense fear of AI LUL

  • I swear sliker has to be the funniest person on twitch

    • agreed bruh, too bad twitch won't partner him

  • The ring thing got me!!

  • Greek making fat jokes. What a time to be alive.

  • I literally only have a twitch account because of Greek and Sliker

  • little late but nice

  • poki using greek for view. bish is always using people, thank god Toast is getting away from those leeches. hopefully he will still stay close to scarra, they are a great team.

    • Need to stop crying bud. Everyone uses everyone.

    • like greek leeched of tyler 1?

    • Can you really be mad tho...greek is aware of it, he literally makes jokes about it.

  • Why da hell does greek look Mexican

    • Kevin Mendez are kidding? Mans looks like a oversized Chapo

    • He looks more north African or south Italian

  • Now we know why Poki was never banned

    • @Akaro what did she do in the past?

    • @Kaeil Tzun Not recently no but I can tell you're new to twitch

    • she never did anything to be banned for but ok

    • what did she do?

  • Moe gay as shit man 😂😂😂😂😂 5:20

  • Greeks comment to the 14 year old was legit. I know he was joking around when he said "just watch my stream" but everything else was accurate.

  • Doo Doo Daph is the girl from Ring!!! I hope she's doing ok in Japan. Tycoon is no joke.

  • Peter has eyes like Brock from Pokemon


  • The first clip is an accurate representation of my music skills 👍🏽👌🏽

  • Slicker is the funniest man on earth

  • 4:15 That girl is Silkers partnership slowing falling to its death

    • @U MadBro yo Ouch!

    • @U MadBro yo 🤣… trueee

    • Baki how can something nonexistent fall to its death!?

  • 4:58 Shiphtur looks like a dad


  • 10:05 Realization kicked in. Either that or hes having Vietnam Flashbacks...

  • Greek seems so much happier recently. Love all of the clips I’ve seen.

    • It’s just a phase, he will stabilize eventually. I used to weigh 280 I lost 100 pounds over a year, you feel like you’re on top of the world especially if u smoke weed

    • He's lost so much weight that he's only considered overweight and not fat. He also works out regularly, and he keeps working toward a "normal" weight. It's no surprise to me. While you can obviously be happy even if overweight or fat, working out does wonders for both physical and mental health. His body probably hurts less these days as well. Just that would make him feel better. There's just a lot of things going well for him, and he has a great attitude. I'm not a fan of him, but I respect him a lot.

    • I would have never thought there would be a day I'd see Greek have a solid jaw line good for him

    • The body always reflects the mind. Hes doing way better, Greekbodx incoming

  • Omg this video had me dying the whole way through! The ring part had me dead

    • @Olli Casey it is for me! She came by early for me lol

    • But it hasn't even been seven days yet.

  • daphne fine as hell

  • When Daph looks like the girl version of Alex (Awkward Since Birth).

  • i luv greek

  • yeet

  • Jump, jump, jump

  • Leslie's eye is gone Crab Rave

  • thrid,love your channel

  • first

  • First