Funniest Brawl Stars Challenge!

Pubblicato il 13 nov 2019
The Funniest Brawl Stars Challenge!
Check out Gustovow here!
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Brawl Stars is a freemium mobile real-time strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. On June 14, 2017, Supercell announced the game via a livestream video on IT-tvs.
Initial release date: June 15, 2017
Developer: Supercell
Publisher: Supercell
Mode: Multiplayer video game
Platforms: Android, iOS
Genres: Strategy video game, Shooter game


  • This challenge was so funny lol. Not as easy as it looks.

    • Ash Brawl Stars my funniest challenge is real complicated so if you want me to explain just tell you should really try

    • Ash please give the rewards to the people that participates in the 1500 wins tournament. I got second an I've been waiting for a week after the results

    • HEY ASH! I HAVE A CHALLENGE!!! Try to win a duo showdown with 2 accounts at the same time, 1 device per hand!!! That would be amazing bro!!

    • Ash Brawl Stars This was such a a good video! I loved how you and Gustavo have different play styles: you being hyper aggressive and Gustavo playing cool and collected. Good luck at the BrawlStars World Finals!

    • Hello

  • haha lol this challenge was pretty funny

  • Hey ash, you could make a challange where you turn your phone on your head

  • Please check new video on my channel.

  • Ash 555k subscribers next month 666k

  • "Another cool way to get gems in 2019 is this one: ** pretty cool that it works!"

  • I loved the whole thing Discord username: Youngwoo

  • jurava que ia ter al guem falando br kkk, se n eu que vou

  • Pls watch my vid

  • Ash pretending this hasn’t been done before

  • I like how your not afraid to lose trophies and your just having a fun time jatur#6807

  • This is true way to account share

  • Wow my lvl 8 crow has more trophies than ash's im shocked

  • Ash: losses 8 trophies. Me: comes 6 in solo show down and gets 1

  • When you can’t win a match but 2 pros can win on one device Discord: Nobody#1681

  • F for graveyard shift

  • Bruh moment Discord:a_lil_goat#2215

  • My two favourite players

  • "so OP" "pi... ranha"

  • Gg

  • Aye he my pfp

  • No matter how hard the challenge is, you both still managed to crush it lol Discord: MegaTyx#1478

  • Great video Ash! Keep up the good work! adamulla #2983

  • 0:47 er fängt einfach an eun bischen zu lachen😂😂

  • Just completely ignoring the fact that u have 88k star points with golden meca BO

  • Can you do a strategy video on choosing team comps? You have a knack for understanding the meta and also who to 1v1 given an opposing team comp and I’d love to see it explained a bit in a team comp video. Maybe starting with brawl ball maps. 🙂

  • That was a fun Challenge 😂...❤ ASH .. Discord:- Gokul #7721

  • Man i love gustavo!!!! Discord: ilyessou#1600

  • Have fun in Korea ash

  • Ash hase 87 k star points wtf

  • Pls do more of these funny challenges #tentien9374

  • Great concept, lots of fun, but the audio levels were breaking up when you were shouting at each other.

  • Is no one going to talk about the fact that he has golden bo and 87 thousand starpoints

  • My man got golden bo and 87 thousand starpoints

  • I have you in the counter CREATER you are the best

  • This was so funny😂 Teo#0619

  • I like being aggressive 😂 Ash

  • I like that u 2 are playing so different but you WON MOST OF THE TIME! XD

    • Oh I vorget Discordname: Ibims49

  • Rey, I love your videos, keep up the good work man!

  • Dang love the video tho ❤️ xXTimeZeroXx#3890