Pubblicato il 11 gen 2019
Thank you for watching! Check out my other Cheat days & Food Challenges! Have an AWESOME week!!!
Anyone like a full day of donuts, and sweets? I got one for yeah! Also workout footage.. because I do… workout… on occasion. lol hope u enjoy this classic!
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California Donuts
Wilshire Center, Koreatown
3540 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone number
(213) 385-3318
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I'm a grad student at USC, soon to be teacher, I love fitness, nutrition, hanging with family/ friends, exercise, competitive eating, animals, and learning something new everyday. My core daily goal is to see how many people I can meet, and how many smiles I can put on peoples faces. I hope you enjoy my content, and if you smiled at any one of my videos or it helped you in any way... day made. Share, and just help me spread good vibes.. thanks.
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  • Love when you eat from California donuts and walts i love donuts but cant eat them i cant remember tge other place you go that is great but all those places have amazing donuts yummmmmmm

  • Lmao I’m scared of heights I COULD NEVER

  • omg that oily crunch ..... ❤️ try some donuts without music bro that would be amazing too

  • does he make anyone else feel uncomfortable

    • Bridget Coyle lolz this was the first time I filmed one of these haha. I’m such a clown with the camera 😂. No idea what I was doing

  • Pt 2

  • That thumbnail had me feeling some typa way 🥵🥵

  • First of all, you're adorable, funny, and real. Genuine and kind. You will not forever be alone. You just haven't found your person yet! Much love brother!

  • You take very small bites😔

  • At 2:40 did he have a voice crack

  • It is literally called an “apple fritter”! Apple fritter. Apple.

  • hey mikey! what’s the hiking trail that was in this video ? i’m going to california in december and i love hiking i definitely wanna run up the mountain like you did lol

    • haha Griffith park! kill it! aint nothin but a peanut!

  • I love you baby! 😍❤️ Sugar 🍬 Lillipop 😊🍭😘

  • Anythinhg with peanut butter is fire! 💪

  • "I'll just start with a few donuts before I work out" *Eats 3* "You know what......finish the box" me.

  • Can u plz try indian/ pakistani food on your next cheat day?

  • Good video and I love the variation in your videos. Donuts here on the menu tomorrow ! Grtz

  • chocolate crums on your nose ㅋㅋㅋ CHEERS FROM KOREA!!!!!

  • Lol is it just me or he kinda looks like Zac Efron when he was in High School Musical

    • i very much so appreciate this comment, i have heard it before but personally.. dont see it hahaha

  • Omg you should wear less sweaters & more tank tops lol. I knew you were in shape but I didn’t know that you were this muscular 👀

  • Love your short haircut AND pls keep doing your workout vids. Love it! Keep up the great content Mikey! :)

  • He make the donuts look way better x8 i mean look at his eyes

  • all those donuts is like food porn for me ):

  • amazing hiking views

  • love the packaging they used for those donuts lol i am a sucker for cute packaging.

  • 😍

  • you look like zac efron here woah

  • Cutie

  • You masks a lot, in this video!🙄

  • You are so cute OMG nhaaa 😍😍

  • Cinnamon rolls are the best !

  • I don’t know why I repeated this video over and over ... 😋😋

    • Somantha Sarasin Roy hahaha thanks Somantha!

  • i'm not hating but i'm just wondering what do you do on other days if not the cheat days and how can you have cheat days so often?

    • That One Black Guy 3,400 calories per day x 7 days a week. 24,000 calorie total. I just play around with that number. Average stays the same 😎🤘

  • LOL, you train like shit man hahah

  • Damn ! Everywhere D🍩NuTs 🙌 Who is not In🍩Love.. im sure Nobody !!!

  • love the new haircut

  • 💚

  • At what time you wake up??? D:

  • You know you don't have to be forever alone, cutie ❤️☺️🤤

  • Awww ur eyes😍😍😍

  • love youuu

  • Don't usually comment but subscribed to you in the beginning of 2018 and the content just gets better and better. Keep it up:)

    • neeeded that... i wish more people left a little comment!!! love to hear feedback!! :) thank you for the love!!

  • Oh yeah. You are the best my friend.

  • Wow truly an OG classic MagicMikey video 🤙, even your amateur videos have such a great content, and you've changed and improved soo much!! Awesome content as always, fuuull of delicious donuts my man! And also that workout man, such a badass, gaainzz for daaayz 😂😂 This would've been perfect for the 10,000 Calorie Dompierre Donut Challenge!

    • Manuel González thanks dude I appreciate it 😉🤙

  • Good to have you back, my unbearded magical donut devouring machine. XD

  • Mikey can you try some good Churros??? If you don’t like Churros then nvm 🙈🙈 Love that you showed us your workout in this video btw, thank you 💗 Edit: I was wondering how the others noticed you cut your hair and now I see 😂 when you eat Krispy Kreme 🍩 This haircut suits you!! 💯

    • M Raven Lee churros are tasty haha thank you Raven!!

  • Wow, today was my cheat day and I screwed up... I didn’t get any donuts!! So regret it now after watching your video 🤤 did you burn your tongue on that hot donut in the beginning, haha another great one!

    • hahah u didnt screw up lol!! Donuts arent everything, just people get excited about them when they are hungry hahahah.. i bet it was fun!! Lol YUP i burned it, rookie move!

  • I'm confused is this a reupload or a new video🤷‍♂️. Edit: oh i see it is😂

    • hahahah it is.. actually did get a haircut this week tho haha

  • Bro I gotta try the peanut butter on a jelly donut. Why the hell have I never thought of this??? I feel like I just got my legs back. This is a gangster move. 🤙

    • legendary move! check out beast aesthetics channel.. his 20k cheat day he did that.. jelly donuts, peanut butter with bacon sandwiches loll legend!

  • Gin-aye

    • dying bro... lollllll we's was PEES N CARROTS.

  • iiiiicremmme

  • Nice haircut!

  • what trail was that? it’s beautiful

    • heyy! Its amazing, Griffith Park Observatory hike! but the entire route! its aweeeesome!

  • Love you miky!! Good job!! Love cinnamon!

  • Such a good video 🍩!!!! Heading to LA in 2 weeks and I neeeeeed to try those donuts!! Ps .. I don't know how but watching you in speed 1.25 sounds normal .. maybe us brits just talk really fast haha

    • he has that calming voice you'd imagine (good) teachers have lol

    • @MAGIC MIKEY! SOOOO glad I found your channel! Sunday will be spent binge watching and making a list :P

    • thats dope, u will love the donuts we have waiting for u! Also check out some restaurants ive been to on here.. highly recommend them!

    • hahahha ive been told i talk slow loll.. its all good!

  • AS always THE most relaxing video of IT-tvs. I have a short attention span but Mikey eating donuts just takes me into a void where I just stare and watch this for 40 minutes. How.

    • Michelle Laura Valeine haha wow thank you Michelle 😂✊

  • My boy putting in that workout! Let's get it, bro!!!

    • Ryan Little hell yeahh Brooo 😉🤘 that work, loved your touch overlaying it!

  • Ladies can you imagine a guy doing this hype expression while he goes doooown

  • Great video bro!! thank you for being an awesome IT-tvsr!!!

    • Brandon 😉🤙 it’s been a pleasure Brandon

  • I'm honestly so jealous of how your skin looks. I always get breakouts and acne after sweets 😥😥 but my stupid self eats them anyway

    • I eat an unhealthy amount of peanuts on a daily basis... I figured they are fats so they must have oil properties something and give me breakouts :??!😅

    • Iswariya Nathan well I don’t eat sweets too often, and honestly I try not to get too stressed about things. Maybe check overall stress levels? And other things u are eatin?

  • I really love to watching u eating dountssssssssssssssssss