Full Frame off Restoration 1963 Jaguar E-Type XKE Coupe - Overhaulin Barn Find

Pubblicato il 15 gen 2019
An incredibly loving complete restoration of 1963 Jaguar E Type XKE 3.8L Coupe. Performed by only one man from the USA.
For the complete and very detailed restoration report go to:
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With this video I want to pay tribute to the work done and to help other people to do the same.
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  • Beautiful

  • My love for old cars and the E-Type in particular, and the restoration of them was still not enough for me to sit all the way through this. A 22 minute slide show is just too much. People who watch these restorations are not there to watch a slide show. They want to know the history of the car, the challenges, the tricks of the tradesman. What they don't want is a slideshow.

  • All this incredible metal work for this ugly white paint after?! Damn!!

  • The makers of Jaguar should feel flattered by this incredible tribute that you have elevated to an almost religious ritual of exorcism and then beatification in the form of most conscientious and well-executed overhauling of a classic and unique model.

  • excelente

  • I've watched dozens of restoration projects on IT-tvs, and they have all been great, but this one is just totally mind blowing!

  • The scale and quality of this work is astounding. It's a tribute to one mans dream.

  • When Enzo Ferrari says that this is the most beautiful car ever made, you ignore the twats that gave this the thumbs down.

  • اتموت هاي ياربي

  • You should go to the next level on that interior carpeting/paneling... Fabricate larger single sections out of some kind of latex/epoxy..

  • Malcolm Sayer - never to be forgotten and we mustn't forget the XJS - very inderrated

  • Would also be interesting to know how much it cost to restore in full

  • 👏👏👏👏💪💪 que buen trabajo felicitaciones .. desde argentina

  • Beautiful restoration......and I understand that this was a restoration.....but I really like the way the foose designs Jag turned out better.......think it's more what the Jag SHOULD have been.....much sexier, much sleeker

  • Very, very nice. Did I see castle nuts on the rod bolts??

  • 真佩服~~工藝太厲害了真有細心

  • Lembro nos anos "70" um amigo achou um Brasinca GT 4200 nesse mesmo estado de conservação. Aquele carro havia passado pela experiência de um carnaval. Todo mundo bebasso e um monte de mulheres dançando em cima do Brasinca. Ficou igual e esse Jaguar... Ou seja, levou 10 anos restaurando..

  • One of the most impressive restorations I have ever seen. Thank you.

  • You're guna have to do better than 22 minuets of pictures.

  • pls subscribe

  • فل يا فل أبداع في ابداع فن وذوق واخلاص في العمل وحريفية آخر حلاوة

  • 👍👍👍

  • I quit, the world has gone crazy!

  • Love the Music too; who made it?

  • It is very gratifying that you restored this classic to it's original beauty and not some freak show resto-mod. Liked the music, and your fabrication skills are awesome.

  • Obviously a rare car.......

  • True devotion. Hope you have many happy hours with the 'Big Cat,'. MAGNIFICENT work.

  • Absolutely magnificent work and result!

  • Excellent

  • Show!!!

  • 62-63 E type, sexiest auto ever...wonderful restoration!

  • I work at a jaguar specialist near Mallory park “ revival classics “ we could do this

  • Great job but ... YT = vids not pics

  • stunning!!!!!!

  • Jolie voiture belle video merci

  • Without a doubt, the most beautiful motor car ever created.

  • Added to cart.

  • These have to be some of the hardest cars to restore, prone to rust, with all of the compound curves and wacky 60's British technology.

  • How anyone could have left the most beautiful car ever built in that dreadful condition boggles the mind. The culprit should be horsewhipped. I'm very happy it was saved.

  • My brother bought a new 1967 Jaguar XKE 2+2 for $6,500... A lot of money back then... He traded it years later for a Pontiac.... Wonder where that car is now???