Pubblicato il 29 lug 2016
HIIIIII EVERYONE! Ready for ANOTHER makeup challenge??? I'm excited about this one... IT-tvs has been flooded with so many challenges lately, that I wanted to try a few more! I asked you all on SnapChat & Twitter what you wanted me to film next, and I got an overwhelming response to do the FULL FACE using ONLY KIDS Makeup!!! My girl NikkieTutorials KILLED this so I had to do my own version! TAG ME if you try this!!!!!!!! Let me know what other ideas want me to film next! Love you guys :D
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  • Werk it.🙌

  • Oh my.. hes on 17.3 Million now , in the video he hit 2 .:00000

  • "We just hit 2 mill subs, ya!" Looks down 2 inches to the 17.3 mill sub count

  • Who’s watching in 2043?

  • U look stupid in that picture

  • Are those really kid's make up???? They don't look like..

  • Seeing jeffree changes at makeup Me like: :’)

  • *walks into Claire’s *comes up to the counter and checks out The Cashier: would you like a gift reseat

  • I like James Charles better....😐

  • CEO of The second grade

  • 2016- 2M Subs 2020- 17M subs WE LOOVVEEEEE YOUUU😭🤍

  • Me watching this in 2020: eye brows?? Never heard of her

  • i can feel the asbestos

  • If you watch it in 2020 like this comment👇

  • Claire and Icing didn't have all that stuff when I was younger. Jealous of these little girls.

  • Todo lo que soñe de pequeña supera hasta el maquillaje que tengo ahora de grande >:^V kha!

  • Im out here in 2020 , and when he did eyebrows I was like ooh shit it’s been a damn minute since ive seen those on him : also the fact he said “ oh my gosh this is expensive “ knowing damn well he owns first edition designer things and high end makeup ay yi

  • Hi I’m from the Future aka 2020 you have 17 mill

  • ...2 million subs. Lawdt, I’m late as a date 😂😂😂

  • Jeffree still made it look good but like when I was a kid the makeup didn’t even stay on mah face when I put it on lol good job Jeffree this

  • Me: two million HA Jeffrey know: baby I get even more famous and rich my the second

  • Who is here after he and Nate broke up?

  • Who is watching all Jeffree's old videos after finding out him and Nate broke up?

  • When I was little I had that heart shape pallete

  • You

  • 11:06 yea no one can afford that

  • i love the way he talk as if we were his besties

  • i love the way he talk as if we were his besties

  • “Hit 2 million subscribers “ 3 years later my queen has 17 million ✋ 👑🤚

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 2016: i just hit 2M 2020: 15M and counting Good job baby❤️

  • Jeffree You Can Literally Pull Anything Off 🖤

  • Kids have such makeup?!

  • How about mary kay!!!

  • I wish I saw this when I was younger, I would of looked so cute at school and be like "yes I'm first class, get on my level"

  • Pink OMG

  • 2020

  • Im here in 2020

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  • Me and my daughter love this !

  • 0:28 😂😂

  • anyone watching in 2020 with the conspiracy collection 🥰 nate and him broke up 😢 and only 4 dogs 😢

  • Hi people are u in minecraft

  • Im only ten (im girl) and i dont have much make up but i'll dind a way to make me beautiful

  • Hey I love you Soo much I wanna meet you can you come to seattle

  • watching in 2020- lol

  • Even Kids deserve better than this.😂

  • me:*uses my james charles mini eyeshadow pl.* also me:.....whyd they have to have beef

  • Who else is watching in 2020? Yes 2020 !! 😂🤣😂

  • On tour, it's hard to get wifi, but I'm 100% sure you can afford a carrier with unlimited data. C'mon REALEST youtuber

  • What does he do with this after? Like throw it away I’m genuinely curious...

  • 2020 anyone???

  • Shane: Jeffree: nobody: Me: HOW DID JEFFREE GAIN 14M SUBS IN ONLY THREE YEARS!?!?

  • 2020?

  • 2000’s could never

  • 5 million views later...

  • True talent can do an amazing look with kids makeup! Shows it’s not always about expensive products if you have a skilled hand!

  • I love your eyes when u but the dark on

  • Who's watching this in 2020? Just me ok

  • Damn that receipt looks like toilet paper 😯