Fortnite WTF Moments #136

Pubblicato il 21 gen 2020
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Welcome to the episode #136 of Faiz Fortnite WTF Moments!
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Fortnite WTF Moments #136
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  • 0:25 the guy who planted the trap: I’m probably not gonna use this, so Imma just gonna put it here where everybody can see it.

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  • 2:09 Wey no mames pensé que era mía Ya me ha pasado amigo xd

  • There is new cheat for FORTNITE --- There is new cheat for FORTNITE ---

  • There is new cheat for FORTNITE --- There is new cheat for FORTNITE --- There is new cheat for FORTNITE --- There is new cheat for FORTNITE ---

  • There is new cheat for FORTNITE --- There is new cheat for FORTNITE ---

  • There is new cheat for FORTNITE --- There is new cheat for FORTNITE ---

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  • 8:06 First landing? I think not

  • Faze key that you? 2:21

    • Damn 6:38 caught you on camera twice

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