Fortnite TRIOS CHAMPION SERIES $10,000,000 Tournament! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
Fortnite trios tournament gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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  • hi

  • Can I play

  • 👑

  • 👑

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  • I No I Am

  • Can you gift me battle pass please

  • please play the new avengers game please

  • Everyone in the comment section is a normie

  • Awesome videos and great work to

  • I miss ranger

  • 2 hr 11 mins 18 seconds it goes from 64 people to 65 Like if u saw

    • Riley Webb Bro you are so dumb that was becaude someone was rebooted if u check the bottom left corner

  • Ark survival with Samara

  • Where is exoph

  • hi

  • When you where at town near factories there was a solo south north of the giant sled

  • he plays so confy when it comes to normal time and he plays sooooo scared when his in these competitions.. bruhh chill

  • They made a stupid video game competitive and the targeted audience is kids and like 67% of it are adults 😒

  • Do more fortnite tournaments pls

  • TG can you do more trio scrims please!! Your teams do pretty good for no practice really

  • I watt3vhed this in my sleep

  • TG is actually really good

  • My Fortnite user name is MaJiN-buu-kirb if someone gifts me i will help them get a victory royale

  • Tg, can you continue the random games series, and maybe make series of other games like your doing with Minecraft. You can continue doing Fortnite, but you play too much and I want to see other games from my favorite IT-tvs. Bye!

  • Let me now if you cant see colors because your in color blind mode but I bet not it looks on (:

  • 10 million.. I need to buy a PS or computer.. Lol

  • Typical gamer litterly got bodied

  • Nice game you did goo

  • How many points do you need for this? Guessing 14k +

  • Hello, Humans. “All the courage in the world cannot alter fact.” - Niander Wallace, Blade Runner 2049 TERRANCE OUT

  • You should play on controller for a stream. That would be cool.

  • That play when 2 teams where shooting at you that was sus

  • Hi

  • Yo tg FaZe kay said that Jarvis is better than you i know he’s not at the pro am you clapped him

  • Blessed

  • Yeeeet

  • More Minecraft

  • *It's my birthday today, like me, thanks* 😉

  • Tg please do another gta vid!!!!!!!!!! Like if you guys agree

  • 1:08:45

  • Gta san andreas tg it has 29,000 likes

  • Hey bro I’m big fan

  • Did Tg do fortnite Friday

  • Do More Of The Forest Videos

  • Just pipi🤣🤣😂😂

  • Do some ark live streams !!!

  • or war thunder

  • congrats my boy

  • When are you going to play Friday the 13th please play Friday the 13th please😍😍

  • I really want to get into the Fortnite world cup

  • Good players Bad Teamwork Bad Decisions result...Failure

  • You guys did amazing

  • Feels bad man

  • I thought he should have been with avxry and exoph

  • Love your vids

  • Typical gamer: Its so laggy Ping =4


  • First 10 to sub to me I'm gifting an emote or uncommon skin comment your epic on my most recent vid

  • Where’s ranger

  • BOT