#FrenchGP 2019: All of the Best Action

Pubblicato il 19 mag 2019
All the very best clips from a fantastic weekend of racing at the French GP.
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  • Put a proper highlight video instead of this useless 2min

  • Moto gp mulai membosankan.. lihat maruqes di depan dengan gap hampir 5 detik..itu balpan swndiri atau bagaimana

  • Okeh

  • fc valentino tossi 46😃😃

  • The Punisher #MM93. El mejor 💪✊🐜 🐜 🐜...

  • video estupido gracias motogp

  • Quite a poor video.. much room for improvement.. and what is with the music, ‘mute’ sounds better

  • Hari demi hari nama MM93 jadi sajungan ramai peminat2 motogp diseluruh dunia, manakala nama rossi sikit demi sikit peminat2 motogp diseluruh dunia humban kan ke dalam longkang, caya lah. TOLOL BY rossi and yamaha. POWERED BY MM93 AND HONDA.

  • one and only the MM93 Enemy is a fall from motorcycle.. and the other rider its just a gimmick for him

  • Where is a good SAVE by MM93 in FP?

  • Fan Marc Marquez 93

  • Oh come on motogp!!? Instead of videos like this you should upload 7-10 minutes highlights of full race with commentary like f1 does. Dont be stingy!!!

  • Can someone show some guts to take on Marq, i think all are assholes and have no guts to take on Marq, what a shame and disgrace to you guys to be called as Motogp riders, that guy Marq just keeps destroying you guys , fuck you all guys. especially VINALES. I love Marq , for his Talent, but he being in HONDA is my problem, he is making HONDA look good. At least i want Marq to change teams next year , KTM or YAMAHA will be my choice.

  • 2018 highlights where spot on, why can you guys stick with the rewind and relive style videos from 2018

  • Bonjour je mets un commentaire pour dire que quelqu'un de ma famille a été au Moto GP de France et a dit à Valentino Rossi Bonsoir et que Monsieur Rossi à répondu Bonsoir en rigolant si vous pouvez pouvez-vous lui dire je suis le cousin de cet homme

  • Where's the highlights? Very poorly edited.

  • Thank you for another great event. This is my first attempt at serious filming. The atmosphere is amazing camping at the MotoGP, I had to make this short film to show others who have never been the view of a MotoGP event from a spectators perspective. Hope you can spare two minutes to view my work. Thank you for your time. it-tvs.com/tv/video-M_HlBr5HKco.html

  • marquez sucks

  • This is a shit highlight video. Why would you overlay music on top of gp bikes racing?

  • Bad video

  • Muito triste por não ter assistido esse GP

  • what does showing a Black crow have to do with "Highlights of Moto GP" ????

  • Yamaha do something with your bike. The fucking KTMs are getting faster now. Fucking KTM can you believe that

  • Lorenzo should prepare for retirement

  • All the best action ..click bait ..it was just a promo for the next race.

  • MM93 legend for a reason💪😍

  • dari @1:17 belokin motornya udah bukan pake ban depan lagi wkwkwkwk

  • is the guyyy!

  • MM93 the BEST in the history.

  • Hope in couple years alex rins, quartararo or even vinales will finally be in the same level with marquez. For now im still rooting for dovi to win the title with ducati

  • Only Marc Marquez can stop Marc Marquez. Simply as that.


  • The 2nd Honda is what..9th? Marc is an alien

  • I'm no expert in motogp 1:26but does that rider behind the 1 who is falling chooses to fall in order to avoid going over the guy in front of him?🤔 or there's smthng else?

    • @Raj Fernandez They both applied brake pressure. They both went down for same reason. Carbon racing brake disks have a effective temperature range. Go outside of that and you'll either have no brakes or a sudden lock up. Riders have to adjust and manage thier brakes during racing.

    • Inane Observations 👍 at the same time🤔

    • Front brake locked up on both bikes during warmup lap, due to temperature.

  • Aidil Syaf Sulaiman 31

  • same old S H I T video

  • Wht does yamaha factory do....??still cnnt chase v4 engine...if suzuki in good condition startd surely rossi finish at 6 or 7th plce...

    • They stick to their old principles and ways even when others evolve.... That's y they were left behind... But Rossi is putting big pressure on them to improve...and seems like 2019 bike is better ..but this bike ,they needed in 2017


  • Warriors of 21st century

  • MM should give them all a head start to level it out.... No one else has a chance at that title ..... The engraving is already being done on the Trophy...

  • Congratulations for MM93 for a new record 👏

  • Marc, go to Ducati team next year and show them how its done! :)

  • G.o.a.t ...MM93 🔥🔥

  • Marc marquez king of motogp 🔥🔥🔥😍😍

    • @Athul S Kumar u just rossi fan salty coz someone better than him n tell fact now u play victim

    • @SK MALAU ,JITRA ok I get it... U r just a Rossi hater and there is no point in talking sense or logic to you.....good...go ahead with Ur points.. I am a Rossi fan yes I agree.... But I am not Marc hater either... But u think only Marquez drives in MotoGP... So be it... It's ok...

    • @Athul S Kumar lol..rossi never win motogp ..he win in small cc class..in 1000cc motogp he never win..but right now clearly marc marquez consider the best ever even he not break agostini record... the way he ride to fast ,the way he find pace ..lol..2015 it just excuseee..rossi need to win by his own effort .. but everyone know marc marquez better ,fastest than rossi that FACT ... N im myself say marc marquez is GOAT ... he already beat many record... u know deep down u heart marc marquez the best but u never admit coz u love rossi ..i see u heart..let be clear bro

    • @SK MALAU ,JITRA Marc may or may not have 10 titles ... It's too early to say coz Valentino also made look that 10 titles were coming up soon... especially in 2006 and 2015 ... Marc is good but he is still ain't the GOAT.... Rossi raced and won in the 2 stroke era , 990cc,800cc and 1000 cc class.... Marc can never ever do that.... As times have gone by... And Lot of people lost the love for him after what he did in 2015.... To Rossi...

    • @SK MALAU ,JITRA bullshit... U win a championship with points....not depends on who crash or who lost.... For god's sake don't write shit.....by ur logic Rossi would have been the 2006 champ as he crashed only on the last race and lost...the championship

  • He is the #Future #MM93

  • This was not all of the best action. How about the Miller - Marquez fight?? Damn, you guys can do better than this.

  • Where are the fucking highlights

  • still rooting for the rookie Joan Mir..

  • Only when Marquez crashes, other riders can beat him. Marquez races by himself. T result is very predictable n drama-lacking n getting boring. As to Rossi, we shuld ask is it his bike or his aging?

  • Spirit tim yamaha M1 2019.👍. Tune up engine Power.gas pool..VR 46 🙋 you is the Best rider in motogp fans love you always in my heart look in the battle race...champion.

  • Just Marc Marquez can stop Marc Marquez.

  • Can't u upload a brief highlights of every race, like other sports channels did??? We fans actually need that instead of these cinematic shots.... Try to read comments of us and answer, else shut down your channel.

  • Valentino Rossi está igual SOPA de hospital não faz mal a ninguém

  • Soooo boring

  • This is so cool 🏍🇧🇻🏍

  • mm93 👍👍👍

  • All the best action in 1: 59s. Is Moto GP so boring?!

  • Auch MM93 wird wieder verlieren.....ganz bestimmt und er fährt nicht so mit 40 Jahren wie #46.....

  • Jorge Lorenzo win in Italian gp

  • Didn't even show the marc vs miller battle. Wth?