Find Out Which 'Stranger Things' Cast Member Has The Best Laugh | Entertainment Weekly

Pubblicato il 3 lug 2019
The cast of Netflix's 'Stranger Things' give each other yearbook superlatives.
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Find Out Which 'Stranger Things' Cast Member Has The Best Laugh | Entertainment Weekly


  • Anyone gonna talk about why dacre is sitting by himself.😂😂

  • Finn stan nillie

  • Wow beautiful! 🐾

  • They must've filmed like two thousand interviews in those outfits

  • Omg is Dacre Aussie?!

  • How many interviews did you do the same day?

  • Why didn’t they put dacre with Sadie and Caleb

  • Omg Caleb playing miles morales would be soo dope!!!

  • I have an ugly laugh duh

  • i love how charlie and natalia act like nobody knows they're a couple

  • finn looks so dead behind the eyes when he laughs lol

  • I love how dacre is nothing like billy

  • Dacre's voice is just so calm.. 💕💕.. I luv him🤪❣️

  • That would be awesome if he played miles morales

  • Entairtainment weekly,wired: Noah:my jacket feels good He never known that that jacket is always in his body


  • the cast : NOAH subtitles : NO

  • Oh wow I cant believe he has a mustache

  • Dacre is so calm and soft unlike billy

  • They mustve done a crap ton of interviews in one day cause their wearing the same clothes

  • They mustve done a crap ton of interviews in one day cause their wearing the same clothes

  • They mustve done a crap ton of interviews in one day cause their wearing the same clothes

  • What's the real name of from elevens deddy

  • How come none of them said Finn?

  • Millie: Nillie aww she said the ship name

  • no one: dacre: sadie

  • Darce is really Good looking

  • FINN: born December 23 ME: born December 24 FINN: from Vancouver Canada ME: from Toronto Canada FINN: loves singing ME: loves singing FINN: FAMOUS and my CC Me: nobody knows me and as if Finn would look at me😭

  • Tbh I would like to see Caleb playing as Miles Morales it would be interesting

  • Caleb and the guy who plays Billy are gorgeous


  • points and Gates Gates really

  • They always have to bring in a red one. Sadie looks so much like Sophie Turner.

  • Millie has the best laugh and Steve

  • *Not gonna try to imagine how many interviews they had that day*

  • Did you notice Finn,Noah and milli are wearing the same clothes in so many interviews 😂🤣

  • Why was the way they said Winona so funny 😂

  • billy, why did you leave him alone?

  • I hate how Dacre is sitting by himself😭💕💕

  • Love the cast wow talented actors also fav finn and I think they should give caleb a superhero role

  • I dont get it mike and el kiss more than nansy and jonathan even tho there an actual couple

  • Cool

  • Just realized Dacre is British.....OOF

  • Oh my gosh I didn’t know it until now but I want Caleb to play miles morales so bad now!!!

  • Why the heck do Millie,Noah, and fin wear the same cloths in every video like this

  • Is it just me or does Noah look like the only teenager dressed person? And also, doesn’t Robin look so different???

  • Such a cool cast!

  • 0:08-0:09 did Finn do that?

  • They all sat with their iconic groups and poor Dacre is all alone because no one liked Billy

  • 0:41 soah parallels 🥺

  • Someone’s already a superhero Power rangers

  • billy is hotter with long hair no cap no homo

  • Caleb as Miles Morales. Make it happen!

  • one said Finn Poor Finn😢

  • I hate when people say that Sadie lied to get on the show

  • Why is my man sitting alone?! That's disrespectful

  • Ok i stoped counting how many interviews they did with these outfits😂😂

  • *How many interviews for how many channels did Noah , Finn and Millie film in the same outfit? On the same day?😅*

  • alguém sb onde tem esse vídeo traduzidoo?

  • Steve is a great mom