Fortnite Fortbyte #28 Location - Accessible by solving Pattern Match Puzzle outside Desert Junkyard

Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
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BYEEE!!!!! ^_^ x


  • This is maybe the worst Fortbyte yet. Good luck!!

    • Why you complain about everthing

    • Help me its so fucking hard my acc name is Fe4rless322

    • @Ryder Morningstar Try team rumble or something ? Maybe that will work, I mean unless some enemies go to you're side and kill you.

    • @Mario Walker 84 It was not that hard but I almost missed the last triangle

  • Hi Martin I just wanted to say my nephew was actually the one who attacked you with the drum gun. He’s 7 years old and it really made his day because he knows how good of a player you are and when I was getting your tips to get the fortbyte I recognized my nephew nick and gameplay and when I asked about he told me the whole story so I showed him this video and he could not believe it was you. Like I said his proudest moment in his Fortnite career. My apologies about that. We admire your work and support you always.

  • Love your channel! Can’t wait to see more videos from you.

  • Really like the channel!! About to check out some of your other videos!

  • 😎 Like your channel!! Looking forward to seeing more videos.

  • "1.254"

  • *28 STAB WOUNDS*

  • Its different for everyone


  • 0:00 sounds like stampy from minecraft

  • Sugi pula cu fortbaytul tauuuu

  • Did u guys also get the vpnhub add

  • His intro hurts my ears

  • I wish it gave you enough time to write the courler down

  • Saying it out loud helps a lot

  • I let this kid live because he was trying it to then while I was doing it he killed me

  • This challenge was bullshit

  • Man, you roastin him!

  • I think i was the one who killed u lol

  • Dang he called out some xbox kid let’s go

  • #fortbyte28 so toxic! Oh I did not go it😂😂😂

  • Worst/hardest fortbyte ever

  • Def eisendrache memories lol

  • Stampy?

  • You most complete 4 rounds of it good luck!

  • I’m gonna kill someone

  • Suscríbete a su canal y verás videos de fornite todos los días 😲🤯😲🤯 algunos en vivo no te lo pierdas #soduc10 122

  • *that wa easy*

  • Im getting to much cancer from this game

  • Who else did it in team rumble and died to storm

  • HeLLooo MarTyyyy!!!

  • You can always screen record with your phone and play it back or something

  • Hey

  • Xboz gamertag? Bruh you know xs come from ps4 right? Why you even talking look at your name bru stop 😭😂

  • Hey!!! Awesome content!

  • Took me 19 games and a broken xbox

  • This fortbyte is annoying everytime I hit the right color it makes me lag and hit another one

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • i remember when WoW had a daily like this and the mod community made a mod that literally remembered the colors and you just clicked on the colors it remembered for you.

  • Epic games is a bunch of cucks