Pubblicato il 14 feb 2016
Thanks to Mike Bedsole for coming to me with this idea and carrying it out :D!
Check out all the AWESOME animators who worked on this project!!! (Thanks so much guys!)
Cassidy Stone:
Mike Bedsole:
Louie Zong:
Sean Rhodes:
Dalton Brown:
Daniel Tan (supardanil):
Danny A Reyes (oryozema):
Lt. Eddy:
Taylor Parrish:
Brandon Turner:
Steve Dorian (Lemony Fresh):
Lucas Pacheco:
SUPER special thanks to Michael Gregory ( for helping me record and produce this sick beat.
Also thanks to ALEX S for JonTron Dubstep Remix:


  • 2020 still better than the original

  • I remember when this first got uploaded

  • I love how some words are effected by his New York accent

  • if some dummy tries to make a copy of it .IT CANT this cannot be replaced truly the diamond heart of the song writters,Jon tron and the skilled animators that put there soul into that wholesome creation for a good cause

  • Seriously, your voice is WAAAAAY TOOOOO impressive.

  • "I released the song in Soundcloud, but they took it down. Possibly fearing Katy would lose profit from my superior rendition" *YES, DEFINITELY!*

  • Yo John can actually sing!

  • You should win a Grammy

  • I how did this end up in my playlist recommended? It's beautiful 😊

  • Pfft cover? More like original

  • I didn't know jontron has a nice voice

  • Just Jon's face at 1:07 explains itself. Amazing.

  • Wow

  • This is the only song I listen to now

  • I literally only know the lyrics to this song from this video

  • Whydid i think this was an original song he made but it was a cover

  • its kinda weird how this "joke" song is so good, and the "bad" part is the best part.

  • He is a beautiful singer

  • 1:40 is that a motherfucking [JOJO'S] REFERENCE

  • This is the best version of fire work in the universe

  • This makes my skin tingle it is so inspiring.

  • am i the only one who listens to this commonly

  • Who did it better? Katy parry or jontron

  • I aspire to be like him 🙂

  • Ew

  • 4 years later and this still delivers

  • 2:07 jontron confirmed for smash

  • But why

  • can you pleas leve a link to download it

  • You're telling me this isn't the original?

  • Catfat ftw

  • This is fantastic

  • 1:52 Why, just why? I think katy perry just got replaced

  • Damn, this is now going firmly into my gym routine! That's a whole lot of damage! ✋🏻✨🎆🎇

  • I want more JonTron singing videos

  • I dunno, there's something about Jontron singing this that just makes me feel good inside

  • Even 4years later both the beautiful vocals of Jon and the breathtaking animation invokes feelings of joy. This is a wonderful song, a wonderful video and everyone involved did a spectacular job.

  • Can we just appreciate the incredible animation styles in this video

  • Guys can you belive Katy perry coped this dong, it’s insane. But in all seriousness his voice is fucking godly

  • I didn't know JonTron could sing

  • Tbh this song told me I’m not a waste in space and I rlly believed it because it was told by u JohnTron! And tbh every time I hear this I feel amazed and not sad. Thank you!


  • your a hella good singer

  • People: OMG J.fla's cover is amazing!! Me:

  • “Do you ever feel.. *like a piece of shit”*

  • Go cat fat!! :D

  • When you realize Lt. Eddy is in this.

  • I hate how people say this is better than the original... This IS the original.

  • I love Topspinthefuzzy’s part. The jacket and hair is so damn smooth.

  • When he going “ah” it sounds like h is in pain

  • LEGIT you have a beautiful

  • When first seeing this I was baffled and put in a trance by his voice. Coming back to this... it brings a tear to my eye.

  • I take this over any song

  • Taylor Parrish holy crap that looks good2:41

  • I hated this song until jontron sang it this is a masterpiece

  • Damn dude

  • No mater how bad a day I had this makes me laugh. 😂

  • i like to think every time it swaps animators and style its just johntron getting higher upto the point he just doesn't care anymore

  • I can't stop watching this im serious this is the 10th time i restarded the video *Help*

  • Three Jon moon T-shirts please