Pubblicato il 11 gen 2019
Grilled Cheese Donut count? I decided to try to eat donuts and sweets for an entire day. Featuring Krispy Kreme donuts, California Donuts (local LA Donut Shop), & Cupcakes from Trader Joe's. Watch to find out how that went, warning: VERY SWEET!
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I'm a post grad student of USC, love fitness, nutrition, hanging with family, & family. My core daily goal is to meet new people, and try to be a bright light in someone's day. I hope you enjoy my content, and if you smiled during one of my videos or it helped you in any way... day made. thank you! :) #MAGICGANG
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  • Thank you so much for the love! Watch more of my videos HERE: ❤️

  • To this day still one of my favs...mikey.

  • Yaassss!!!!! Peanut butter in everything

  • Amo tus videos😝 te ganaste un nuevo suscriptor 🥳❤️❤️

  • thank you for this video, I'm french I would dream have these donuts at home you are very lucky to be able to taste them.

  • Love when you eat from California donuts and walts i love donuts but cant eat them i cant remember tge other place you go that is great but all those places have amazing donuts yummmmmmm

  • Lmao I’m scared of heights I COULD NEVER

  • omg that oily crunch ..... ❤️ try some donuts without music bro that would be amazing too

  • does he make anyone else feel uncomfortable

    • Bridget Coyle lolz this was the first time I filmed one of these haha. I’m such a clown with the camera 😂. No idea what I was doing

  • Pt 2

  • That thumbnail had me feeling some typa way 🥵🥵

  • First of all, you're adorable, funny, and real. Genuine and kind. You will not forever be alone. You just haven't found your person yet! Much love brother!

  • You take very small bites😔

  • At 2:40 did he have a voice crack

  • It is literally called an “apple fritter”! Apple fritter. Apple.

  • hey mikey! what’s the hiking trail that was in this video ? i’m going to california in december and i love hiking i definitely wanna run up the mountain like you did lol

    • haha Griffith park! kill it! aint nothin but a peanut!

  • I love you baby! 😍❤️ Sugar 🍬 Lillipop 😊🍭😘

  • Anythinhg with peanut butter is fire! 💪

  • "I'll just start with a few donuts before I work out" *Eats 3* "You know what......finish the box" me.

  • Can u plz try indian/ pakistani food on your next cheat day?

  • Good video and I love the variation in your videos. Donuts here on the menu tomorrow ! Grtz

  • chocolate crums on your nose ㅋㅋㅋ CHEERS FROM KOREA!!!!!

  • Lol is it just me or he kinda looks like Zac Efron when he was in High School Musical

    • i very much so appreciate this comment, i have heard it before but personally.. dont see it hahaha

  • Omg you should wear less sweaters & more tank tops lol. I knew you were in shape but I didn’t know that you were this muscular 👀

  • He make the donuts look way better x8 i mean look at his eyes

  • all those donuts is like food porn for me ):

  • amazing hiking views

  • love the packaging they used for those donuts lol i am a sucker for cute packaging.

  • 😍

  • you look like zac efron here woah

  • Cutie

  • You masks a lot, in this video!🙄

  • You are so cute OMG nhaaa 😍😍

  • Cinnamon rolls are the best !

  • I don’t know why I repeated this video over and over ... 😋😋

    • Somantha Sarasin Roy hahaha thanks Somantha!

  • i'm not hating but i'm just wondering what do you do on other days if not the cheat days and how can you have cheat days so often?

    • That One Black Guy 3,400 calories per day x 7 days a week. 24,000 calorie total. I just play around with that number. Average stays the same 😎🤘

  • LOL, you train like shit man hahah

  • Damn ! Everywhere D🍩NuTs 🙌 Who is not In🍩Love.. im sure Nobody !!!

  • love the new haircut

  • 💚

  • At what time you wake up??? D:

  • You know you don't have to be forever alone, cutie ❤️☺️🤤

  • Awww ur eyes😍😍😍

  • love youuu

  • Don't usually comment but subscribed to you in the beginning of 2018 and the content just gets better and better. Keep it up:)

    • neeeded that... i wish more people left a little comment!!! love to hear feedback!! :) thank you for the love!!

  • Oh yeah. You are the best my friend.

  • Wow truly an OG classic MagicMikey video 🤙, even your amateur videos have such a great content, and you've changed and improved soo much!! Awesome content as always, fuuull of delicious donuts my man! And also that workout man, such a badass, gaainzz for daaayz 😂😂 This would've been perfect for the 10,000 Calorie Dompierre Donut Challenge!

    • Manuel González thanks dude I appreciate it 😉🤙

  • Good to have you back, my unbearded magical donut devouring machine. XD

  • Mikey can you try some good Churros??? If you don’t like Churros then nvm 🙈🙈 Love that you showed us your workout in this video btw, thank you 💗 Edit: I was wondering how the others noticed you cut your hair and now I see 😂 when you eat Krispy Kreme 🍩 This haircut suits you!! 💯

    • M Raven Lee churros are tasty haha thank you Raven!!

  • Wow, today was my cheat day and I screwed up... I didn’t get any donuts!! So regret it now after watching your video 🤤 did you burn your tongue on that hot donut in the beginning, haha another great one!

    • hahah u didnt screw up lol!! Donuts arent everything, just people get excited about them when they are hungry hahahah.. i bet it was fun!! Lol YUP i burned it, rookie move!

  • I'm confused is this a reupload or a new video🤷‍♂️. Edit: oh i see it is😂

    • hahahah it is.. actually did get a haircut this week tho haha

  • Bro I gotta try the peanut butter on a jelly donut. Why the hell have I never thought of this??? I feel like I just got my legs back. This is a gangster move. 🤙

    • legendary move! check out beast aesthetics channel.. his 20k cheat day he did that.. jelly donuts, peanut butter with bacon sandwiches loll legend!

  • Gin-aye

    • dying bro... lollllll we's was PEES N CARROTS.

  • iiiiicremmme

  • Nice haircut!

  • what trail was that? it’s beautiful

    • heyy! Its amazing, Griffith Park Observatory hike! but the entire route! its aweeeesome!

  • Love you miky!! Good job!! Love cinnamon!

  • Such a good video 🍩!!!! Heading to LA in 2 weeks and I neeeeeed to try those donuts!! Ps .. I don't know how but watching you in speed 1.25 sounds normal .. maybe us brits just talk really fast haha

    • he has that calming voice you'd imagine (good) teachers have lol

    • @Magic Mikey SOOOO glad I found your channel! Sunday will be spent binge watching and making a list :P

    • thats dope, u will love the donuts we have waiting for u! Also check out some restaurants ive been to on here.. highly recommend them!

    • hahahha ive been told i talk slow loll.. its all good!

  • AS always THE most relaxing video of IT-tvs. I have a short attention span but Mikey eating donuts just takes me into a void where I just stare and watch this for 40 minutes. How.

    • Michelle Laura Valeine haha wow thank you Michelle 😂✊

  • My boy putting in that workout! Let's get it, bro!!!

    • Ryan Little hell yeahh Brooo 😉🤘 that work, loved your touch overlaying it!