Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks (Bridge and Law Remix)

Pubblicato il 26 lug 2015
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  • Why does this remind me of Michael jackson

  • Trap God

  • 99,9% comments : ENGLISH 0,01% comments: Spanish (hola :v)

  • When you shout the wrong answer in the class and everyone laughs at you

  • Muito loooko!!! Até ver a tradução... Fica mais loko ainda kkkkk

  • I've blasted this song on April first thankfully the teachers doesn't understand the lyrics. Also raised my k/d

  • hello

  • 0:12 мем

  • _GOOD_ : ]

  • Everyone gangsta till you catch the quiet kid drawing guns

  • When you ask the teacher what to do in the school shooting but he pulls out his gun

  • i like this song

  • So cool

  • La putaaaaa medre no los entiendooooooo 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

  • I love that song

  • If only kids in USA just stop picking on each other and shooting won’t happen!!!!

  • *this song makes me want go to school on the sunday*

  • IT-tvs recommend knows me so well 😂 Btw this is the best remix ever

  • Nobody literally nobody Roblox: tHiS Is a BaD REmiX

  • When the kid who always gets bullied drops his paper and u pick it up then he takes out a notebook and starts to erase ur name

  • Say some gangsta is dissing you fly girl. Just give em one of these.

  • Quite kid: pulls out his ak Me: shadow clone jutsu Also me: everyone do the Naruto run, we're running away from this bitch

  • Chido v:

  • 0:01 (Yo en la escuela espero que corran más rápido que las balas) xd

  • Dammit Chris I told You Not to Come Oh well COVER ME!!

  • *the bass dropped harder than my class*

  • All the "quite" kids With their pumped up -"mids"- Better run, better run Out run the cops All the "quite" kids With their messed up minds Better run, better run Faster than the cops


  • "You know we don't need a duffle bag for our science project, right?"

  • "So I brought an MP3 player to the school, the bully took it away and destroyed it. I'm lucky because my parents are giving me MP4 as a birthday gift today. So my bully came and destroyed it again this morning. Tomorrow., I'll bring an MP5."

  • Prison Herrach

    • Tebboun hhhh

  • Actually listening to this whole there might be a possible shooter in the school is a while nother experience

  • When everyone's having a nerf war and the quiet kid starts laughing

  • P I N C H E S M O M E R O S M E L A M A M A N

  • *when the quiet kid shows his talents*

  • This song is bettet with a mp5 in your hands

  • TP R, 👌

  • take on me or die

  • The best music

  • Me while doing a school roleplay in Object Whatever: