Pubblicato il 24 ago 2019
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The following show features stunts performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, VMT and the producers must insist that no one attempt to re-create or re-enact any stunt or activity performed on this show.



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    • @9:42 is best😂💯🔝

    • @4:55 is not a fail


  • 19:16 is no one going to question wtf that was!?

  • 6:29 Songname please

  • the song at 11:55 in a car? please!!

  • @19:17 I'm considering veganism now...

  • 14:00 what was the purpose of the dude lying on his back under the other dude????

  • 10:35 to 11:50 how is it right that these Millennials can destroy these areas that have been around for millions of years to be enjoyed by millions of people just so they can enjoy one day of personal pleasure??? They are selfish, self-centered children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7:50 So who is the moron??? These two men or the farmer who has hired them????

  • 8:09 I mean mind your damn surroundings folks seriously lady you are literally watching them heading right at you yet you keep recording smh

    • I kinda was hoping she would get plowed over lol how can you not tell they are like 6 wide the guy was headed straight for her lol dumbass

  • 12:59 what are these

  • 5:10 true fast and furious xD

  • 3:14 to 4:10 I wanted to end my own career. That was horrendous and cringed asf. Lmao.

  • OMG the little ones racing bikes and drone footage spiderweb ...... good stuff

  • 7:35 could they look more depressed lol

  • wow

  • 4:54 - Best Vid

  • 4.50 Basel (Schweiz) ich war dabei😎

  • 95 % of these videos are old and pre 2019

  • What is that at 19:17 ?

    • looks like a chicken or something :O

    • Vieze buit - Alfa Don

  • 3:17 I'd rather listen to a couple of cats fighting.😆😬😝 Yes run away people, far away!😂

  • @3:16 Kids.... Don't do drugs.

  • 3:15 voice of an angel.

  • 10:10 Damn. I could watch that all day. Makes me thirsty too. Most impressive.

  • What about 2:36 i wanna know more Anyone can help ?

  • The motorcycle in the pool was retarded.

  • If you want to clean the inside of your car, you don't do it like that guy...YOU SHOULD USE A HIGH PRESSURE HOSE. Way more effective !!!

  • 2:36 you can thank me later.

  • You know that kid at the start trying to do a planche on what looked like a cloths dryer lost a tooth or two and is thinking 'why didn't I just buy a set of dip bars' 😑

  • Mad World...

  • That racing girl she is hot and awesome

  • Screw the rest of you pansies, I voting for the lil babes on the bikes, I hope they were girls, but no matter, they got my vote, the corners, the straightaways, wow..!

  • just lol🙂

  • 14:20 is the gayest thing i've seen in a day or two

    • I too look at gay things very frequently 😉

  • Yo

  • Btw that’s a fake bear

  • @13:58 might be the gayest shit I have ever seen...

  • Surah AR RAAD Of Holy Quran

  • 9;00

  • Rip tv

  • 2:37 has some really nice tits 😂