Flipping Through All My Sketchbooks! - 10,000 Drawings in 1000 Days!

Pubblicato il 10 mar 2019
I drew 10,000 Drawings in 3 Years
Filled 36 sketchbooks
Finished 63 comic art boards
Drew for 10 hours a day
3 years without missing a day
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This might be my Magnum Opus
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  • 25:35

  • When she said "It's not just in the comics", the first thing I though of was... In real life he ties people up... But who..?

  • 13:15

  • If u think u bad then I’m horrific 😐 Has anyone seen an artist happy about their work? 😅

  • Zac is a artist 👩‍🎨

  • 29:17 Zach: you now what this is Me: what Zach: a stickman Zach again: it was the 2 one I drawed

  • Hey ZHC you should start doing more dc drawing

  • Ilove your art

  • Can u teach me how to draw like u

  • I have an idea for your 3rd character in your own comic midnight skull

  • Zach: Turkey are you going to subscribe Turkey:Ok fine ,ur sure and then whatever makes you happy fatty Me: Turkey ‘s IQ is 9999999999999

  • can u draw zoom from "The Flash" and flash fighting?!?!?!

  • give me a tortorial

  • 21:24 so cool, I'm gonna try it ;)

  • People ask me if I'm related to Miles Morales because of the last name

  • She's just roasting you

  • Its so over detailed that I cant understand it anymore xd and it has no color so it's more harder to understand

  • Hey ZHC, is there a chance to get some of your drawings?

  • I want learn drawing like u

  • what pencil.

  • 2:34 That shits kinky

  • You are so cool 😎

  • can you draw a titanic

  • can you draw demogogan from stranger things

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  • Please accept me muheen 1309

  • Are you gonna do any giveaways of your artwork? These are all dope af xP I would love to have one of your pieces... Fellow artist here BTW please subscribe to my IT-tvs channel xP

  • 7:24 dissapointed strike

  • Wow! Those drawings are amazing!

  • "im not really that good" does what i spend 20 hours on in 5 mins

  • Anyone notice in the background it says ZHC is chubby

  • Wowwwwww I am amazedd

  • great and hats off bro

  • The wonder woman sketch looks almost anorexic .. haha

  • Im im more worst than your drawings you have so good

  • I dare you to draw a cat. You do not draw cats that much ;-;

  • 13:57 i thought you eat that one

  • #R.I.P-stanlee

  • Wait.. you said ‘one hour...’

  • Stop saying that your bad!!! A lot of people only wish that they could draw like you!!!!!!!!

  • I feel like he makes a lot of them hella buff

  • Cool

  • You’re no Phil Jimenez but it’s pretty good.

  • The Unnamed villain in your comic could be called the plague due to his crow like skull mask. I dunno sounds kinda dumb...

  • Each drawing an hour?

  • I'm envy u omaigaddd the art are soo beautiful 😭🙏🏻

  • You're soooo fcking talented, can i have your hand and mind😂

  • ZHC:ugh these drawings are bad Me:oh well -looks at my drawings- Me:yep I’m a very bad artist compared to him

  • OMG you're the one that drew that superman and batman kiss?!?!

  • This video has destroyed my confidence. I don't want to draw anymore.

  • I wish I could draw.. You're amazing!! ❤

  • 🇦🇺

  • U r very talented....🇳🇿

  • I feel like people dislike the video because they’re jelly of his drawings >:

  • Wow dude it is great job I wish I can do like this but I can't even wrhite a circule🥺

  • Would you like to teach how you draw.. l mean you are just excellent.. 😍😍😍

  • Bruh your EX looks better then you gf now

  • Can you drou a horse love. Jayden

  • Just realize that you're only a few year older than me but you're such an inspiration 💕 really love watching your videos, please keep inspiring younger artist 🔥keep the goodwork 👍