Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Today myself Boomer and Alex attempt to solve a murder mystery!
Map Code: 1268-5357-8081
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  • She Was Single

  • I have shoe size 6:(

  • Lachlan, can you please do detective stories 3

  • Boomer: Why would they need a TV Lachy: To get to the roof obviously

  • What if they are CONSULTING flowers. Then it makes sense

  • Damn you guys a bad memory It said that she was single you got a remember the small little clues

  • 0:33

  • At the beginning it said she was single

  • Um mission failed Lachlan died

  • The she in she also owes you her life they missed a sentence saying that her little daughter also owes him his life

  • q2 is very easy cuz it said she was single

  • You

  • Mr twist said if you wanted to find him you would have to look at the victims names

  • She was single


  • Anyone with good english want to explain this to me? lmao

  • Theres a part 2 now just relesed recently

  • I as bad as you

  • Finally!! I want more, pls!,

  • I play led this map and their are different paths. I got ambushed and that is how he case ended for me.

  • I played this that's crazy



  • I just love this vid

  • Lachy doesn’t know if she’s married or not Intro: Status Single 😂

  • she was single.

  • this was during my birthday not lying

  • ur vids r great

  • You just round the vid why did you die

  • I liked it

  • It said she was single of corse her husband saw the there but good vid

  • This is awesome

  • can u friend me please my name in fortnite ToTal_Bananas I am subed to u Lachy please

  • Can u friend

  • anyone else realise that abruptly was spelt wrong?

  • 3:34 not gonna lie. I was yelling, “she’s SINGLE!”

  • Boomer has such a good narrating voice

  • It said the beginning single ha ha

  • 3:48 SHE WAS SINGLE🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

  • Lachlan: "What's 'neediel'? Me: *Facepalm*