Fitgirl Dream Cheat Day | Eating Whatever I Want for 1 Day

Pubblicato il 24 mar 2019
WHAT IS UP MY LOVES! 💕 This was one of the funnest cheat days I've ever had and I think you're going to really enjoy it! Jeff and I always have a good time, especially when there's food involved 😜
**MAKE SURE TO WATCH til the end to spot all of the hidden cheeseball tub scenes! 👀🕵️‍♀️ 🕵️‍♂️ FIRST person to comment the right amount of times the infamous cheeseball tub makes an appearance, gets a shoutout in my next video! #cheeseballgang 🧀
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  • **MAKE SURE TO WATCH TIL THE END to spot all of the hidden cheeseball tub appearances! 👀🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️FIRST person to comment the right amount of scenes the infamous cheeseball tub makes an appearance, gets a shoutout in my next cheat day video! #cheeseballgang 🧀👇I love making my videos a lot of fun and I think this will be a fun game to add to the festivities 😊 This was honestly one of the best cheat days I've ever had, I think you guys will love it! Enjoy! 💕

    • Stephanie Buttermore I hope you see this but can you do a makeup tutorial on your next video?

    • I swear that you just post cheat days only 😮

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  • im from poland - and we also have a special day od PĄCZKI - we call it FAT THOURSDAY - its always last thoursday before big christian post , about one last thoursday in fabrury. This everyboudy eat PĄCZKI a lot! More = better. The give thme everywhere , mostly for free , and all people eat as much as can of Pączki :)

  • I wish she were a little more open and transparent about how she was not healthy before because she was pretty much starving herself to the point she lost her period.... which is obviously unhealthy. She seems to make going “all in” look like something she just FELT like doing and not something that was absolutely necessary for her health.... because it really was... she looks a million times healthier now.... like being this hungry just can’t be normal....

  • She makes me want to workout harder so I can eat a ton Like her😂😂 although not sure I would have the same results as her lol

  • think about what you are doing to your body, mind and health.

  • omg she is really tiny

  • Just saying I would show you the best cheat day in Kelowna.. including the best carrot cake! From one spring chick who loves snacking all day, to another

  • Is that your bone sticking out. It just seems sad

  • I could really use this challenge right now lol😂

  • What a pig! 😂😂😂🙈

  • I'm so hungry now!

  • Omg im polish Pączki najlepsze

  • Horrible that promotes dangerous #bingeeating and deadly #eatingdisorders. Anything for a buck, sad.

  • I love the scene when she is overwhelmed by that filled red velvet cookie ahahaha 6:54

  • There’s just something about watching her eat that makes me hungry!!

  • I’m obsessed with watching these when I’m fasting lol

  • What I want to know is how much she can Deadlift, Squat, and maybe bench. I don't care about bench that much.


  • I think she looks so much better now. She's way happier, still hits the gym hard, but she's slim thick and gets to eat the way she wants to now.

  • Pączki are polish donut's. Unfortunatelly, You didn't got the best version of pączki which is with... cherry fillin'. Love Ya, in every version :)

  • How often did she cheat?

  • Sorry, but I hate pancakes

  • just knowing how she was doing during that time makes me so sad

  • My cheat day is,Steamed broccoli with roast chicken,and lots of fruit.

  • You need a soft serve ice cream to dip that Apple pie into.

  • Dang,i went there when i was with my cousins,the food is so good.

  • I would really like to do one of these epic cheat days too, but I wouldn't know what to eat, cause I hate McDonald's food (and similar) and I'm not a big fan of fried or sugary foods either 😐 what's wrong with me really 😂😂

  • I think its impossible to stuff your stomach to such extent.. especially eating that many calories that include carbs and sugar with every meal is impossible unless you have a metabolism of a beast. You'd have to slowly ease into eating that much first. Your stomach wouldn't be able to take ALL that food because youd get sick. This isnt a hate comment but girl.. do you throw up after all that or wut..? Because I don't see any other way if this video is just for views. O.o please share us the secret if I'm wrong!

  • Steph could probably eat Jeff 😂❤️

  • Hi, I love your channel, start my own. Any advice?

  • Canada doesn’t have kfc potato wedges?!

  • This makes my cheat days look like a diet!!!!! She is an icon!!!!

  • You should try Australia’s mcdonald’s apple pie it has a totally different crust!

  • that PĄCZKI- the Polish ones best!

  • watching this back after all you all-in-videos - it’s crazy how much you changed (in the most positive way possible!!)

  • re watching this and i cant believe how skinny she was, she looks so much better and healthier now. so happy for her.

  • Ajajaj Pączki Polskie in your home 🤗😇

  • I found Steph when she started going on in and now watching her old videos. CRAZY how different she looks and how insane her appetite is here. 100000% support & love all in Steph - be happy and healthy girl!

  • Never heard anyone call it Timmy ho's we just say tims

  • I'm sorry but i don't believe that your upper body is "fit" when you show it in this video.... i truly see it too, too skinny... like you're missing some fat in your body girl! I'm so happy that you decided yo go "all in" because it will be so much better for your health and body... you will look so much better with some fat. PS: i'm not trying to insult you or make you feel bad for my coment, it's all the opossite i love your videos and i wanted to said you that you made the best decision. =)❤

  • just wondering, after every cheat meal, do you throw away the food you don't eat? for example the pancakes, do you get it take away? also when you bought the polish donut to try, do you keep them ?

  • I've been eating a clean keto diet for 5yrs, ( not restricting calories 1800k average a day) I lost 80lbs and started binge watching your videos. I very much think I need a cheat day.. LOL I however fear the sugar would make me very sick and I would regret it all. The struggle is real!!

  • It's better to just have something small everyday instead of blowing up your stomach like that

  • Howd u keep ur makeup so good the whole day!!!!!

  • You take the most SATISFYING BITES

  • Thank goodness you gained weight. How you were here was so damn unhealthy!

  • English cream? As in...cream right? Not sugary. Not mixed with vegetable oil and put in a can. Just cream? What’s not to like 😂 I don’t get the doughnut obsession. Just false sweetness and frosting that isn’t real chocolate. Weird! Give me berries and real cream over that. Or if it was a doughnut it’d be a bakery version with custard inside. Not crazy sweetened. I guess you can train your tastebuds to need extreme sugar etc. Depends on what you ate growing up a lot of the time. So glad we feed our son home cooked nutrient dense foods and he hates low quality fare like McDonald’s.

  • who tf calls it timmy hoes wtf

  • Guys what's the mean of 'tbh'?

  • i was eating salad while watching this probably not the best idea😭😭😂

  • Pączkiiiii

  • Omg id be freaking sick!!!

  • girl you have the most beautiful hair i have ever seen in my life

  • Steph: i'm gonna have a quick snack *pulls out a big ass snack bag*

  • Yuck!

  • PĄCZKIII 😍❤️


  • Anyone watching while she’s going all in? No just me....😂😂😂

  • I hate how hot she is.

  • pretty sure paczki is pronounced “patch-key” but i could be wrong 😂