Pubblicato il 29 lug 2016
HIIIIII EVERYONE! Ready for ANOTHER makeup challenge??? I'm excited about this one... IT-tvs has been flooded with so many challenges lately, that I wanted to try a few more! I asked you all on SnapChat & Twitter what you wanted me to film next, and I got an overwhelming response to do the FULL FACE using ONLY KIDS Makeup!!! My girl NikkieTutorials KILLED this so I had to do my own version! TAG ME if you try this!!!!!!!! Let me know what other ideas want me to film next! Love you guys :D
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  • Why does Jeffree look so dead inside in this video? Tired and dead inside That's my only reaction Like, I was distracted the whole video.... What's wrong with me...?

  • This was the first vid I watched from you, and ngl I was scared of you back then lmao

  • I thought nothing is expensive tO him 3:03😂😂😂

  • Hah this is kids makeup? No, kids makeup is the play set stuff lol

  • I feel like I’m gonna be that kind of mom who’s gonna take my kid to get like elf makeup instead of Claire’s makeup

  • Proves you look gorgeous no matter what you use

  • When kids' makeup is more pigmented than your adult makeups

  • Never thought jefferee would be complaining about how expensive something is

  • Hi how r ya? 2019????

  • that black eyeliner blew his eyes up to anime proportions.............like three times as big

  • awwwww, jefree wants to give me (who he doesn’t know exists lol) a hug

  • 'What's yo tea?' Print it Frame it Hang it above your bed forever 😂 Love you Jeffree!!! 💖

  • Kids makeup exactly looks like the real makeup cool

  • Lol🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂haha your edit is so funnyhhahahahaha

  • To be honest it actually doesn’t look bad!!!! Jeffree you are slaying this look!!!!!!!🤪

  • You are a beautiful person...and so sexy.and don't forget to say hi

  • Why does the kids makeups are nowadays so upgraded??

  • hahahah I'm a late watcher booo😂 Hello Jeffree from 2016😂👋

  • *gives hugs and love*

  • Stunning eyes!

  • “Big crazy little palette” Pick one! Lmao

  • "that little effect where I been sucking dick for 20 minutes and my makeup kinda smeared" 😂😂😂😂💜

  • Te amo Jeffree

  • You’re so pretty

  • Ugh so annoying sorry but just telling u how to improve

  • "Thankyou for 2 mill!" *Looks at channel* 15 mill now! Btw well done 😙😚😘

  • 2019?

  • What’s yo tea 😂😂❤️😭

  • Challenge. Do my engagement makeup! Sounds easy... Until you see my skin 😂😂😂 Love you! Stunning talent. Ugh so jealous! Couldnt do that ^ with good makeup 😂😂😂

  • I can’t even afford those kids palletes

  • Jeffree idk if u see these but u have helped me now in my current hospital stay I got my feet amputated and I had open heart surgery. Thank u for helping me making me laugh and well just being you!

  • " and I just hit 2 million subs while I was on the road " Girl, look how much he's gAIneD

  • Jefree: Makes 7,000,000, dollars a month Also jefree: thiS mAKeUp iS To ExpEsivE Like he gives a shit about saving money 😂😂

  • How are ya ????

  • Thank you Jeffree for teaching me about pigment! I always used to buy drug store make up and hated it because it was so faint but I never knew what was wrong or what I needed and you taught me about pigments and building up pigments when they are too light. Thank you for also being make up educational! Also your free hand eyebrows are crazy! I wish I could draw eyebrows

  • My family tends to buy me kids makeup even though I'm 17, and I have that icing pallet. Some colors have pigment, others DO NOT and I don't wanna waste it so yes I do use it... sometimes it can be a pain but hey, I make it work haha XD

  • 2019 anyone????..

  • 😍❤️❤️

  • “I also hit 2 Million subscribers when I was on the road,” - Jeffree Star 2016

  • Какая-то детская косметика не детс ка я......

  • Love how much fun u have. And u make me laugh. Love ya Jeffree💗

  • Watching in Aug ‘19, he’s celebrating reaching 2Mil subscribers... has 15Mil right now!

  • I hope you will see this, Jeffree. My 13 year old son has always been gender fluid. I'm fine with it, always have been. Except when recently I found him wrecking my makeup. I promised him I would get him his own if he wants to experiment. This video was helpful in figurimg out where to go to find makeup safe for kids that is actually good, I just am not sure if there is something you know of as a primer or foundation that would be safe for his skin. Not that he needs it, he's flawless, but as a barrier between the makeup pigmentation and his skin. Would he even need it? Again, hope you see this, and thank you so much in advance if you respond.

  • he said 2 million and i looked at he’s at 15 million 😂

  • 💕🤗

  • yess go!!! girl you look good!!!😊😊😀😃👍🎊🎉🎉🍕

  • He hit two million subs ....I’m watching this when he as fifteen million subs

  • Jeffree: *WhY iS kIdS mAkeUp So ExPeNsIvE?* **buys 2 of the world's most expensive foundation**

  • Your hair matches the background and I freaking love it from 2019

  • You should your old makeup look but with kids make-up

  • Love the 👀s

  • Does anyone remember when the comment section wasn’t a fucking calendar

  • I’m watching this cuz ima kid

  • Why don't you make a Kid's make up? A safe formula for kids 👌👌 i think that will be good idea and the packaging is color baby pink 😍😍

  • Jeffree really did a full face with the Artistry palette 3 years before it was released, iconic.

  • Im selling free replays 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 :)

  • 3 years ago, she hit 2 million subscribers...its 2019 and she has over 15 million. Much love!

  • 4:39 holy shit i really want that 5:45 and that

  • Claire’s has setting spray now... don’t use it. It b u r n s and it melts your makeup in a bad way.

  • اكو عرب بالطياره