Football #RESPECT & Emotional Moments 2019

Pubblicato il 22 nov 2019
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  • ㅋㅋ 한국 농구야구새끼들 존나못하면서 팬서비스는 존나안함ㅋㅋ

  • What is the name of the song on the first part please

  • 0:30 who got injured here?

  • Son is such an amazing person. The real definition of human.

  • Nice video with a great backsound 👍

  • Nul pourri comme d'hab de la part de joueurs qui gagnent des millions ....... Ohhhh lala comme c'est touchant bande de brel

  • 0:29 que es lo que paso??

  • son heung min

  • this video makes me cry 😭😭😭😭

  • Humildade em primeiro lugar

  • Son 😢❤️

  • Can somebody explain 0:31

  • What is the name of the sound in the firstvideo

  • Football Is Not Just A Game It’s Passion And Love Hope You Have A Great Day😊

  • 6:32 How to troll the security

  • 0:29 so was it the tackle itself or the way he he landed that caused his ankle to....basically become a cabbage or was it how he collided with the other spurs player

    • @Myles Buckenham no the injurie was because the collision with Aurier

    • Twan Wildenbeest so it was the tackle then?

    • Son tackled him. He lost his balance and then he collided with Aurier.

  • I stopped watching because I didn't understand anything. Comments on the screen would have helped

  • at the end I didn't know to go ew or cry

  • Son is so humble

  • Football is not just a game!

  • Jajajaja video de respect y el primero que sale es cristiano 😂😂👋🏻

  • 6:32 was that guy trying to catch the shirt?

  • the most positive video Footboll,soccer!

  • ソンフンミンの保身作戦にどハマりしてる外人どもワロタ

  • 1:06 is he ronaldo

  • 2:15 just about to say that looked like iniesta 😂

  • Son is my favorite

  • Ramos is a great leader

  • 0:24This is my Instagram profile photo,with Wijnaldum and De Jong

  • Son full Respect👍🏻

  • Son has such a big heart ❤️

  • indonesia ?

  • Там был али

  • 0:25 what does that mean? Does it mean no racism or something?

  • Son is soooooooooooooo humble

  • Y auras pas Ramos dans la vidéo en tout cas

  • Son We Have Respects On You Your A Beast And The Most Carefull Man In The World

  • 0:33 What happened?

  • son is a he nicest human being on planet earth what a great person

  • 6:49 yeah but that was bot that nice from ronaldo

  • I felt so bad for the boy with no legs I’m glad he is having a good time

  • 3:30 Why Aspas is crying?

  • I love the spurs so much

  • What happened at 0:30

  • Last one broke my heart ♥️

  • Like that u cry bencause son

  • Fernando Torres looks so young

  • 😭😭

  • Déjame adivinar, yo soy ese comentario español que estabas buscando :V

  • Who else is crying, don’t lie because I know u are

  • Son 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Son an amazing man

  • Fernando Torres🤝Inesta😍

  • 0:24 what is this ?

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Name of song playing at 0:20 ?


  • I really felt son

  • What happend in the second clip when he was pointing to the guys arm