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  • He says thicc like a million times lol i love it

  • U talkin to me?

  • I know that it's probably obvious. Ur gay?

  • u mean thicc hub

  • Robot bananas

  • while I was watching this video there was a working out ad and then when it was over Muselk: THIS IS THIC BOI

  • 7:05 llama 🦙 boys Imagine getting two llamas in one recording

  • At 7:04 there was a llama to ur right

  • He thiccccccccc with the 9cs

  • 7:05

  • U mist a lama

  • Musthony Elktano here. The internets busiest Fortnite memer.

  • All hail muselk the meme king!!

  • He killed stick ttv twice

  • How have I been watching muselk for 2+ years and still love watching every vid he puts out?

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  • the Visitor isn’t evil hes saving the island

  • 😴 I'm sleepy

  • F ortnite w

  • There wuz a llama to the right at 7:03

  • 10 Best "Battle Royal" Games on Android & iPhone & iPad in 2019/2020 || Probably you don't know !!! The video: 👉 Thnx for watching |||||||||>

  • Btw that skin is fir every one its free

  • Wait where was that thick ass boi meme from

  • There is a llama at 7:05

  • No you thick muselk

  • Last time you used Elon musk at the end

  • I just got that thick boi skin

  • Why do you look like rick astley?

  • Missed the llama

  • 👍🏻🤘🏻😁

  • Fuck

  • U left a Llama in the game of infantry and bolt gamr

  • Only the people who remember OG Tomato Town can like this! If anyone needs ᴠ-ʙᴜᴄᴋꜱ just use method on myChannel 💧 lK

  • What happened to ur eyes?

  • THICC BOI should be muselk

  • yeet!

  • Stick TTv pretty unlucky getting killed twice

  • Anyone notice how at 8:38 he says HOLY CRAP even before he hit him

  • I never knew muselk could actually add a meme

  • If he sit on me im down

  • I unlocked the scientist skin and I realized it's the visitor and the visitor was thicc

  • If u thought he was thicc, search up penny from stw

  • the fucking lama

  • Just stop copying rifty and ceeday again you copy other youtubers.

  • Muselk alredy look like a mad scientist

  • have you got a new lens on your kamera

  • Muso

  • Thicc boi forgot a llama

  • Who got triggered when he didnt grab the gold shotgun at 9:45

  • the sad this is you killed the same guy twice.

  • Anyone else notice the llama he missed at 7:03

  • he went pass a msg for the suppressed pistol tf

  • Ummmmm did you not see the llama?🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • There was a llama by Dusty

  • Elliott: *hits a guy standing still in the open with a sniper* Also Elliott: OMG WHAT A SHOT

  • whats going on guys

  • Muselk is officially GAY

  • The skin is thiccccccccc

  • MUSO

  • Whose here in 2020 I am