Fortnite 2 But The Map Is TINY!

Pubblicato il 13 nov 2019
Today we dive into the tiny version of Fortnite Chapter 2
Island Code: 2436-4619-1585
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  • 0:29

  • Lachy you MUST do the glitch in which you become tiny and play hide and sick on this map plz!!!

  • You should of done the tiny person glitch

  • Use code lachy

  • 0:04

  • What about ok boomer

  • I checked it out it’s so cool!

  • In annoyed that at 5:20 he didn’t see the other player jumping around

  • Who has been a fan of Lachlan before 2019? No one cares!

  • Plot Twist: The map isn’t tiny, *They’re just big in size*

  • 2436 4619 1585

  • check on your slime rancher

  • And now use the small character glitch and explore it again

  • 2:12 turn on captions and look what it says

  • 13:50 minecraft zombie?

  • When there is no content in fortnite br

  • Code?

  • love you bro hope to meat you in game some time on xbox not pc beacause im trash at pc.

  • How do I become a member?

  • 2:23 I love my new kitchen gun.... gdrrrrrra pop p0p kaKAKa

  • how big is it 0.05 0.06

  • Roses are red Mountains are rocky Mueslk is cocky Remember to use code Lachy

  • What if you do the small player glitch on the tiny map

  • Use code Lachy

  • What if you do the tiny glitch and play hide in seek that would be cool idea

  • Do the shrink glitch and play on it

  • Yo I played this on my keyboard while in my car walking to work

  • 1:1 scale? Thats not how it works.

  • Ad me


  • You should’ve landed on the battle bus for hide and seek

  • Do the glitch fresh did to become tiny and then hide.

  • You are on my google🤣👍

  • Hi

  • Don't fart in an Apple Store They don't have windows

  • Imagine the death match was the robot fight

  • Old timer giving the streaming a try please and thank you popsgotchya

  • Do this with the midget glitch

  • Lol Lachlan: *turns everything on epic* Also Lachlan: “this is very unepic”

  • Sick outro