FORTNITE *SEASON 11* LIVE EVENT!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Pubblicato il 14 ott 2019
New Fortnite end of season 10, season 11 (chapter) 2 event countdown gameplay live stream!
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  • I think there's going to be a black hole

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  • 2 days I watch the live stream A whole day wasted it

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  • salty will stay and they put in wailing woods

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  • EVENT EXPLANATION TIME: So at first we all thought that it was all the events well hahaha man we are stupid but anyways if you didn’t notice while we were saying our goodbyes to our sacred locations well the rockets directing this meteor well when the orb exploded the rockets went into rift? But what dimension did they go to well they saved all seven dimensions and while they did that all seven black holes were hidden in the trailer of chapter two THE METEOR LOOP: So we thought there were 80 dimensions that were constantly going in through the top of the meteor and where the meteor will hit well they were right it was a loop they were going through a infinite time loop well it clearly was not infinite but the loop is real So we’ve come to this a black hole wait 2 days and let the black hole disappear into chapter 2 If you read this entire comment well cool

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  • One hour of game, seven and a half of a black hole

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  • The cube and the monster didn’t do anything in the live event We thought they will

    • Well that's what we get for thinking

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  • Event starts at 1:13:36

  • Game go bye bye

  • Who just skipped to the event

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  • has nobody ever asked who is sending these missiles?

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  • Who else was watching?

    • Hey, if you're a gamer like me (I really am not), please check me out, YOU WON'T REGRET IT

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