Fortnite Season 12 - EVERYTHING WE KNOW! (Season Finale, The Great War & More)

Pubblicato il 25 gen 2020
Fortnite Season 12 - EVERYTHING WE KNOW! (Season Finale, The Great War & More)
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Fortnite Chapter 2 STORY - NEW Theories YOU NEED TO KNOW!
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  • i like this new tommy guy -tommy guy 2020

  • Is this just me or did his voice change a lot or this is a whole new voice actor

  • people are saying that the zero point is trying yo be maintained in the bunker and it will get unstable and will blow up the bunker

  • I want a Pokemon skin

  • 1:53 lol that pic is fake it doesnt say season 11 it should be chapter 2 season 1

  • maybe the vault is actually the fortnite bunker in save the world

  • uice

  • 5

  • The bunker is from save the world lmao

  • Yeah epic do rick and morty

  • Fortnite if you read these comments pls no another stranger things crossover

  • James bond

  • Guys it’s obviously thanos

  • I would think the bunker is a concentration camp for rippleys so then they'd be red so yeah My theory

  • Rick and morty

  • I feel like this was a little clickbait and the others and old are to

  • It could be cool if they made a pitate season with the floding

  • When ripply was getting chased ther was a E on top of the lamppost

  • I used code T5G

  • i know some thing with the bunker door it was form the time where i had bunker jonsy

  • Me: watching these videos a different video why season 2 chapter 1 should have not been released

  • Kevin is in the new volt and Can’t wait that’s what tic tok said he is seen as purple sparks coming of him

  • sonic movie crossover plz epic games

  • 8:02 we heard it from stardew valley

  • Wait What?

  • Hardly quinn

  • The Simpsons

  • I want Sonic and and Rick and Morty games to be in the item shop on that start playing on my please epic games add that if your deeds has a message please

  • Bro Maibe before chapter 2 season 2 apear maibe alter vs ego Will fight

  • I haven’t seen the full vid but at something sands there is a broken down plane with a logo on it and you can find a campsite with the logo on its flag😅

  • Nice thumbnail 😂


  • Your my 2 Ed best youtube

  • Sonic

  • I like tommy more than top 5 gaming

  • I want a Peanus Crossover the can do the dances from them

  • I know hitman skin will not happen Don't comment me if I'm wrong

  • I want to see a mincraft update in fortnite

  • 7:15 is leaked skins There’s a girl galaxy skin

  • What if fortnite add a venom skin in the item shop! Thaaat would be coooool!!! Please fortnite add that!😁🔥🔥🔥

  • The vault was made by the creator of v-bucks :-)

  • Y u no make me stop lies

  • Y u no make real content. Y u click bait

  • Sonic or ghostbusters

  • Hope the old map comes back. I’d bet people would start playing again if it did

  • Did he say James bond?

  • 0:21 lol wtf

  • Mandolorian cross over

  • I got it

  • fortnite having a chapter 2 season 2 update will be fun but I have to wait for a strong wifi to update my fortnite in a switch 😂 🤣 a live in fortnite? I will play fortnite all day and all weeks But of exam I cant do it 😂 🤣 I never been in a fortnite live event

  • Maybe the robot is inside the bunker getting fixed because it flew off at the end of season 9 also maybe the robot is part of ego and alter is remaking the monster in kevolution energy which is why there is giant purple water pools but the new monster could be powered by kevin as the robot was powered by the zero point

  • I want to see a pokemon crossover

  • My opinion is that in the bunker is the Victor headquarters from save the world because the headquarters looks like the same.

  • Yea it is boring :(

  • A crossover with rocket league would probably have cars with guns and missiles on the side

  • I want a ghostbusters crossover because that would be very fun and maybe slimmer could be included so yeah I want the ghostbusters crossover

  • Ok here what’s gonna happen the Dougus polar peak monster is gonna destroy steamy stacks to become a disaster

  • There is no season 12

  • Ghostbusters! When there is something strange in yo neighborhood who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!

  • Me:watching this as the harly Quinn skin is in the item shop