FULL Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference

Pubblicato il 9 giu 2019
Microsoft reveals its biggest news, games, trailers, and more at their Xbox 2019 E3 press conference.
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  • 13:20 He straight up lied, lol. Can't play with anyone however we want. Gotta get rid of all console boundaries first. Cross play should be automatic if what he said is true

  • Weak press conference.

  • up tha cyberpunx

  • Nobody: Microsoft:...FOOTBALL MANAGER!!!!

  • 19:39 and 23:31 Thank me later

  • So Halo isnt in the gamepass for pc yet. Probably will come but no one said when... Still no reason to get gamepass yet

  • it's obvious that all th ps boys were trashing the comment box.. pathetic ps fan boys are the worst kind of people..

  • 343i killed halo

  • I’m a simple man, Once I heard PSO2 was coming the west after 7 years, I Was Legit happy! 😊

  • Start (The Outer Worlds): 2:20 Bleeding Edge: 6:13 Ori and the Will of the Wisps: 7:35 Minecraft: Dungeons: 9:22 Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order: 15:45 Blair Witch: 17:41 Cyberpunk 2077 + Keanu Reeves: 19:39 Spiritfarer: 27:00 Battletoads Remake: 28:30 RPGTIME: The Legend of Wright: 29:40 Xbox Games Pass: 30:53 Flight Simulator: 38:40 Age of Empires 2 Remastered: 40:14 Wasteland 3: 41:15 Psychonauts 2: 44:58 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: 46:27 Dragonball Z Kakarot: 47:23 12 Minutes: 49:00 Way to the Woods: 51:20 Bound by Blood 5: 52:43 Gears 5: 54:08 Dying Light 2: 1:02:20 Forza Horizon 4: 1:03:55 Gears Pop: 1:06:33 (M) State of Decay 2: Heartland: 1:07:45 Phantasy Star Online 2: 1:09:37 Crossfire: 1:12:50 Tales of Arise: 1:14:55 Borderlands 3: 1:16:37 Elden Ring: 1:19:11 Project Scarlett: 1:27:56 Halo: Infinte: 1:29:33 (M) = Mobile If I missed anything, please comment and tell me

    • What is the title of the last song?

  • so theres no fable game coming out????

  • ah, GameStop's mortal enemy, battletoads

    • That won't be a problem, Gamestop is about to go the way of Blockbusters lol.

  • Soooo... no one shows actual gameplay anymore

  • Rhere was a fantastic game called Cyperpunk 2077 . Its not XBox exclusive though :) And ... wait ... 4 times more powerful than X1X ? W T F ? 30 Teraflops ????? Joke ?

  • Apparently the experience we've never experienced - Xbox scarlett 120 fps , PC 144+ fps . Yep PC is still superior and console still inferior , because PC is five years over to xbox and 10 years over to sony ps.

  • They collected so many studio´s and not a word about any future new exclusive ip´s !!!!!!???!!!!! I had it with Xbox.

  • Sydney has a few shitty outfits. She seems to like to show her chest also

  • First 40 minutes, after that nothing too interesting - saving you from wasting an excessive amount of time

  • Microsoft: so let's talk about our new console Me:WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • It’s funny how everyone in this conference is cheering for Phil spencer, they should of Boo him right off the stage. Where are the big blockbuster games at? Gears? Halo? Same old crap. The best game that they showed off was cyberpunk and that’s a multi platform.

  • John Wick still lives in the future.

  • Miranda is adorable.

  • Go on Keanu Reeves and CD Projekt Red....👍👍👍 Enough to stand against Death Stranding

  • Just 25:40

  • the outer worlds is like borderlands

  • microsoft still has nothing

  • 2nd Worst Microsoft Conference!

  • Jesus...they really don't have much in the way of games. Damn

  • i don't care what anyone says i'm still super hyped for the outer worlds

  • Sony won E3 just by 1 trailer Death stranding

  • Smart move by Sony going Rockstar way,hosting no conference.

  • Everyone was so robotic like they didn't actually care. Except Keanu, Keanu is my hero and made this whole thing worth my time.

  • No-one: Literally nobody in the world: Microsoft: FORZA HORIZON 4 LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS!!!

  • I love the psychotic laughter after the Battletoads trailer.

    • Us old guys looked at the trailer, saw hoverbikes, and just all had PTSD flashbacks.

  • John Wick is an Xbox nibba confirmed

  • You're breathtaking!! Lmao

  • I like how the same thing is happening as the last generation. Microsoft shows of their console first while Sony plays the waiting game in the background. Then Microsoft goes and says things like "most powerful console" and "The games you wanna play, where you wanna play (paraphrasing)," and give it a couple months, Sony will have watched and looked at at Microsoft's new console and go, "So lets do everything they did but now we know exactly how much better we have to be to contradict everything Microsoft just said." Ex: Xbox 1 No used games, PS4 We got your used games.

  • Gears 5. Enough said.

  • Anyone know the song at 1:36:00?

  • Sydnee seemed quiet today :/ like didn’t seem into it.