FLIRTING with BROTHERS GIRLFRIEND for 24 hours prank!

Pubblicato il 4 apr 2019
I decided to prank my little brother Jamie, it's been long over due! His girlfriend Lea has been staying at our house the past couple of days and I decided to get her to help me out and prank my brother Jamie. This prank went perfectly to plan since I know my brother gets pretty protective and jealous when it comes to his girlfriend! If you enjoyed the video please leave a comment below and give the video a thumbs up. Thank you for all your support.
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  • Did I take this prank too far on Jamie hahaha? He’s still kinda mad about it..What prank should I do on Emma next? Let me know on Instagram. #TEAMROBIN. Love u guys and thanks for all your support

    • If my sister was flirting with my boyfriend I slap her so hard and probably flip the hell out. Or if I was homosexual and my brother was flirting with my girlfriend I slap him so hard as well...

    • robinbirrell omg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣he is so funny! Love your prank channel!

    • To prank Emma you should do the same thing just infront of Emma 😂 I love Emma’s reactions

    • You take it tooooooo far brother☻

  • Why did Jamie speaking English 😂

  • Waaait what did I miss, why can you speak German that fluently? 😱

  • Hahaha, nice one he freakout...

  • What happen to Jamie and Lea? Is there something wrong?

  • dude hes not crazy you ehould do the same thing if you argee with me like this comment


  • That’s so disrespectful that he was eating after the girl Emma would not like that it’s just like kissing the girl and the fact she sat so close to him on the couch in the beginning gross.!

  • You should do a prank where you and Lea say that she is dumping your brother for you

  • Lmfao it is way too cringy to watch the whole vid

  • lmao this was good

  • still lowkey weird tho

  • Is robin german ?

  • Jemand wegen krassklassenfahrt hier?😂😂und natürlich auch wegen ihrer Trennung 😓

  • My mom and her siblings are trilingual and they'll switch between all the languages in a conversation as if speaking 3 languages is just a normal everyday occurrence... I swear it's like watching an Olympic sport

  • Wieso redet ihr Denglisch haha?😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Omg, ich wusste met dass Jamie dein Bruder is. !!!

  • Der Moment wenn man fast nichts versteht aber trotzdem den Prank Vonn feiert

  • Wie Anastasia fast gar nix sagt 😂❤ sie ist übrigens mein Idol

    • Ok sry meine natürlich lea komm Grad von krass klassenfahrt ❤

  • Thick white girl lol my favourite type of females

  • TeamRobin👍👍

  • what language are lea and jamie speaking?

  • Are you Greek Orthodox

  • emma should do this with jamie haha

  • I feel bad for Jamie ahaha

  • What language is that

  • Waaaaas ?? 😂 ihr sprecht deutsch? 😅 hab gedacht ich hör nicht richtig 😂

  • 3:56 lol

  • 12:29 ouch that looked brutal

  • Jamie and his gf are playing in a series btw... its called 'Krass Klassenfahrt'

  • 6:42 ooo he said the n worrdddd the brother

  • Rede mehr deutsch du kleiner wixer

  • Cringe

  • Ok ok ok WAS Anastasia und Georg aus krass klassenfahrt sind auch in echt zsm?

  • 7:45 Sie hat jetzt nicht ehrlich ,, Georg"gesagt?! Ich glaube sie ist zu sehr in krass Klassenfahrt hängen geblieben..xD

  • Georg bei dir läuft rückwärts kappa

  • Harvard business school is a very funny book indeed 😂😂

  • His way cuter than jamie with all his tattoos n his hair so

  • 12:46 watch him tear up. Great job! Got your fuc*in views didn't you. Dude, drop that girl. Someone who loves you could not have done that.

  • Is it bad that i ship them? 😅

  • why were yu changing languages

  • That’s cruel

  • Ich bin schon seit Anfang dabei Bro haha du hast nach Jamie eigentlich angefangen und hast schon 2,5 Millionen.. ich weiß noch also du 1000 Abos hattest relativ am Anfang. thumbs up Bro! ;) mal schauen ob du noch antwortest wie früher haha

  • Robins brother was getting hella jealous in the beginning 🤣 before... ya know xd

  • I feel so sorry for your brother Dude.

  • hes punching wtf.

  • I felt bad for Jamie especially when it was the book clip.. if u agree leave a like 👇🏻

  • Too funny. However, revenge can be a bitch. .

  • Wer ist hier Deutsch?😂 Las die englischen verarschen schreibt ürgendwas auf Deutsch in die Kommentare 😂

  • Bro, war voll verwirrt als ihr plötzlich angefangen habt deutsch zu reden :D


  • Wait a minute, is robin German ? What the

  • Robin do joining army prank on Emma

  • Jamie gf is so cute and beautiiful, no offences emma, but robin and she looks cute together

  • The way you were talking about how her body is tho lol

  • did jamie and lea broke up? wahahaha

  • cringe it in mofegga

  • Ma boyfriend said that she had Nice as :((, and I slaped him and he got angry

  • 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸✝️✝️✝️

  • So schlecht gefaikt