FIRST DRIVE In Our 10.3L Supercharged Big Block Camaro! **GRAB YOUR MULLETS**

Pubblicato il 13 set 2019
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FINALLY, Toast goes on his first drive! Can't wait to see what he'll make on the dyno!
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  • Did you get the transmission out of a 99 trans am, some one allegedly parted my 99 black ta with raptor hood and the rear bumper.was broken up... had a pro auburn locker 3.73 and a stage 1 4l60 from century transmission in texas

  • 1:49 Marty?

  • U guys have the best vibe ever love u guys never change u guys keep doing what u do the best keep everyone happy

  • Who thinks cleetus needs a mullet 👌

  • Sounds like shit is that normal

  • Yall should give me that vette back there

  • Sweet honey barbecue !!


  • Bruh

  • ..son think a pair ballbrNg tubo shld do the trick PLS ..!! GET. RD OF THT PS OF SSSSHHTT..son😎

  • did he say 600hp on idle? jesus christ

  • How the supercharger getting so cold do you have a AC unit hooked to it? LOL

  • Man find someone who can drive it drive me nuts gas brak gas brake sounds like 💩 to ne honest like 💩

  • nice engine shit steering wheel

  • Hi i clicked bc mini burnouts at idle so

  • Nice motor! I bet the anticipation of first run, is killing you guys.... to build and then wait. It will be worth it! ( I am just watching although you next video is already made) LOL

  • Have you actually got a driving licence?

  • I want that engine so badly.

  • On the Roots Style 6-71 blowers on Big Block Chevy applications, we ran the back pair of cylinders 2 steps hotter than stock and the the next pair of cylinders 1 step hotter than stock because the air fuel mixture was invariably more dense and richer in those 4 cylinders due to the lobes squeezing everything to the back of the blower case. After we learned that aspect of belt driven air densification, we did much better than our opponents.

  • why are you sticking your two fingers up to us all saying fuck you?

  • While I'm watching this, IT-tvs keeps showing ads for the new *Toyota supra* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Truly amazing how Screaming Eagles sound like fun.

  • Just to get this out of carage, it took this engine 4 gallons

  • Does it have an ECO mode like my 1.6L Corolla? It’s idling at 1.7K!!? That thing is not designed to idle... I would think maybe to idle, you need a clutch for that blower?

  • I thought that you’d actually put an engine in the Camaro...10,000 hamster power doesn’t count! Actually, Very impressive and i am VERY jealous!

  • Curious what year Z28 IS IT.


  • lmao it's just a fancy air pump

  • You should do like a pre order pkg. Christmas Deal on T's like have A DI4D, Leroy, Ruby, Toast, Fools Pool (pun intended), Bartle Skeet, twin turbo, for those of us who wanna get something for the men in our lives that need something special and also to know we are paying attention to what they love.

  • I think that car will make 1500hp

  • Insurance company should require an explosive grade windshield for that beast

    • Insurance company should make u pay for it

  • Damn good thing you guys mounted that fire extinguisher between passengers and the fuel cell...LOL

  • God damn.

  • Install NGK Ruthenium plugs.They won't foul and you'll get a extra horses.

  • Mullet and makeup? Lol

  • Tim Allen just called...

  • Did y'all use a civic motor for the starter? If the compression is high enough you may have long starts until vtech kicks in.

  • how long of a mullet do i need to drive it

  • "Sweet honey bbq dude!" LMAO

  • Gigantic drag tires on the back should be a requirement. Wow... I dont think I've ever seen a car that was so powerful, you had to be careful not to white smoke it backing out of the garage. Awesome.

  • That's phsycotic! Bwahahahahaha! Yes!!!

  • How much power?

  • That car at idle sounds like my lawn mower and its not right

  • The idle makes more power than my car 😂

  • This car just sounds beasty...reminds me of "Zuul" from Ghostbusters 😂👹👹

  • Brake? You mean the sissy petal?

  • So happy for you... wow what a crazy build 👌

  • That surge gets old quick, Id either tune it with a sledgehammer along with the tuner or hit the kill everything switch!! OMFG!

  • Lean

  • FYI: methanol will absorb water/moisture. Add some redline alcohol additive and cover the supercharger, hat and valve covers with plastic trash bags. The ocean air will etch your hard work polishing. Good luck. Be safe please.

  • So u fuel that thing with foreign cars and balls right?

  • 1450 horsepower baby

  • Change the top hose for one that fits.

  • Ya know, I was just gonna scroll down and suggest, if you guys were suspecting the butterflies leaking, throw a piece a cardboard across it... and along comes James literally 3 seconds later with a piece of cardboard! edit 9:54 - looks like ya gotta tighten up those good ol' tilt column bolts! ;D She's baaaad arse machine there boys! My 6yo boy is in LOVE with it! I love it too! Looks Awesome with the "Pro Star XP's" too. ps .. I really gotta learn to finish the vid first before commenting... LOL

  • check out shane catalanos surge ...idle from hell

  • I heard this big ole hunk of freedom has exactly 6900 hp

  • All noise no speed

  • Between 1300hp to 1400hp

  • 1800hp