Four more NBA offseason overachievers for 2019 | The Jump

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
After lauding the LA Clippers and Brooklyn Nets for bringing in Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Kevin Pelton joins Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan to discuss more 2019 NBA offseason overachievers, including: the New Orleans Pelicans (Zion Willamson, Jaxson Hayes, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Derrick Favors, JJ Redick); Utah Jazz (Mike Conley Jr., Bojan Bogdanovic); Indiana Pacers (Malcolm Brogdon, TJ Warren); and Oklahoma City Thunder (recouping Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and a ton of draft picks for George and Russell Westbrook).
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  • Um. Utah Jazz lost a star (Gordan Hayward) and stayed relevant and made it to the playoffs and had the same record. So the Thunder aren't the only team to do it and I'm sure there are other teams. ESPN... SMH.

  • Gordon Hayward left the jazz but now the jazz are title contenders

  • Where the hell Is tmac?!?!

  • The Pacers literally JUST traded Paul George and have a better team, so the Pacers did it last not OKC Brian 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • What about the Cavs after Kyrie left, Lebron carried them to the finals

  • The Jazz definitely had one of the best offseason's Go Jazz 💯🔥👌

  • Pelicans are the biggest overrated team going into the season. If Zion doesn't hit all star level that an awful team

  • how the fuck do you give OKC an A for dealing a player that wanted to be traded, but when it's the Knicks who have a player who wants to be traded and they get 2 first-round picks, a young PG with potential and cap flexibility it's 'disastrous'?

  • Pacers, Spurs also lost their all star players and still made it to the playoffs

  • The Jazz lost Gordon Hayward and still made it to the second round technically he was the star of our team and was an allstar even was selected by the USA team how much more do you need

  • San Antonio made the playoffs after lost kawhi

    • john 8181818 Russell and KD were both Allstars dumb fuck

    • john 8181818 smh. Two bonafide. Scrubs. You would know a lil something about that

    • 2 all stars on that team dummy

  • So everybody sleeping on the hawks huh?

  • So everybody sleeping on the hawks huh?

  • So everybody sleeping on the hawks huh?

  • Zo is surrounded by Defenders, Runners & Dunkers. Showtime!

  • the only team that was able to make the playoffs after losing a star was okc???? utah jazz????

  • Rachael is thiccc

  • Why yall have high school graduation music in the background lol

    • David Hernandez that’s macho man music

    • universities used the same graduation music as well...they all came out of univ. i guess its a good fit.

  • Zion is over rated hes close to being a flop

    • Not saying he won't be, but how is he close to being a flop when the season isn't close to starting?

    • Zion will be a bust 😂😂😂👍

  • Jazz also lost their only all star in free agency and made it to the playoffs every year since. (so not just okc)

    • I think the spurs are still the best example

    • And pacers (paul george).

    • Michael Boyle he’s more talking about a superstar instead of the all star in Hayward

  • Pels are stacked on guards with holiday, ball, walker, hart, jackson, and jj, who are all capable of being decent starters, fighting for minutes. Bigs like hayes, favors, and okafor will also have to fight for minutes. The only people who don't really have much competition for minutes for their position would be zion and ingram. Should really consider trading jackson, jj, lonzo, hart, and okafor for a star level sg/sf to compete for the playoffs. Otherwise unless there's a bunch of injuries throughout the season, many players won't be happy with their minutes.

    • Khánh Nguyễn no I don’t think he will be as good as luca. I don’t think he will be able to overpower as many players in the paint and he won’t be able to rely on his athleticism because this is the nba

    • @Ismail Bashir If Doncic almost made it last year, do you think Zion has a chance? Jrue will be an All-Star this year I believe.

    • @Khánh Nguyễn 2 all stars In the west what are you on my brother?

    • Lonzo needs to learn to shoot though. He can't be shooting 45 percent from the line. Not even sure how its possible for a guard to shoot that awful from the line.

  • 2:04 what a slap in the face, now these players are good?????? fuck you, jump!

  • Bro pels should have B. The team the lakers traded couldn't make the playoffs even with lebron. those dude will have to improve a lot for that to happen. Media just feeling sorry for a small market team.

    • Paco A the Pels have a better system for those lakers players. Lebron came in and pretty much took over the team. They will be able to thrive and be themselves in Gentry’s system. Not to mention the Pels have a better roster than the lakers had even with Lebron.

    • Boy shut up. Pelicans are gonna be scary. Those young players are gonna thrive in Alvin Gentry’s system. Luke Walton was terrible

  • Dam the pelicans could've had Bol Bol

  • Zion injury plaugued career a guarantee

  • Lonzo ball productive... what Lonzo ball did he see last season

    • CaptinComments he was the backbone of the defense for the lakers. He’s one of the best perimeter defenders in the league

    • @F A oh you got it, enough for you to respond

    • u make no sense

  • Zion will be the greatest player since Zion

  • Rachel's too old

  • En español gracias desde Chile no entiendo el idioma me gustan los deportes pero el idioma no me acompaña

  • The only team that lost a star but was still a playoff team was OKC because of Westbrook? Does Spida Mitchell and the Jazz ring a bell?

    • @David Green true. Also when KD left, westbrook was still an all star so he could (and should) bring his team to the playoffs. The Jazz lost its only all star and a lot of people were saying they will be rebuilding the year they lost him.

    • But mitchell didnt leave....

    • @ryan lopez Where exactly did he put Hayward on that level? All he meant was the Jazz lost an all star and have been in the playoffs since he left.

    • Marcus Jackson trailblazers with Lamarcus Aldridge

    • spurs with Kawhi

  • Pelicans will be real nice if Zion pans out

  • Why is there graduation music

  • I have multiple accounts like KD. Comments is like planting a seed, a new thought 💭 to people's minds. If someone copies my comment, that's all I need for the word to spread. BTW, KL-PG = 213. That's a nickname that will only grow like Bobinator. 213 > 323 Love you, Rachel. I know I tell people I hate CNN where you used to work but I won't hate you. Rob Parker is still the GOAT.

    • What the fuck arw you talking about

  • Zion is a poor man's julios Randle yet they building around 😂

    • If anything he is Julius Randle with way more potential

    • They're building around Lonzo Ball.

    • I think I found Enes Kanters burner account.

  • I'm glad Rachel blocked me on Twitter. It confirms she does read my tweets. Same to Lou, Trezz, Tobias, Nick Wright, Rob Parker, etc. No worries. They still read my comments here. 😎

  • The three players they lost were MUCH better than anyone they brought in

  • You forgot to mention Stephen A. Smith and his $10M per year contract. He carries that network.

    • Lakers in 3, other team concedes

    • ESPN off-season grade: C SAS is great, however they still are letting that clown Ryan Hollins sit in SAS's chair


    • Lakers in 5

  • 0:57 the only team, what about the Spurs motherfucker

  • Sixers were overachievers

  • Lebron about to 3 peat . Will retire with a finals record with 6-6 .

    • I'll give lebron a pass on 3 of those finals losses. His first finals in Cleveland he basically had no help. It was equivalent to Iverson having no help the year they went to the finals. Then the first finals against golden state they had a lot of injuries. Then the third finals when golden state picked up Durant, nobody was beating golden state that year. They went 16-1 in the playoffs. Best team in nba history. Then this last finals kyrie was gone so they had very little chance. I don't even like lebron but let's just be real, getting to the finals 8 times in a row is impressive. John Stockton all time assist and steals leader and second all time in scoring Karl Malone went 0-2 in the finals. Are they overrated players? Can't necessarily judge a player by championships or finals records. If Jordan had played for Milwaukee or something he'd have no championships. In a team game, one player can only do so much.

    • LeBron about to 0-peat. No Kawhi, no more titles for Bron.

    • Grim Sniperr - Ummm, dummy Kareem and MJ have 6 rings each. And neither had to go to the Finals TWELVE TIMES to get them. You Bronsexuals are hilarious.

    • Nah