Final Destination 3 (2006) KILL COUNT

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
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    • This is my 5th time whatching this. And i only just noticed the roller coaster. Behind james

    • You had cancer the same year when I was born I'm glad you survived because if you did there would be no dead meat or kill count to this day

    • Now if that shit happened to me. I hate roller coasters I would freak out more breaking everything in site but, it's just a movie. Imagine if that was real the company at the amusement park would have a huge debt to pay to the families so huge they would have to shut down even if they could afford the debt they will still be forced to shut down. Plus the emotional shock to the survivors that's another debt so thats a lot of money.

    • Loved the series apparently at the end Kimberly and Burke died at the end of Final Destination 2 Final Destination 3 we know what happens The Final Destination we know what happens and Final Destination 5 we know what happens to the survivors sadly 1 and 2 keep it hidden

    • Dead Meat p

  • I like how you broke your tinny roller coaster in the backround

  • Congrats on beating that cancer yo

  • When a kill is in a hardware store, you know it's gonna be a good one😄

  • Oh who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS

  • I don't know why I lost my shit laughing at, "Well this really sucks balls!"

  • 4:31 I CAN'T-

  • Marry me Mary Elizabeth Winstead

  • Oh yeah you forgot those guys

  • Hey James, I was hoping to clear up the confusion with Ian's death at 23:30 and how it happened so hear we go: So apparently Ian got killed by the cherry picker because during his monologue he stepped in front of Wendy Kevin and Julie. Meanwhile if Death's plan went without fail Ian would already be dead so technically Ian interfered and saved all three of them because if Wendy had kept walking she, Kevin and Julie would have gotten crushed by the cherry picker. But since Wendy saved Ian's life earlier in the movie he came back and met his own demise. Well I hoped this helped, keep up the good work James, your videos are really something else in the best way possible.

  • 11:38 was such a good touch lol

  • 5:24 was it just me or did y'all think the devil was genderless ??💀👿😈

  • All i could pay attention to was the moving car in the background of his set also james you are amazing not only do you count kills but you make me laugh and make me care more about the movie

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that these movies just don’t sit well with my spirit. I love these reviews, but these movies, no matter how dumb they are, specialize in creating anxiety and paranoia that my soul just can’t stomach.

  • I love how most of the actresses and actors are in other horror movies that have been in the kill count

  • Plot twist! Death in these movies was just the wind and these were all accidents that didn't happen on purpose.

  • 2:45

  • Those Choose their Fate scenes can be canon but to James and I they’re not, so listen to what James says and please don’t leave comments that says he forgot to mention those scenes. Please everyone just listen to him.

  • Wait he has a scare

  • Ya know. Watching this the first time I wondered "why didnt she just get out of the way?" Then I had a motorcycle incident that was nowhere near as bad as that and I couldn't even get to my hands and knees without falling over. So uh. Yeah. I understand now

  • 28:43

  • That rollercoaster in the background is a really cute touch

  • Did you just assume the gender of the randoms on the roller coaster


  • It happens every three years.

  • 14:47 honey. That’s called depression. Not death

  • I just focused on the rollercoaster...

  • As if I wasn’t already scared of rollercoasters, now I definitely am!

  • Anyone more freaked out about James' surgery than anything in the actual movie? Dang, bro. You're the real horror film survivor.

  • Me watching them boil when im boiling water someone said, help it was my sister

  • Do the happening

  • Oooff sorry my guy about your shoulder but I'm glad your safe and you gave a warning

  • R rated ravens home

  • Yo Frankie Cheeks straight up looks 25+, not like 19 or 20 like the movie suggests

  • the goggles on the Jason mask tho

  • My favorite Final Destination film. It's by far the funniest, goriest and scariest of the franchise.

  • It's always bugged me that, while the roller coaster was already faulty, the video camera is what set a lot of the events off so since Frankie got off, you'd think it either wouldn't have happened at all or at least been very different.

  • 25:33 i like this train :)

  • wait, who sings "rollercoaster" after a bunch of people JUST died on one?

  • Damnit, I’ve officially technically checked out that little girl from the iT movie, even though it was years later in a final destination movie

  • It has magnets

  • That wind maker behind you caused a catastrophic death trap to occur to your roller coaster rig. Brilliant!

  • What does Lewis say when he "goes all Edward Furlong" on Kevin? I'm having trouble making it out

  • Shpookaaaa

  • I guess the Ashes ended up being their namesakes: Ashes.

  • Dead meat in end Final destination die dead meat died

  • Hey I know I’m super late to this, but wasn’t the whole accident by the perv kid dropping his camera. He got off the ride so no camera was there to be dropped, so what actually caused the break on the actual incident. That’s a major plot hole if you ask me

  • What i don't get, is the falling camera onto the tracks causes the roller coaster to wreck, but if those kids got off then the kid with the camera wouldn't of been on the coaster and wouldn't of dropped the camera so it wouldn't of happened.

  • I was watching this movie with my friends and he saw the picture of satan behind jason and he said “is satan gonna kill him?” I was wheezing 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:30 to 2:40 You forgot to mention those kills

  • hey! you forgot to mention Kimberly Corman and Thomas Burke!

  • How exactly did the initial accident even happen if the guy with the camera didn't end up staying on the rollercoaster?

  • Anybody noticed how first his little roller coaster was working and now it’s totally broken.

  • 6:51 okay so this film egnolages the other two before it then how come when frankie got off the ride this didn't happen, unless he left his camera on there or something. 9:29 okay unless he had a back up camera he had that was left on his seat I am calling BS.

  • Hear me out. The crash happened cuz of that guy's camera. If that guy got off, how it crash?

  • You for got lol

  • Fun Fact. In South Korea, up until these movies, just named “Destination” and call this movie a “final” destination. So it was dumb choice.

  • I just noticed the subtle change to Jason’s mask even after watching this kill count several times

  • love the videos

  • 14:03 The Gel is actually really cold and some say they look forward to being set on fire because they are so cold.