Fortnite Fortbyte #62 Location - Accessible with the Stratus outfit within an Abandoned Mansion

Pubblicato il 28 giu 2019
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  • Yesterday's comments section was vile. Remember that every content creator is a real person. We're not cartoon characters or AI, we're just like you. So when people leave really disgusting comments they have an affect. You wouldn't say those things to people on the street so have some care when you type them online - thanks to all the positive supporters though

    • your a great person don’t believe the haters

    • InTheLittleWood thanks for all the help and don’t lisen to those haters

    • InTheLittleWood your the best

  • Why do people are so disgusting they came to YOU for help with the challenge

  • Wow

  • That’s messed up what happened man sorry

  • Good on ya calling out them jerks

  • Screw all people who disrespect inthelittlewood

  • Aww i came down there with out the strattus skin im an dumbby dumb

  • whoever was dissing this guy can catch these hands

  • thanks for the fortbyte

  • Flip u

  • Thank you


  • Thanks

  • Some people that are acting positive they were negative last time 🙄

  • Ye f*** the haters

  • Thanks for making great videos man

  • Your not a lair

  • I just checked his clocks video and they are all correct

  • You are the best


  • Thank you so much you helped me so mush

  • I watch your videos and you are not a disgrace

  • What do you expect angry children to act like when all they do is play video games. No social skills.

  • Hey man thx for the fortbytes u have helped me get singularity

  • There just unloyal noobs

  • Those people are crazy you just have to go around it and you’ll get it

  • I am 1 fortbyte away from singularity because of your amazing help

  • Sorry bro

  • All the clocks were right for me

  • Lol little wood

  • Yeah he just made a mistake you would too probably if you were him

  • Thx

  • F u

  • Thank you so much with the help I only need 4 more fortbyte with your help thanks👍🏽

  • Thank you so much! This video helped me out alot!❤

  • wait people got mad ?

  • Your the best thanks for the help

  • U r actually amazing don’t let anyone get to ur head keep up the hard work

  • Screw all the negativity from the haters, you're a great guy and your videos definitely come in handy. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • My big brother got his Fortbytes and got singularity thank you

  • Operati

  • ur the best

  • Every body make mistakes

  • Come on guys please don’t be toxic he takes time out of his day to help us get these done for seasons. Please show him the positivity he needs

  • People are messed up also thanks for making the videos!

  • Sorry you were attacked. Finding your content to be better than others and it's very helpful for someone who is getting all this done in a day haha.

  • Don’t listen to ignorant ppl brother, keep doing you. You are doing awesome 👏🏼 Bets of luck man.

  • Dude you've helped me alot thx man dont listen to those type of people

  • These are little kids who got mad i wouldnt get mad at this positive man

  • I love you do much for helping me with challenges

  • Don’t listen to them bro you are the best

  • Thx for the help

  • We love you

  • I'm not trying to be mean but I couldn't find a for fort my

  • Thank u Martin for helping me and o fell sorry that u got toxic haters on the video u were talking about I was not one of them but sometimes u just gotta ignore them I guess

  • the F bomb is coming again Freaking better than Ninja

  • Nearly got the singularity skin. #you're a LEGEND

  • don't let toxic people get to you. i enjoy watching you , you have helped me a lot with my challenges .

  • You really don’t need all that bs,I for one respect your channel and it helped me out a lot

  • I couldn’t be mad at you literally