FIM Enel #MotoE World Cup launch press conference

Pubblicato il 5 lug 2019
LIVE 📡 Follow the special press conference to present the FIM Enel #MotoE World Cup at the #GermanGP


  • Come on - the Jerez fire was obviously sabotage(no - not "terrorism"!) What feeble, cowardly "journalists" ! Noone dared ask: "What evidence or proof do you have that it was *not* sabotage ? A small, remote-controlled explosive+incendiary device would have been easy to plant and conceal. And would almost certainly have itself been destroyed in the fire. Sorry - the fire was sabotage - unless and until the organisers/FIM give us convincing evidence or proof that it was an "accident". Paul G

  • The races should be standard distance. The teams need to deal with the limited range of the elec bikes. Maybe innovation accomplished in elec racing will provide for real solutions in daily driving. Many of us would like an elec bike--but are not ready to turn in the keys to our current bikes due to the shorter range and higher price. This is your real goal. BTW--the bikes and riders in Moto E are fantastic. Thanks for your support and coverage MotoGP.

  • :) :) :)

  • the answer re broadcasting of fp1+2 was some major BS right there, lol #FacePalm

  • Motoe

  • No Thanks Boring If this takes over that's the end of Moto GP

  • 👎🏻

  • This is going to be great for all electric vehicle technology..I'm excited.

  • Who wants to watch electric scooter racing ???

    • Saw an Energica Ego here in GA USA,they really move out.I have 3 bikes myself a 2016 Yamaha R1,a 2015 Triumph Speed Triple 1050,and a 2009 Ducati Monster 1100.I would definitely buy one of those bad ass bikes but my average ride on Saturday or Sunday is over 200 miles.

    • People like me and they're faster than any scooter, it's not 2009.

  • BORING!!!

  • Going to be a quiet race !

    • till the 1st crash ;o)

  • Vr46

  • Good start but show or telecast some of the races.

    • qualy/race should/will be broadcasted:

  • It's such an historical moment in MotoGP history that you don't broadcast FP1 and FP2 ?! Let me lol... If you really think it's a very important moment, then you have to give the same broadcast planning as MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3...