Food and Politics?! Why Countries are Spending Millions on ‘Gastrodiplomacy’

Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
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  • Hotdogs, huh? What do you guys think??

    • This is the kind of programming that I was hoping would come out of this new channel, great job!!

    • I don't get upset about alot of things but hotdogs are NOT BBQ!

    • MMMM! a "third-worlder", I neva knew;-)! BUT, I'M FAMILIAR W/ ``South Power`` VS ``Hard Power``.□ Thanx:))!

    • Never thought about the concept of hard power vs soft power. Super interesting!

  • Very interesting!!

  • Hey Phil and Crew! I am a little late to the launch of Rogue Rocket, but I'm slowly catching up ;) I just wanted to say this is a really interesting video, I love how in-depth it is, and I love the editorial style (slightly reminiscent of Vox videos, in the most flattering way as far as I'm concerned). Thanks for making content

  • Im not japanese and even i found the shoe thing stupid .

  • You know there is a joke somewhere when people get pissed over something stupid.

  • Please stop referring to the whole of the UK as "England".

  • God I miss a real president... 😪

  • According to heirarchy of needs, this makes sense. Appeal to the need for food and shelter by providing both in high quality.

  • #WillWorkForFood

  • This is some really f*cking great reporting... Why can't our national media do this kind of quality work?

  • Thailand is going for that cultural victory

  • This was actually super interesting and informative. It certainly gives me a new perspective on ethnic food.

  • Like the video, hate the thumbnail

  • I am unable to share this video on any of my social media pages, WHY

  • Great video! Interesting and information. I learned a lot about things I never knew or even thought about before. Thank you!

  • Gah, I just *_HATE_* how Americans keep on saying "England" when referring to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, they're *_NOT_* the same thing!!! Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland, while the United Kingdom is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland It'd be like me saying "all people who live in California" when referring to the US, and it especially galls me when (like in this video) they say "England" and then show the Union Jack, a flag made up of the flags from all of the countries in the UK - do a little bit more research when you are saying things like that! I'm English, so I'm not saying it from a point of view being from a different part of the UK, but it's something that mostly comes from Americans - I lived in GA for 2 and a half years, and the amount of times I heard people get it wrong is astounding!!! Please, learn about diifferent countries in the world, it's not all about the US - we learn about the world, so why don't you???

  • so Peru did this although i am not sure if it was 100% controlled by our goverment. Still one of the best forms of creative marketing I've ever seen! Viva el Peru Carajo!

  • Loved this video!

  • Finally, I can be eat more Peruvian food thanks to the Peruvian government

  • The President of the United States did not just publicly promote his business... On Twitter. No... and then follow it up with saying he likes Mexicans... noooo. Eff it. I give up. I'm living in the Twilight Zone. This can't be real life. That is arguably an impeachable offense and he put it on f*cking Twitter.

  • That iran deal meant nothing to anyone but news networks lolololol

  • Maybe its just me but PHILLIP WEAR MORE OF THAT GREEN. it really looks good on you. That was my first thought at the start of the video

  • I found this video so fascinating! I studied Anthropology in college and one of the enduring images from my lower div social anthro lectures was the fire. Human communities began around camp fires where stories were told, topics debated, and of course food was shared. Food was that enticement that brought isolated humans together, and so it only makes sense that food would still be used in diplomacy today. But that story of Thai food totally blew my mind! Thanks in large part to social media, food has grown massively in potency as tool for change and influence.

  • This reminds me of Trevor Noah’s but about “No Tacos for racists”.

  • I would listen to your reporter talk for hours about anything. Very soothing voice. As for the deepdive itself, I never thought Thailand had such an interesting program. Might visit the country... Wait.

  • So much awesome history in this one! I was most interested to hear about Thailand giving people more access to their ingredients. As a chef, it's one of the pillars of having an identity and it makes SO much sense to have that be a part of the initiative.

  • You might try and mix the audio to be a little louder for future videos.

  • This is Toriko all over again.

  • I hope Peru’s program takes off. Peruvian food is bomb. I come from an area of Southern California with a heavy East Asian population so chaufa (Peruvianized Chinese food) is pretty popular if you know where to look. If you ever get the chance just try lomo saltado, it’s basically beef stir-fry served over french fries

  • It’s the oldest trick in the book. You can’t be mad at the guy that feeds you.

  • Food can be such a common denominator since we all need to eat to survive and I think that helps people relate to one another as human. I have noticed that when people are not open to trying new foods both cultural and their own they are usually closed minded in every day life and do not accept other cultures or ideas other then their own. This is not limited to one specific culture or race either. Just an observation that I have personally noticed in my life. I personally think we should all try to step in others shoes and experience life in many ways.

  • Russia needs to jump in this!

  • Good video but it seems like there is a lot of correlation = causation. Which is not correct correlation does not equal causation

  • the fuck man i thought it was gonna be tacos and trump.... DISSAPOINTED!

  • Don’t forget the k-dramas

  • While overall I think this was a decent piece, and I see where you were going, some of your correlations were more misunderstood disconnections.😔 We all know Freelee (the Banana fruit loop), her ex boyfriend Durian Rider, and the craziness that is/ was Vegan IT-tvs. Though I'm not negating the influence of the gastro programs in Thailand, the Thai Fruit Festivals, the Cycling Community, the collective of Major Vegan IT-tvsrs, and low cost of living couples with quality, affordable healthcare, was a huge factor in yielding tourism increases over the last decade. Chiang Mai became a household name in the Vegan world because of the sheer volume of IT-tvsrs that lived, vlogged, and shared the city with their audiences. Martin Louis, Freelee, Durian, Baby Seal boy, Joe Best, That Vegan Couple, Joe Vegan, NorVegan, Hannah, Julia Bower, and literally *HUNDREDS* of youtubers either lived or traveled to Chiang Mai annually for close to a decade. 👀👀👀 I hate this, I hate to say this, but it utterly pains me at the sheer volume of reoccurring inaccuracies that continue on this channel. 🤯🤬 The PDS has consistently been able to achieve a higher standard in terms of equitable research to legitimate news media resources that have a fair amount of integrity.... Wtf happened with Rogue Rocket??? How, with the amount additional financial, investigative, and staffing resources, did this "news network" that Phil promised turn out so poorly? How as laymen, are viewers able to be better informed on the topics than the "journalists"? Effing sad and disappointing... third video that I've TRIED, truly tried, to give a chance only to discover the ignorance and misinformation within.

  • this was so interesting, i wish it had more views

  • Even as an Englishman, I can't condone the use of 'England' interchangeably with UK/Great Britain. Bloody colonials. ;)

  • Does Phillip DeFranco always talk at 78 speed, or is the audio of him in this video hastened to make him sound "Zippidy-Do-Dah-Day"?!?😯

  • I like apples

  • I'd rather see world leaders eating food with one another than initiating more war. I'm all for gastrodiplomacy.

  • makes sense, I was invited to participate in a Korean food contest presented as food truck style. I was introduced to the judges and organizers but found it weird that the judges were in majority Korean diplomats. i wanted to do chicken bowl but was strongly insisted to make Mexican food with Korean ingredients, and oddly enough the fine print said the consulate has the right to my recipes and creations. i didn't like that among other things so i dropped out

  • yo that torn edge effect is super distracting

  • Phil I support what you're doing here but man this video just about put me to sleep.

  • The two most effective paths to manipulating people's minds are going through their genitals or their stomach.

  • gastrodiplomacy? you mean mcdonalds?

  • Wow Kpop seems to follow me everywhere. I didnt come into this video knowing BTS was going to be shown but I’m not complaining.

  • This is so awesome. Philly D keep it up!

  • The lighting on this set is on point 👌

  • The way you receive someone always been important in history , you need to make your guest comfortable in every way .

  • The "Hotdog Summit"? That's an awesome little piece of history that I've never heard about!

  • Umm.... I'd check your source on the number of Thai restaurants in the world. Pretty sure there are 15, 000 Thai restaurants in China alone.

  • All I know is I love Thai food.

  • Sadly no ads before this video. Excellent video as always.

  • This and the space video are fantastic. More videos like this please. ❤

  • As someone that traveled to Asia in the last year, I can say that their food is amazing. I went to Thailand and South Korea, each for about a week's time. It was so great being there! I got to enjoy new and different cultures, learn so much about them and their histories as well as enjoy the foods. :)

  • I have a question, does IT-tvs go off of averages for their views, likes and dislike numbers? It always seems that the views will be 320,000, likes will be 3.2k and dislikes will be 353. A lot of videos follow these same similar ratios.

  • wow, this is great keep sharing them good job thanks for this

  • Cool and for me very unexpected perspective, thx for sharing :)

  • Love the new channel!