Formula 3 Round 7 Highlights | 2019 Italian Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 14 set 2019
Two unbelievable races in Monza, with four drivers in contention for the championship. Who would prevail? Watch Race 1 and Race 2 highlights as the third tier of F1 support reached fever pitch in the championship battle.
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  • Should have mentioned Armstrong was given a penalty making it Prema 1-2 with Tsunoda in 3rd.

  • I think the peroni crash was the main part of the race Like: agree Comment: disagree

  • 2:14 what was that?

  • I love F3 and F2. For some reason our broadcaster never shows qualifying of both only the races

  • Holy cow, Peroni had a real bad accident, glad he is unharmed

  • guys please, just create a proper channel for f2, f3 and e-sports. I think they deserve it.

    • Last season Fia European F3 had a youtube channel. All qualifying and races were uploaded and even live streamed!

  • Who's Yify?

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  • stop the music pls

  • Drivers are definitely getting worse. Computer games are clearly creating idiot drivers.

  • Rename this Channel

  • Looks like another moment where HALO possibly saved driver from that nasty crash. Well designed curb btw !!

  • 2:15 Imagine one of the fience poll stab into the helmet...

  • Shwartzman Top1

  • Was this video edited by an american? Whats with the rock guitar and all the whooshing noise between frames?

  • Holy crap, that save at 0:50!

  • 2:20 I know it was a serious crash, but I find it ironic that it says "WHEN YOU DRIVE NEVER DRINK"

  • People what time does it start the race

  • If only Formula 1 was this exciting...

  • Imagine if F1 had this much action!

  • What happened to PREMA racing in the sprint race?

  • Anyone else find it ironic that a flying F3 car hit a “do not drink and drive” sign?🤣🤣🤣

  • What did Alex Peroni hit? Was it a drain cover?

    • @KitsuneSlayer Proved that those aren't very good at that he flew off the track, he is one lucky driver.

    • Peroni hit a sausage curb, it was put there previously to prevent drivers from going wide off the track.

  • Fernando Alonso: 2017: GP2 Engine 2018: F1.5 chassis 2019: GP3 plane

  • Halo saved one more life

  • おめでとう、ユウキ!

  • Pretty good weekend for the kiwi's. Great to see 👍

  • Alexander was very lucky. He could've landed upside down badly on the green wall. They better fix that curbing defect on the track!

  • Nice to see RBJT get a 1-2 in the sprint race, shame Vips had a terrible weekend tho

  • That crash is absolutely insane!!!

  • Damn. Sochi will be the last F3 event. Singapore would be a great track for these youngsters too. Hope they add that next year.

  • That moment when the safety car is 4 times more expensive than the cars racing

  • F3 cars are as fast as the F1 cars in Q3 lmao

  • What happened to Lundgaard? Did he just lose time from his damaged wing?

  • ❤️🏎❤️

  • Wtf happened holy moly!


  • Peroni shouldn't drink when he's driving

  • 2:19 what a crash

  • HOLY CRAP!!! The car ran over the Curb (the curb exploded) and it just sent the car Flying into the air (as if the curb was a ramp), the car then landed upside down on the tire barrier just narrowly missing the "When you drive never drink" sign! fortunately the driver was not seriously injured or worse, killed! I am surprised that this type of incident has not happened more often! Especially with the way the cars are always going over the curbs. The Engineers are going to have to examine the accident and determine exactly what happened and why the curb exploded and launched the car into the air like it did, to prevent this type of accident from happening in the future.

  • Whoever decided to put that ad "when you drink, never drive" at the end of parabolica is a genius. It's seen action all weekend.

  • Juri Vips is so fucking good Start:P25 Finish:P11 and fastest lap! That's crazy because the f3 cars are have the same power or not such a big differents

  • Наш парень👍удачи тебе и побед🙏💪🏻

  • What was that thing on the ground that made Peroni flip? 2:16

  • Thank you for F2 and F3 content

  • How tf did Peroni walk away like that. Safety in these cars are insane nowadays.

  • 2:15 When You Drive, Never Drink

  • Where was billy monger? I thought he was still in f3

  • I was there , so relieved to see Alex walk away from that

  • Red bull 3 😂😂😂😂

  • よくやった!角田さん!だがこれからだ。レッドブルに入れるよう応援してるぞ!

  • petition for F1 driver using f2 or f3 cars at abu dhabiGP just for fun, since the title race is pretty much over (maybe)

    • mochi70 Project You’re the only person to think of this idea and to be fair, it’s a fairly shite one.


    • Some of these kids are future F1 drivers. I like seeing who they are and how they drive before they hit the big stage

  • 6:17 Formula 2?

  • I like to watch F2 and F3 too they Are very talented driver💪❤️❤️

  • Jehan daruvala from India

  • 5:11 But why???

  • What the hell was that thing that sent the car flying ?

  • Jehan Daruvala making us Indians proud. 🇮🇳❤️ Thanks, mate. Hope you climb to the highest ladder. :)

  • Wow 1 podium for 1 team (゚ο゚人))