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Pubblicato il 6 giu 2019
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • Reverse card on the storm

  • Who revs in battles

  • 0:09 your in the storm, how are you not losing health, HACKS CONFIRMED.

  • Imagine fortnite deleting comments 3 months later. This game really is garbage.

  • *Geminidreamz* in the whole video

  • Continues to dance, storm flip wares off, still dances

  • Thanos fart

  • Before this was nerfed, I got a win cuz someone didn't get out in time

  • Aimbot

  • They are not making fortnite clear they need a sweaty build battle in the trailer and when they kill some one the do a couple of 90s and then dance

  • yOU dONt nEEd a StORM flIP I A 1 tIcK zOne!-!1!1!-

  • Esta genial esa granada cuando peles uno vs uno y el ojo de la tormenta esste cerrando eso puede servir para pelear mucho mejo, esta vez fortnite si se lucio😎

  • TOXIC😑

  • This weapon wasn’t very overpowered actually

  • You can see a massive difference in the going of making this video from when epic games first started to make videos for the new items they added in to where now they really don’t care...

  • People who actually use this item in the storm to pull that stunt off are legendary people

  • I cant login to my account because this showed up Sorry the credentials you are using are invalid.

  • i want to drink it

  • it can do this?! I through it would work like molotov cocktail not storm remover...

  • *The Storm Flip is currently disabled while we investigate an issue.*

  • The neo versa i a playstation bundle?

  • Just the stink bomb, but with a twist

  • Epic game can you give me brite bomber skin please i dont have that skin and i want it

  • It is great!

  • In my day we didn't flip houses no... we flipped THE STORM

  • Porfavor metan eso sería muy pero muy ope😜11/10

  • I just loved throwing this at my teammates and screaming “RUN!!” thEN watching as they all lose a lot of their health.

    • SakaMatt oop thanks

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  • Omg fortnite removed my comment saying why this game sux

  • Now this looks interesting

  • Oye las skin de un pase no puede estar en la tienda

  • The only thing I noticed is that I wish players played liked that, they won’t single ramp they would either quad ramp or tunnel until they run out of mats then spam the drumgun.😂

  • COOL)

  • I am expecting but, there's no one talking abou the dance that they do.

  • يولد الزون مزعج

  • Why they playing Fortnite like if it was season 3/4?

  • It's funny... They dance on every kill they get

  • Tbh, who has ever used Storm Flip in a storm?

    • Randomness Videos. Facts

  • That's fake as hell, there was an actual gunfight! Not enough building... I might actually play the game if it was possible to enjoy the decent gun play.

  • storm calling! very good!

  • If you drink a storm flip bottle you will be able to walk in the storm and survive


    • I’m on mobile

    • xd Species that’s ur internet bud

  • 0:18 i like how they get a dub at 50 players

  • How is it still in battle Royale. HOW?!?!

    • Cecelia Russell because it’s balanced and serves a good meta late game

  • A genie inna bottle? I am confusion

  • 1 sec later after puting storm flip in game fortnite:srry but this is to broken so were gonna vault it

  • Anyone know what the emote is called

  • Click bait they showed you don't die in your storm flipper you die in your own storm flipper

  • OoOoOohh storm *flip* I thought it just made a orb of the storm but it works the opposite!

    • Joshy Woods sarcasism? If not I’ll explain the Storm Flip fully to you... In the zone not covered by the storm, that bottle actually creates a storm, the same size as what you saw in the video. Before an update the storm did damage equal to what the current rate was for the actual storm, now however it deals out 5... The reason for this was that many players were saving the Storm Flip until late into the game, as that was where it was most effective...

  • What's the name of the dance emote at the end?

    • @Astruko Thank you!!!

    • Glitter

    • Justin Lee don’t know... Honestly haven’t been playing for 3 weeks now

  • Stupid shotgun

  • plz support Samsung Galaxy a8 2018

  • That was so beautiful

  • Epic games make the fortnite show

  • Cmon fortnite dosent work on iphone 7!

  • Geminidreamz gets knocked, epic literally trying to troll us

  • Inside storm:Shield Outside Storm:....... Just a storm

  • Epic games if you dont add more refunds ill delete fortnite

  • If you know what the dance its gilterdance

  • No more medkits

  • For season 10, my idea was for time travel. Because everything got so high tech, they invented a time machine and went back to a good season and bringing back old locations but at the end of the season they go back. Like if epic should see this comment