First time Qatar - Romee Strijd // VLOG 37

Pubblicato il 7 apr 2019
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  • 8:32 where did you bought those earrings?

  • cho tớ hỏi

  • Laurens obsession with bathtubs is so cute

  • I had no idea what Qatar was until now😂😂 like why have I never heard of it?

  • The architecture there is so gorgeous!

  • Wow. It was so interesting, and I want to watch more.

  • Romee is way better looking than Gigi Hadid :)

  • @8:33 what you said "haniekik" in Arabic that doesn't mean a name of dessert it translates to "I will fuck you" in Arabic!!!

  • Ayyyy I live there

  • فيديو راىع

  • Watching her vlogs relaxes me idk abt u

  • I love the vlogs but I miss the simplicity of the older ones

  • So you're taking the millionth plane ride to have a vacation in your touristy-zone, safe space, then take an SUV to have a workout session in the desert? All the while ignoring that Qatar has been accused for so many human rights violations for years and years? Also the amount of plastic and trash you're promoting in your videos shows that you are quite out of touch. You're not much of a role model, sorry.

  • you are in Qatar and you eat sushi ?

  • Good video, Romee. Thanks for showing us Qatar. Good videography.

  • Beautiful)🌅

  • So perfect and amazing vedio

  • Brilliant video of Doha, Qatar!!! 🇶🇦 I loved your white blouse and trousers outfit as it was so ‘chic’ Lady Romee!!! 🥰

  • Sushi in Qatar ?

  • What idiot!!Why did u even call the muslim's prayer call a weird thing?You gonna make alot of muslim viewers unhappy.

  • Loved watching every minute of it, you are so beautiful

  • You know that putting the athan in music is not allowed or nice it’s actually rude in Qatar

  • Bata BC 2 video mein Europe se Asia. #IT-tvsAlgorithm #GivesYouWiiiings


  • too good even i have to learn editing from you seriously, watch my Qatar vlog is basic editing


  • 14:56 ♥️

  • First world problems lol. No outdoor pool in Qatar

  • "AMSTERDAAAAAM" shes so cute

  • which hotel is this?

  • > fine...

  • 55 degrees, dang, that's cold!

    • 55 degrees Celsius lol not Fahrenheit

  • I had to Google it, so I thought some of you would be curious as well... 55°c is 131°f.

  • Can you come to qatar agian

  • Je bent zo mooi😍

  • 7:25 ok if you know... 👀💜

  • Omg that intro tho😍😍😍😍😍

  • What a beautiful vlog☺️☺️☺️💕

  • Welcome to Qatar 🇶🇦 ❤️

  • I live in qatar

  • you are so pretty! and your body looks so healthy and amazing! I have two small children and my body is no where near where I want it to be, but vlogs like these motivate me! thank you!

  • Welcome to Qatar 🇶🇦 😍♥️

  • Hi Im new to your channel. Im here in Qatar also and a new youtuber too. Thanks for sharing. New subscriber here.

  • I absolutely LOVE honey cake

  • I love it when you speak Dutch 😂 I’m from Germany and I understand some words 😂

  • You're so gorgeous and amazing.I love you Romee.xox

  • Her boyfriend looks so much like jeff wittek

  • At the end of this year Romeo you will so have a million fans\users

  • My poor ass can’t get over her flying conditions. Holy crap a wine list and real china!? I feel lucky when I get two sodas on a 6 hour flight. >.

  • I’m starting to obsess over your videos, in a good way. When I see one and it ends I want to see more and more. 11:41 I loved! 💕 By the way, you’re the best motivation to go workout and eat healthy.

  • Your Arabic is wonderful Romee

  • DO a Q&A!!!!

  • This is amazing

  • Your outfit‘s our werely nice and you look perfect👌🏻❤️

  • Did u have fun here in Doha Qatar

  • Please what is the brand of her black bag ? She had the same in white and red thanks 😊

  • Best vlog 🌟

  • Wow that hotel room is stunning 😍


  • I like the airplane travel map thing that you guys add to your videos whenever you travel